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a bogativno ., Cant. Pagodas t'anams.

is in rc: Brought forward 129,245. 00 Chata Batapoor -

80,000.00 Colar ,001

* 80,000. 00 Yungum Cottah

200*13,000.00 Chuckmogalam

8,134. 402 ในมืออาบ อยู่

7,129. 74

2,04,263, 14 mits Oui, Sera, remainder of Sera, and Amerapoor -

55,000. 00 Ookcotahi .-

50,754. 00." Burra Balapoor

44,000. 00 vitetet i ro. 120.264, 00

5,49,754.00 Nuggur above Chaut. - . : 0 Kusbah ni ."

29, 1451 4. 2017 Coolydroog .

28,818. 0 2 . 2 Koomplee

8,094, 2101 Kope.000.,1

22,864. 5. Wastara

6,818.9. Eekairy and Sagup.

39,411. 05. 2 Gooty (Hoobly)

11,006. 8. } Surbtongnundy

.. -10,458. o* 2. Terryanwitty

17,424. 0. 211 Shikarpoor

11,774. 04. 0 Annuntapoor

... 10, Lakooley, Dannafs

11,629. 61. 1. Oodyshy. . *

13,614. 12. o Simoga,.,..-.- - - 16,883. 5. OC Hooty Honore ***

0,583. 5:1 Biddary

10,835. 5. 2 Chingeery Beswapattam .

22,09t. iki 3 Turrykeera

- 143076. 43.2 Azeimpoor " . -. . . 10,696. 2 3 .

3,02,417. 6. Ő Chitteledroog remainder of 12 Tallooks. Kusbah och


- 20,874. 741 Beefumunder...

12,148. 4. 2 ) Dideary)

i. 12,984. 9 0 . Husdroog , 434

111936. 2 3 : Multoor u a an

10,392.. 336 2. Carried forward 68,336. 71.8

in Murkal


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0 Cant. Pagodas Fanams. 1799

Brought forward 68,336. 7. 8 Murkal Moroo.


3 Tullik Burnm Şagur

10,163. 6.0 Kunkopa

-9524113112,542 021 the s ilu 13,46,053, 1.2: : pelues

10,683 1. Hingor o

"10,010. 0. 570 Goody Cottak,

11,339. 5. 31

32,033. 6. 10 " Dedu&t two Púrgunnahs of Hurdenhallu viz." Talmale and Talwaddy; included in the

s a me company's share ide a

13,74,076. 8. 2 Min) :94394 101. but C. 1.4. Schedule Din 1901)...

Li The Paishwah's share. . ... Harpoonelly (6 Tallooks) 10 9 1910,030. 81. O Soonda (above the Ghauts)

59,377. o. O Annagoondy .... .

36.607110. 0. 10)
From Chittledroog - Talooks, via,
Holul Kaira
Mucomdo las con

y 11,226. 9. To

1 , 23,052. 5. O From Bednore i Talook, viz.. Siriji Hurryhur si sono stati 10,796. 0. mji

Total Canteria Pagodas 2,63,95%. 34.0

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· Ratified at Hyderabad by his Highness the Nizam,
m the 13th day of July, anno domini 1799... silver

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Het is de la vengo ti 9. 28. i. 1799 A Treaty of perpetual friendship, and alequil. liance concluded, on the one part, by his

Excellency Lieutenant - General George Harris, Commandereta Chlef of the forces of his Britannic Majesty and of the English Eaft India Company Behaudern in the Carnatic and on the Coast of Malabar etc. by virtue of full powers vested in them for this purpose, by the right'honourable

Richard Earl of Mornington, Governor"; ; General; and, on the other part, by Maha

. Rajah Mysore Kistna Rajah 10odiaver

2.3 Behauder, Rajah of Mylove..." (BEATSON account of the war in-Myfore appena

... dixo, P. CLVII.) 3 boy s Wig

Whereas it is ftipulated in the treaty concluded on the 220 of June, 1799,-between the honourable English East India Company - Brhauder, and the Nabob Nizam úd Dowlah Aloph Yah Behander, for Ytrengthening the al liance and friendship subsisting between the said English East India Company Behauden, his Highness Nizam ud Dowlah Afoph Fah Behauder, and the Paishwah Row Pundit Purdhan Behauder, and for effecting a settlement of the territories of the late Tippoo Sultauin, that a separate government halt be established in Myfare and that his Highness Maha Rajah Myfore Kifna Rajah Oodiaver Behauder shall polefs certain territories, specified in fche. dule C. annexed to the said treaty, and that for the effettual eftablishnivit of the Government of Myfore, his Highness Shall be affed with a suitable subsidiary force, to be furnished by the English East India Company Behauder.

Wherefore, in order to carry the said ftipulations into effe&, and to increase and strengthen the friendship


Traité d'amitié et d'alliance perpétuelle conclu 1799 par S. Excellence le Lieutenant-Général. 8 Juil. George Harris, Commandant en Chef des forces de S. M. Britannique et de la Compagnie Anglaise des Indes Orientales dans le Carnatic et sur les côtes du Malabar, etc. en vertu des pleinspouvoirs qui leurs ont été confiés à cette fin par le très honorable Richard

Comte de Mornington Gouverneur-Général, d'une parti et de l'autre par Maha Rajah Mysore Kistna Rajah Qodiaver Bebauder, : Rajah de Mysore; Signé le 8 Juil. 1799...

(Traduction privée.)

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A cette fin pour mettre en effet les dites Ripülas tions et pour augmenter et rafferthier l'amitié subliftant



1700 fubhifting between the said English East India Company

and the said Maha Rajah Mysore Kistna Rajah Oodiaver ** Behander, this treaty is concluded by Liutenant - Ge. : neral George Harris, Commander in Chief of the forces

of his-Britannic Majesty, and of the said Englifh Èaji
India Company Behauder, in the Carnatic and on the

Coast of Malabar, the kanourable Colonel Arthur Wela . Hestey, the honourable Henry W'ellesley , . Lieutenant. Ca.

lonel William Kirkpatrick, and Lieutenant - Colonel Barry
Clofe, on the part and in the name of the Right honou.
rable Richand karl, of Mornington, Governor-General
aforefaid, and by his Highness Maha Rajah 'Myfore
Kistra Rajah Oodiaver Behguder, which fhall be binding
upon the cantrating parties, as long as the sun and
moon Yhall endure, 325";%d; ;?, ili

sti. ART. I.
... The friends and enemies of either of the contrading
garties shall be confidered as the friends and enemies

*** .:: ART. II. !

The honourable. the East India Company Behauder agrees to maintain, and his Highness Malia Rajah My, fore Kistna Rajah Opdiavır Behauder agrees to receive a military force for the defence and Jecurity of his Highness's dominions; in consideration of which pro tettion, kis-Highness engages to pay the annual fum of

seven lacks of star pagodas to the Jaid Eaß India Come - pany; the said sum to be paid in equal monthly instala

ments, commencing from the 1st of July. Anno Domini, 1799. And his Highness further agrees that the disposal of the said fum; together with the arrangement and emi ployment of the troops to be maintained by it, shall bt left entirely to the company. - o *

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i If it shall be necessary for the proteflion and defence S
of the territories of the contrading parties, or of either
of them, that hostilities shall be undertaken, or preparlo My

tions made for commencing hostilities against any state it · or power, his faid Highnes Maha Rajah Mysore Kisna

Rajah Oodiaver Behander agrees to contribute towards
the discharge of the increased expence, incurred by the lange
aug noentation of the imilitary forge a cand the unavoidable in
charges of war siswada a um as fuld appear to the Coo

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