GB/T 38775.5-2021 Translated English of Chinese Standard. (GBT38775.5-2021): Electric vehicle wireless power transfer -- Part 5: Electromagnetic compatibility requirements and test methods

Framsida, 6 jan. 2022 - 40 sidor
This document specifies the general requirements, test schemes, immunity requirements and emission requirements of electromagnetic compatibility of the electric vehicle wireless power transfer system. This document is applicable to the wireless power transfer system composed of the ground devices and on-board devices, and the ground devices and electric vehicles. It is also applicable to the ground devices, on-board devices and electric vehicles (or vehicles for short) in the wireless power transfer system. The radiated emission requirements specified in this document do not apply to intentional emissions generated by radio transmitters defined by the ITU, nor do they apply to spurious emissions related to these intentional emissions.

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