One Foot on the Floor: The Curious Evolution of Sex on Television from I Love Lucy to South Park

TV Books, 2000 - 216 sidor
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journalist and television critic, traces the curious rise and rise of sex on the small screen, from I Love Lucy to South Park. He details the story of television's attempts to keep audiences riveted without offending important segments of it. He highlights the shows and the moments that raised the temperature of television and broadened what was permissible for public viewing -- from shows like All in the Family and Ally McBeal to moments like Elvis's appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show.

At the leading edge of the twenty-first century, the same winds of sensationalism and censorship that have always buffeted television are rising. Chunovic examines how the need to compete in an ever-more crowded entertainment market and the V-chip will continue to push TV sex in new directions.

One Foot on the Floor is a riveting social history, providing the answer to the question: "How did that make it past the censors?"

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One Foot On the Floor

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The depiction of sex on television has always been controversial, and this book proves that it has also never been boring. Chunovic, a veteran TV reporter, author (Northern Exposure: The Book), and ... Läs hela recensionen


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