Organizing Rebellion: Non-state Armed Groups Under International Humanitarian Law, Human Rights Law, and International Criminal Law

Oxford University Press, 2018 - 360 sidor
The number of non-state actors, traditionally not accountable for committing war crimes or violating human rights, is proliferating exponentially. As criminal gangs, individuals in weak states organizing to protect their local communities, armed groups operating transnationally, and rarelyanalysed cyber organizations now account for the vast majority of today's armed conflicts, a new and increasingly important question has to be raised as to whether, and at what point, culpability arises under international law, and at what level of organization groups become accountable.Breaking new ground in addressing international human rights, international criminal law, and international humanitarian law in one swoop, Rodenhauser's text will be essential to academics and practitioners alike.


Part I The Required Degree of Organization of a NonState Party to an Armed Conflict Under International Humanitarian Law
Part II The Required Degree of Organization of NonState Armed Groups to Have Obligations Under International Human Rights Law
Part III The Required Degree of Organization of NonState Entities to Commit International Crimes or to Create Contexts in Which Individuals Comm...

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Dr. Tilman Rodenhauser is a legal adviser in the legal division of the International Committee of the Red Cross. He completed a PhD and has an MA from the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, and he holds a BA in International Relations from the Technical University ofDresden. He has published various articles in international journals such as the Journal of International Criminal Justice, the Leiden Journal of International Law, and the International Journal of Refugee Law, and has been awarded the Journal of International Criminal Justice Prize 2016. Tilmanspoke at conferences in Doha, Geneva, and Berlin, and regularly posts on blogs such as EJIL:Talk!. Rodenhauser has worked with the German Red Cross, the Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces, and the NGO Geneva Call.

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