The High Impact Leader

McGraw Hill Professional, 19 juli 2005 - 224 sidor

Based on research by the Gallup Leadership Institute, a proven program for developing valuable leadership ability, both in yourself and in others

Extensive research has identified specific traits that transform average individuals into authoritative, influential, and "authentic" leaders. These authentic leaders learn from the mistakes and successes of themselves and others and build a positive strength initiative within their organizations.

In The High Impact Leader, Gallup veterans Bruce Avolio and Fred Luthans show you what you can do to develop and leverage your own leadership strengths into positive, lasting improvement for both yourself and your organization.

Their findings combined with examples of wellknown leaders in action--such as Howard Schultz, of Starbucks, and Microsofts Bill Gates--provide guidelines for accelerating leadership development in any environment. Building on Gallups innovative "positive strengths" initiative, this results-driven book provides:

  • Proven indicators for gauging personal progress toward authentic leadership
  • Strategies for building a pool of leadership-ready individuals in any organization
  • Proprietary Gallup poll data and innovative leadership-building tools

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Bruce J. Avolio, Ph.D., is director of the Gallup Leadership Institute and a Gallup senior scientist. A chaired professor of leadership at the University of Nebraska, Avolio consults with companies around the globe and serves on the editorial boards of several top academic and professional journals. He is the author of Transformational and Charismatic Leadership and Leadership Development in Balance: Made/Born.

Fred Luthans, Ph.D., is a senior scientist with Gallup and a distinguished chaired professor of management at the University of Nebraska. The former president of the National Academy of Management and member of the Academy's Hall of Fame, Luthans has written more than 150 articles and several textbooks, and is the editor or coeditor of a number of academic and professional journals.

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