Against Silence: The Voice and Vision of Elie Wiesel, Volym 1

Holocaust Library, 1985 - 1068 sidor
An anthology of works - lectures, reviews, interviews, dialogues, forewords, essays, etc. In Vol. 1, section 1 (pp. 89-240), "The Holocaust Era", deals with the Holocaust past, present, and future - also in connection with Jewish destiny. In Vol. 2, section 7 (pp. 171-218), "Israel", contains several items relating to the Eichmann trial. Section 8 (pp. 221-263), "Soviet Jewry", contains items devoted to antisemitism and the fate of the Jews in the USSR. In Vol. 3, sections 12-14 include literary works - television scripts, a drama, and stories, while section 15 (pp. 57-125), "The Books: Genesis and Commentary", contains Wiesel's writings about his own books, including his Holocaust novels. Sections 18-19 deal with the President's Commission on the Holocaust and the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council. Pp. 337-372 present a bibliography of works by Wiesel. Numerous short items in other sections of the volumes also relate to antisemitism.

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Introductory Essay
The Holocaust
In the Footsteps

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