Isabella Blow: A Life in Fashion (E-bok från Google)

Macmillan, 9 nov. 2010 - 304 sidor
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An extraordinary biography of Isabella Blow, whose pedigree, wild style, and outrageous antics catapulted her onto the London social scene and made her a fashion icon.

In 2007, the news of Isabella Blow's suicide at the age of 48 made headlines around the world--but there is more to the story of Isabella than her tragic end. The key supporter and muse of milliner Philip Treacy and designer Alexander McQueen, Blow was truly more than a muse or patron. She was a spark, an electrical impulse that set imaginations racing, an individual who pushed others to create their best work.

Her fascination with clothing began early, as did a willingness to wear things--and say things--that would amuse and shock. She began her fashion career in New York City as assistant to Anna Wintour at Vogue. Over time she became famous for her work, yet it wasn't enough to assuage her devastating feelings of inadequacy. Still, in her darkest moments, even as she began a series of suicide attempts and prolonged hospital stays, Blow retained her wicked sense of humor, making her friends laugh even as they struggled to help.

Lauren Goldstein Crowe has crafted a superbly entertaining narrative; wrapping the anecdotes of Isabella's antics around a candid, insightful portrayal of a woman whose thirst for the fantastical ultimately became irreconcilable with life in the real world.


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Review: Isabella Blow: A Life in Fashion

Användarrecension  - Jenny Housley - Goodreads

A really enjoyable read about a woman who was determined not to come to grips with how the world had turned out. Isabella was born into a world that never expected a woman of her station to have to ... Läs hela recensionen

Review: Isabella Blow: A Life in Fashion

Användarrecension  - Cynthia Rennolds - Goodreads

I had never heard of Isabella Blow until I ran across this book. The book was a fast, interesting, engaging read. She haunted me for days after finishing the book. Läs hela recensionen

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Lauren Goldstein Crowe has written about the fashion industry for over a decade as a columnist at Conde Nast and Time magazine in London. Her last book, cowritten with Sagra Maciera De Rosen, The Towering World of Jimmy Choo, was published by Bloomsbury in 2008. Lauren is American and lives in London.

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