Eternal Ganesha: From Birth to Rebirth

Thames & Hudson, 2006 - 125 sidor
In India, the Hindu deity Ganesha's image appears everywhere - on village walls, in cyber cafes, on handbags and commercial packaging, on the sides of trucks and rickshaws, in textiles and neon, and in the most sacred precincts of ancient temples. Ganesha's delightful form - he is elephant-headed, he has a large-bellied body of a man and multiple arms, he is girdled by a serpent and he rides a mouse - enchants the faithful and transcends cultural boundaries. Aside from his charming figure, Ganesha's many names are another indication of the beloved regard in which he is held. Indeed, Ganesha represents hope, optimism, good will and some healthy self-indulgence. His magnanimity reminds us that spiritual awareness is not at odds with the good life. Perhaps the most popular god in the Hindu pantheon, Ganesha is also the most accessible - he may be invoked by anyone to intercede on their behalf, without a priest or other intermediary. This most democratic of deities is a symbol of tolerance in a fractious world. In this book, author Gita Mehta offers a probing and entertaining text that explores the rich religious and cultural meanings of this beloved figure.

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