Theoretical Issues in Psychology: An Introduction

Lecturers can now take advantage of a chapter-by-chapter set of powerpoint slides.

`This is an exceptionally good textbook. It covers an unusually wide range of issues in an up-to-date and balanced fashion, and is clearly written. It would be invaluable for all students, both undergraduates and postgraduates, who take a genuine interest in the nature of psychology and the theoretical issues it faces' - Professor Graham Richards, Director, British Psychological Society History of Psychology Centre

Psychology is understood by many as the `science of the mind', but what is `mind' and what have modern psychology and philosophy to say about its nature? What is `science' and what is a scientific approach to mind?

This thoroughly revised edition o the classic textbook explores a wide range of problems in psychology, philosophy, cognitive and brains sciences identifying the major topics, debates and controversies and presenting them in a balanced and accessible manner for students.

Key features of this Second Edition include:

} A new, ten chapter structure making it ideal for a lecture course;

} Contains new content on advances in cognitive psychology and neuroscience, including neural networks, dynamics systems and situated cognition;

} Final chapter focuses on `hot issues' at the interface of psychology and philosophy - making attempts to look forward.

} Pedagogical features including chapter summaries and further readings.

Brought fully up-to-date with advances in computational, cognitive and neuroscience work on the one hand, and links with philosophy on the other, this book is essential reading for all students needing an understanding of these issues.

Lecturers can now take advantage of a chapter-by-chapter set of powerpoint slides. These are designed to support seminar and class teaching and to ensure students have grasped the core concepts, and the main issues covered.


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Laws Interpretations and Functions
Logical Positivism and its Failure
Recent Proposals and Debates
Sociology and Psychology of Science
Introducing Philosophy of Mind Brain and Cognition
The Languagebased View
The Brainbased View
The Extended Mind
Some Issues at the Interface of Philosophy and Psychology Revisited
Name Index

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Professional interests: Main interests: foundations of empirical research in cognitive and neuro-sciences, philosophy of mind, event-related brain potentials, ecological psychology, reductionism and levels of explanation, theoretical foundations of evolutionary psychology, behavioral genetics, genetic determinism.

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