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Sidan 211 - I have done so twice and for three times. But if you do not take advantage of the leniency with which I have spared your lives, I will proceed to severe punishments, and put you to death.
Sidan 258 - According to the (oracle) content (pronouncement), the king will have no harm». (The king said): »I, the little child, anew have obtained an appointment from the three kings (ie a new spell of life) ; for a distant end I shall plan; what I now expect is that they will (think of ) care about me, the One Man».
Sidan 114 - In one day, in two days there are ten thousand (mainsprings, causes setting things in motion = ) causes of happenings». The 75 of the orthodox version ace. to Kiang Sheng is only a short-form for this 76. — B. PK'ung, after Shuowen, says ki = 77 'small, minutiae', ie the first symptoms, the beginning: «In one day in two days there are ten thousand (minutiae =) first signs of happenings « (ie one must be on the alert for what is beginning to happen). This is based on Yi: Hi ts ' i 78 »K i ,...
Sidan 240 - If you bring together those who have correctness, then they will turn to the one who has correctness (sc. yourself)». — B. PK'ung: »If you bring together the correctness you possess, (all in the world) will turn to the correctness».
Sidan 258 - ... yi jen 3, which regularly means »I, the One Man» (cf. P'an Keng 4: »speak slanderingly of me, the One Man»), has to be taken as = »our One Man».
Sidan 142 - D. Sun Yi-jang: pin 85 is a short-form for 86: »The king pin brought forward as guests (Chou Kung and his son), and (then) killed (victims) and sacrificed» (Sun does not tell how the remaining hienko will then make sense). — E. Lo Chen-yii: wang pin must here be the same term so well known from the oracle inscriptions (75) and refer to the dead kings: »The king's guests (ie the royal Spirits) at the killing and sacrifice all came».
Sidan 167 - On the east, reaching to the sea ; on the west, extending to the moving sands ; to the utmost limits of the north and south : — his fame and influence filled up (all within) the four seas.
Sidan 78 - The emperor said: Come, you Shun, in the affairs on which you have been consulted, I have examined your words; your words have been accomplished and been capable of yielding fine results, (during) three years; do you ascend to the emperor's high position (the throne).
Sidan 115 - Heaven arranges the existing rules (sc. of family relations), we carefully regulate our five rules and (their five amplifications =) the five modes of amply practising them.
Sidan 85 - He gathered in the five (kinds of) insignia; and (when he had »monthed », he »dayed» .- ) when he had determined a month, he determined the day, and saw the Si Yue and all the pastors...

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