Inborn Errors of Immunity: A Practical Guide

Asghar Aghamohammadi, Hassan Abolhassani, Nima Rezaei, Reza Yazdani
Academic Press, 22 jan. 2021 - 394 sidor

Awareness among clinicians about PIDs, which consist of more than 400 different entities, plays an important role in ensuring that patients receive a timely diagnosis. Furthermore, clinicians who are educated about PIDs can give their patients access to optimal management of their condition, thus helping the patient achieve a better quality-of-life and long-term prognosis.

Inborn Errors of Immunity: A Practical Guide provides the most up-to-date information for busy students, nurses, clinical residents, practicing physicians, and even basic researchers. Readers will benefit from a well-structured breakdown of complicated PID diseases, including approaches to their clinical signs/symptoms and immunologic/laboratory findings.

  • Presents valuable contribution of more than 40 expert chapter authors, from top centers spanning five continents, each in a specific PID field
  • Covers various aspects of PID using updated clinical guidelines and standard stepwise pipelines
  • Focuses on the latest developments in the molecular diagnosis and pathogenesis of diseases, with easy explanation and schematic representation of defective signaling pathways
  • Includes dedicated sections for clinical features and immunological tests with carefully-curated figures of PID manifestations, imaging, and histological/pathological illustrations to create the first PID medial-color atlas
  • Summarizes the updated conventional and specific treatments and follow-up notes for different PID diseases


Inborn errors of immunity
Immunodeficiencies affecting cellular and humoral immunity
Combined immunodeficiencies with associated or syndromic features
Predominantly antibody deficiencies
Diseases of immune dysregulation
Congenital defects of phagocytes
Defects in intrinsic and innate immunity
Autoinflammatory disorders
Complement deficiencies
Phenocopies of inborn errors of immunity
Management of inborn errors of immunity
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Asghar Aghamohammadi was a Professor in Pediatrics and Clinical Immunology, at the Tehran University of Medical Sciences (TUMS) in Iran. He directed the Research Center for Immunodeficiencies (RCID), the pre-eminent centre in Iran for primary immunodeficiency. He completed a fellowship in Great Ormond Street Hospital, UK and earned a PhD from the University of Toyama, Japan. His work focused on primary immunodeficiency, including primary antibody deficiency disorders, molecular diagnosis, and patient treatment and management. His work has been widely published and referred to in his field.

Hassan Abolhassani is a leading member of the Junior Faculty at the Karolinska Institute (KI) and a team leader at Division of Clinical Immunology in the Department of Laboratory Medicine, KI in Sweden. He received his MD and his first PhD in Immunogenetics from TUMS and his second PhD in Clinical Immunology from the KI. His work focuses on the gene discovery and pathogenesis of primary antibody deficiency and the immune pathways involved, to help physicians and immunologists understand immune-related genes with unknown functions. He has received numerous academic awards and is widely published in the field.

Professor Nima Rezaei gained his medical degree (MD) from Tehran University of Medical Sciences and subsequently obtained an MSc in Molecular and Genetic Medicine and a PhD in Clinical Immunology and Human Genetics from the University of Sheffield, UK. He also spent a short-term fellowship of Pediatric Clinical Immunology and Bone Marrow Transplantation in the Newcastle General Hospital. Professor Rezaei is now the Full Professor of Immunology and Vice Dean of Research, School of Medicine, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, and the co-founder and Head of the Research Center for Immunodeficiencies. He is also the founding President of the Universal Scientific Education and Research Network (USERN). Professor Rezaei has already been the Director of more than 55 research projects and has designed and participated in several international collaborative projects. Professor Rezaei is an editorial assistant or board member for more than 30 international journals. He has edited more than 35 international books, has presented more than 500 lectures/posters in congresses/meetings, and has published more than 1,000 scientific papers in the international journals.

Reza Yazdani is Assistant Professor at the RCID, TUMS, in Iran. He is an academic member of the RCID, the pre-eminent centre in Iran for primary immunodeficiency. He holds a PhD in medical immunology focusing on basic immunologic methodologies and immunologic phenotyping of patients with primary antibody deficiency. He has received numerous awards and honors and published over 100 papers in the field.

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