Creativity, Incentive, and Reward: An Economic Analysis of Copyright and Culture in the Information Age

Edward Elgar, 1 jan. 2001 - 192 sidor
'Ruth Towse's excellent book, Creativity, Incentive and Reward is a beacon in this confused theoretical and policy mish-mash. the book, which brings together Towse's work in copyright and cultural economics over the last decade, is thoroughly researched, analytically satisfying and beautifully written. . . copyright scholars owe a debt of gratitude to Towse.' - Fiona Macmillan, Copyright World 'This is an important work on compensation of the artist and the incentives for artistic activity. the explosive evolution of the technology of communications raises particularly pressing issues in this arena and poses new threats to remuneration of the artist. the discussion of copyright in this book provides vital information for analysis of this issue. the book is informative, intelligent and well written - precisely what is needed for understanding of its subject.' - William J. Baumol, New York University and Princeton University, US Creativity is crucial to the Information Age economy. It is the basis of production in the cultural industries. In this excellent book, Ruth Towse provides an analysis of the interaction between creativity, the law, and markets for cultural goods and services. Copyright law establishes property rights that create economic incentives to cultural production and Ruth Towse uses her analysis to draw conclusions about policy on copyright. This unique study is of interest to a range of disciplines in economics, law, cultural studies and management.

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The cultural industries copyright and cultural economics

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