Corporate Ties that Bind: An Examination of Corporate Manipulation and Vested Interest in Public Health

Martin J. Walker
Skyhorse, 28 mars 2017 - 578 sidor
Twenty-four essays dare to take major corporations to task about their increasing power over government laws and public health issues.
In the twenty-first century, corporate influences have worked their way deep into government. As their power only increases, the arguments about their involvement with public health have become increasingly black and white. With business interests at the center of medical and environmental issues, everything chemical or technological is good, everything natural is bad; scientists who are funded by corporations are right and those who are independent are invariably wrong.
Edited by Martin J. Walker, Corporate Ties that Bind gathers essays written by acclaimed academics, activists, and epidemiologists from around the world. These essays scrutinize the corporate trickery and false science behind those, like in-house epidemiologists, who attack and censure independent voices. This book addresses how the growth of corporatism is destroying liberal democracy and personal choice.
Whether addressing asbestos, radiation, PCBs, or vaccine regulation, the essays here reveal the dangers of trusting corporations and uncover the lengths to which they put profits before health.
“This exposé will lead to more fairness in public and occupational health and to a new generation of objective public health-oriented advocates.” —James Huff, PhD, associate director for chemical carcinogenesis, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (US)
“This timely and important book makes the compelling argument for reform of the so-called ‘industry safety standards’ that permeate our everyday lives. Lucid, authoritative, and essential reading for ourselves and our children.” —Brian Stein and Jonathan Mantle, authors of TheMicrowave Delusion

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Serving Industry Promoting Skepticism
The Basis of Bad Science
A BattlegroundFrom Phenoxyacetic Acids
Losing the War on Cancer
Industry Influences on Cancer Epidemiology
Kathleen Ruff
The Corporate Hijacking of the UK Vaccine
Exponent and Dioxin in Sweden in the Early
Burying the EvidenceThe Role of Britains
Spin in the AntipodesA History of Industry
Westlakes Research Institute
Wilhelm Hueper and Robert Kehoe
The Precautionary Principle
The Precautionary Principle in the Protection

Secret Ties in AsbestosDownplaying
Kidding a Kidder
Escaping Electrosensitivity
Ignoring Chronic Illness Caused by
Doctor Alice Stewart
Dust Labor and CapitalSilicosis among
Community Epidemiology
Its Your Fault

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Om författaren (2017)

MARTIN J. WALKER is a British activist, investigator, and writer. Since 1990, he has focused on lobby groups and the in fluence of multinational corporations on medicine, medical research, and public health. Walker contributed to Lennart Hardell’s paper “Secret Ties to Industry and Con flicting Interests in Cancer Research,” which appeared in the American Journal of Industrial Medicine and led to Walker, Hardell, and the late Bo Walhjalt producing this book.

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