A Course in Demonology for Paranormal Investigators: Work Wiser - Work Safer

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 17 apr. 2015 - 70 sidor
This 13 Module Course with Homework Assignments and Final (Open Book) Exam with Answer Key is a Comprehensive Study in Demonology covering areas such as: Things most professionals do NOT know about the Demonic; The Stages of Possession; What professionals should NEVER do; Ranks of the Infernal Realm, and much, much more. The purpose of this course, is to keep those of us who have been called to help battle the darkness, Wiser and Safer.

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Om författaren (2015)

Dr. Lynne Campbell is a Forensic Psychologist, Professional Demonologist, Practising Occultist, and Psychopomp (A Guide for Lost Souls). Dr. Campbell began to have experiences with dark, unsettled, and destructive spirits in early childhood, and is able to communicate with them and detect their presence. She also discovered that she is able to receive information about the past, present and future of others, and to sense their emotions, motivations, and intentions.When asked if all Demons are 'evil', Dr. Campbell states: "Some believe that certain Demons are helpful and not malevolent, as in Demonolatry. I believe there is light and dark in all things, so to clarify, this course is concerned with those Demonic who are malevolent and have chosen to do harm to human-kind."Dr. Campbell founded ICU Paranormal Investigations as an adult (http://ICUparanormal.yolasite.com), to help others being haunted by both human and non-human spirits, who wish to do harm or worse.Dr. Campbell is a Professional Columnist on Alternative Religions and The Occult, and an avid writer of both non-fiction ("Scary Stuff, 10 Urban Legends That Will Give You Nightmares"; "A Course In Magick For The New Practitioner", and most recently, "DEMONOLOGY 2, Distinguishing Between Medical Illness & Spiritual Possession"), and Horror Fiction such as "I Scry With My Little Eye" and "Jack Hammer".Based on her real life research and experiences in the field of Forensic Psychology, Dr. Campbell wrote "Jack Hammer", to help people understand the mind of a Serial Predator with no conscience and a sadistic nature. Take a journey into Jack's horrific nature as this unusual book goes back and forth from first-person to third-person; both his diary, and his story. Gruesome and graphic, the Author hopes that the shock effect of Jack Hammer will make people more aware of how to keep safer and to remind them that people like Jacky do exist. Dr. Campbell lives in Ontario, Canada with her family.

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