The World of Mathematics, Vol. 1

Dover, 18 sep 2000 - 768 sidor
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Vol. 1 of a monumental 4-volume set includes a general survey of mathematics; historical and biographical information on prominent mathematicians throughout history; material on arithmetic, numbers and the art of counting, and the mathematics of space and motion. Includes commentary by noted mathematics scholar James R. Newman. Features numerous figures.

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Review: The World of Mathematics

Användarrecension  - Hugh Chatfield - Goodreads

Not something you read cover to cover. You can dip in and out just about anywhere, First discovered this set in the local library and later purchased my own copy. Great reading in mathematics. You do't need advanced mathematics to enjoy this trio of books. Läs hela recensionen

Review: The World of Mathematics

Användarrecension  - Derek Davis - Goodreads

Part way into vol. 2, good stuff, but what am I actually learning? Need to settle down with some elementary calculus and relearn what I forgot 40 years ago Läs hela recensionen

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