Serbian Orthodox Fundamentals: The Quest for an Eternal Identity

Central European University Press, 2003 - 298 sidor
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This book is a comprehensive exposition of the interaction of a national (the Serbian people) and a religiou (the Orthodox Christian faith) content, in the formation of a distinctive national identity and a mode of being. Its interdisciplinary approach, drawing on sociology, social anthropology, theology, political theory, Balkan historiography, and Serbian folklore, is deployed to provide a powerful and original analysis of how Serbian Orthodoxy has resulted in the sacralisation of the Serbian nation by framing the parameters of its existence. Addresses the following questions: what 'makes' a Serb? Are meaningful assumptions possible by introducing Serbian Orthodoxy as the primal point of reference? Why does religion appear to have an especially strong appeal?

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Central European University Press
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Christos Mylonas is a political analyst, whose work and academic interests have revolved around the issues of nationalism, ethnicity and conflict resolution, with a focus on the area of the former Yugoslavia. A graduate of the University of London, he has taught at SSEES/UCL, participated in OSCE electoral missions in the Balkans, commented for the BBC World Service and collaborated with the United Nations (DPA/Americas and Europe Division) in New York

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