Researches Into the Physical History of Mankind, Volym 3 (E-bok från Google)

Sherwood, Gilbert & Piper, 1841
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Sidan 421 - I allude to their personal freedom and regard for the rights of men ; secondly, to the respect paid by them to the female sex, and the chastity for which the latter were celebrated among the people of the North. These were the foundations of that probity of character, selfrespect, and purity of manners which may be traced among the Germans and Goths even during pagan times, and which, when their sentiments were enlightened by Christianity, brought out those splendid traits of character which distinguish...
Sidan 25 - This language, preserved in a corner of Europe, by a few thousand mountaineers, is the sole remaining fragment of perhaps a hundred dialects, constructed on the same plan, which probably existed and were universally spoken, at a remote period, in that quarter of the world. Like the bones of the mammoth, and the...
Sidan 198 - England, in situations which rendered it highly probable that they belonged to ancient Britons. All these partook of one striking characteristic, viz., a remarkable narrowness of the forehead, compared with the occiput, giving a very small space for the anterior lobes of the brain, and allowing room for a large development of the posterior lobes. There are some modern English and Welsh heads to be seen of a similar form, but they are not numerous.
Sidan 177 - Uxores habent deni duodenique inter se communes, et maxime fratres cum fratribus parentesque cum liberis ; sed, si qui sunt ex his nati, eorum habentur liberi, quo primum virgo quaeque deducta est.
Sidan 279 - ... in the pursuit, and claim a share of the prey. Nor do they provide any other shelter for their infants from wild beasts and storms than a covering of branches twisted together. This is the resort of youth; this is the receptacle of old age. Yet even this way of life is in their estimation happier than groaning over the plough; toiling in the erection of houses; subjecting their own fortunes and those of others to the agitations of alternate hope and fear.
Sidan 185 - Researches ; III, 182. At page 187 of the same volume, Dr. Prichard also remarks, " Of all Pagan nations the Gauls and Britons appear to have had the most sanguinary rites. They may well be compared in this respect with the Ashauti, Dahomehs, and other nations of Western Africa.
Sidan 405 - Four thousand six hundred villages were scattered over the provinces of Russia and Poland, and their huts were hastily built of rough timber, in a country deficient both in stone and iron. Erected, or rather concealed in the depth of forests, on the banks of rivers, or the edge of morasses, we may not perhaps, without flattery, compare them to the architecture of the beaver ; which they resembled in a double issue, to the land and water, for the escape of the savage inhabitant, an animal less cleanly,...
Sidan 11 - They had bards or scalds, vatet, who were supposed, under divine impulse, to celebrate the history of ancient times, and connect them with revelations of the future, and with a refined and metaphysical system of dogmas, which were handed down from age to age, and from one tribe to another, as the primeval creed and possession of the enlightened race. Among them in the West, as well as in the...
Sidan 185 - ... it was a prevalent opinion among them, that nothing but the life of a man could atone for the life of a man ; insomuch, that they had established even public sacrifices of that kind.
Sidan 136 - Scotos, gentem britannicam, humanis vesci carnibus : et cum per silvas porcorum greges et armentorum pecudumque reperiant, pastorum nates et feminarum papillas solere abscindere, et has solas ciborum delicias arbitrari*.

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