Surrogacy Stories: Twenty Extraordinary Journeys to Parenthood

Stethoscope Research Pty Limited, 10 aug. 2022 - 264 sidor
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Creating family is a magical time for most, but for those reliant on the complexities of IVF, egg donation and surrogacy, this process can take years of struggle. It can be a pressure cooker mentally, physically and financially. With declining birth rates and increasing acceptance of diverse family structures in most developed nations, surrogacy is increasingly relied on. And yet in many countries surrogacy is banned. In others intended parents risk criminal penalties should they engage in commercial arrangements not only in their own country but offshore.

Each of twenty chapters describes one family's remarkable story of creating via surrogacy. We meet intended parents who are single men, single women, gay and heterosexual couples. Some of them are Australian, but others are from New Zealand, France, USA, Germany, Sweden, Thailand, Korea and the UK. Each engaged locally or travelled to a diverse range of overseas destinations in the hope of creating family.

These stories shine a light on the private stresses - health scares, miscarriage, premature birth, intensive care, bureaucracy and red tape, job loss, border closures. The raw and personal stories inform and demystify the topic of surrogacy, shedding light on the intimate dramas experienced by intended parents often far from home. But ultimately this book illustrates the remarkable resilience and complexity of parents and what they will do for love and family.

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Om författaren (2022)

Sam Everingham experienced the tragedy of losing twin boys via surrogacy in India in 2010. He channelled his grief into setting up a charity and has become one of the globe's foremost commentators and researchers on surrogacy trends. Now father to girls Zoe and Ruby, he has seen the best and worst that family building can deliver. Sam has been widely quoted in all forms of media and has appeared in The New Yorker, Insight (SBS), The Economist, ABC News and many domestic and international news stories. He has convened conferences and seminars for intended parents in Ireland, UK, USA, Australia, Asia and Scandinavia over the last decade. He runs a healthcare research consultancy and is the author of three books.

Kerry Duncan is passionate about health and wellbeing and the importance of connecting with others. After working in corporate Australia for over twenty years, Kerry embarked on a journey to motherhood as a single woman that led her to International Surrogacy to meet her son. Kerry is keen to make it easier for others on a complex road to parenthood. She loves to write and cares for her Mum and young son.

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