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A NEW edition of “ The Chart and O Scale of Truth” was long and earnestly demanded, during the life of its learned author, but, through what he confesses “ his native indolence,” he never submitted to the labour of carrying it through the press; yet he appears to have constantly kept this object in view, for he has left a copy of his work, so much enlarged and altered, as in some measure to give it the character of a new publication.

It is from this enlarged and corrected copy the present edition has been taken ; but the Editor has felt it his duty to exercise his discretion in the choice of the materials. The notes and observations appear to have been written at different intervals, during many years ; several are duplicates, with more or less variations, others are unfinished, and nearly all are left for future consideration and improvement. Under these circumstances, the editor was intrusted with a discretionary power to omit or admit whatever he might deem expedient; and he has endeavoured to exercise this discretion, according to the best of his judgment.

The author, as it would appear from his manuscripts, was desirous that, in any republication of the “ Chart and Scale,” it should assume the aspect of a distinct logical treatise, and resign all appearance of Bampton Lectures. But this design was not sufficiently matured to warrant the Editor, in bringing out the work, in this independent form. He has therefore still allowed it to retain its original character ; but to render its arrangement, as a treatise of logic, somewhat more complete, it has been found necessary to arrange several of the earlier lectures, as a general introduction; and to throw the two last chapters of the first volume, into the form of an appendix.

The principal new matter consists of the chapters on metaphysics, which have been retrieved from the author's manuscripts, but there is scarcely a page, in which, some additions or alterations may not be discovered. Many of these respect merely the style, which, it must be admitted, is somewhat harsh and obscure, whilst others are enlargements or illustrations of the argument. There are also considerable omissions, relating to temporary topics, long since passed away. For some of these, the Editor has the authority of Dr. Tatham; for others, he is himself responsible, unwilling to perpetuate forgotten controversy, or to reiterate charges, which can no longer be sustained. The copious table of contents and general index will be found of unquestionable utility to the scientific student.

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