King Philip's War: The History and Legacy of America's Forgotten Conflict

The Countryman Press, 1 dec. 2000 - 432 sidor
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King Philip's War--one of America's first and costliest wars--began in 1675 as an Indian raid on several farms in Plymouth Colony, but quickly escalated into a full-scale war engulfing all of southern New England.

At once an in-depth history of this pivotal war and a guide to the historical sites where the ambushes, raids, and battles took place, King Philip's War expands our understanding of American history and provides insight into the nature of colonial and ethnic wars in general. Through a careful reconstruction of events, first-person accounts, period illustrations, and maps, and by providing information on the exact locations of more than fifty battles, King Philip's War is useful as well as informative. Students of history, colonial war buffs, those interested in Native American history, and anyone who is curious about how this war affected a particular New England town, will find important insights into one of the most seminal events to shape the American mind and continent.

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King Philip's War: the history and legacy of America's forgotten conflict

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This work about the brutal 18th-century war between Indian tribes (led by a daring and skilled chief known as King Philip) is divided into three quite different parts. The first part provides a ... Läs hela recensionen

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A little dificult to follow at times, but this book sheds light on a part of early American history rarely covered. Läs hela recensionen


New England Before the War
The Outbreak of War in Southeastern
Spring 1676 The Tide Turns
King Philips War in Southeastern Massachusetts
King Philips War in Central and Western
King Philips War in Rhode Island
King Philips War in Maine and New Hampshire
Excerpts from The Narrative of the Captivity
Captain Thomas Wheelers Narrative

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Educated at Brown and Harvard, Eric B. Schultz is the chairman of an information logistics company. Over the last decade, reconstructing the history of King Philip's War has taken him to sites, historical societies, and book archives all across New England. He lives in Massachusetts.

Michael J. Tougias is the author of numerous books including The Finest Hours, which was recently adapted into a feature film starring Chris Pine. He lives in Massachusetts.

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