Heavy Construction Cost Data, 2000

R. S. Means Company, Incorporated, 2000 - 450 sidor
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1. You receive Means Heavy Construction Cost Data 2000 - Metric Version, containing Metric unit prices and assemblies cost data, estimating tips, references, crew and equipment costs, and a City Cost Index.
-- 450+ page manual of up-to-date Metric costs from Means, the recognized authority for heavy construction cost information.
-- City Cost Index covers over 930 Zip Code Sectional Centers in the U.S. and selected locations in Canada for exact indexing to your project's site.
-- Estimating tips and pointers for each CSI division.
-- Updated unit price line items and reference data for 2000:
-- earthwork
-- fencing
-- microtunneling
-- pipes
-- pipebursting
-- slurry seal lines and crack repair
-- acrylic pavement markings (federal regulations)
-- dumpster and disposal fees
-- impact barriers (federal regulations)
-- large septic tanksExtensive reference data includes the latest construction materials, techniques and installation methods. 2. You're entitled to access the Means Estimating Hotline for using Means data effectively to help with your estimating questions.Full Coverage of Heavy Construction Project Work
-- Subsurface Investigation
-- Pre-engineered Structures
-- Demolition
-- Rock Excavation
-- Site Preparation
-- Microtunneling
-- Dewatering
-- Tunneling
-- Foundations
-- Pipebursting
-- Materials/Equipment
-- Cured-in-place Linings
-- Shoring/Underpinning
-- Piles/Caissons
-- Sheeting
-- Railroad Work
-- Cofferdams
-- Marine Work
-- Earthwork
-- And more...

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