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1799 every faculty, cultivators of the earth, artisans, manu

facturers, and fishermen, unarmed and inhabiting un fortified towns, villages, or places, and in general all others, whose occupations are for the common subsistence and benefit of mankind, kall be allowed to continue their refpe&ivè exiplayments, and shall not be molested in their perfons, nor shall their houses ar goods be burnt, pr otherwise destroyed, nor their fielus wasted by the armed force of the enerny, into whole power, by the events of war, they may happen to fall; but if any thing is de celary to be taken from them for the use of such armed farce, the fame shall be paid for at a reasonable price.


ARF. XXIV. And to prevent the destruction of prisoners of war, by sending them into distant and inclement countries, or by crowding them into close and noxious places, the two contracting parties folemnly pledge themselves to the world and to each other, that they will not adopi any such practice; that neither' will send the prisoners whom they may take from the other, into the East Indies, or any other part of Asia or Africa, but they shall be placed in jone part of their dominions in Europe or America, in wholesome situations; that they shall not be confined in

durigcons prison - Ships, nor prisons, nor be put in irons, - nor bound, nor otherwise restrained in the ufe of their

limbs; that the officers shall be inlarged on their paroles within convenient diftri&s, and have comfortably quarters, and the common marn be disposed in cantonments open and extensive and lodged in barracks as roomy and good are provided by the party in whofe power they are, for their own troops i that the officers shall also be daily furnished by the party in whose power they are with as many rations, and of the same artietes and quality as aro allowed by them, either in kind, or by commutation, to officers of equal ránk in their own army; and all others shall be daily furnished by them with such ration as they shall allow to a common foldier in their own Jervice; the value whereof Thali be paid by the other party on a mutual adjustment of accounts for the Juba fistence of prisoners at the close of the war; and the Jard accounts shall not be mingled with or set off against any athers, nor the balances due on them be withheld as a


m! Les Femmes, Enfans, Scavans de toute faculté, Gens 17
En de Campagne, Ouvriers, Fabricans et Pêcheurs, qui ne?
04 font point armés, et habitent des villes, villages ou
bull endroits non fortifiés, et en général tous ceux, dont

le travail sert à l'entretien commun et au bien de l'hur .
manité, pourront continuer leurs occupations refpe&ti.
ves; ils ne seront point inquiétés dans leurs personnes;
leurs maisons ou biens ne seront, ni brûlés, ni détruits,
ni leurs champs ravagés par la force - armée de l'en-
demi, au pouvoir duquel le fort de la guerre les feroit
tomber, et, s'ils doivent fournir quelque chose pour
le service de la ditę force-armée, ils en seront payés :

ART. XXIV.??.. . in
FJ! Pour prévenir le dépérissement, auquel seroient ex- Prison-
o posés les prisonniers de guerre, si on les transportoit nie
E dans des Pays éloignés, rigoureux, ou s'ils étoient ac-"

1 cumulés dans des lieux fermés et mal - sains,' les deux 6 parties - contractantes s'engagent folemnellement, devant

Punivers, à ne prendre aucunes mesures de ce genre. ! Aucune d'elles ne fera transporter les prisonniers de

l'autre dans les Indes - Orientales,' ou dans une autre ! . Contrée quelconque d'Alie ou d'Afrique; mais elles les

feront placer dans leurs poffeffions d'Europe ou d'Amé : i rique et dans des lieux fains; ils ne feront détenus * dans aucun Château fort, vaisseau de prison, ou prison;

ils ne seront point mis aux fers ni enchainés, ni rem
ttreints dans l'usage de leurs membres: Les Officiers

podrront séjourner dans un arrondiffement convenable, 2017 for leur parole d'honneur; ils recevront des logemens

commodes: La troupe sera répartie dans des cantonnes

mens ouverts; elle aura suffisamment de place, tant Je pour le bon air que pour le mouvement; et elle sera

Jogée dans des casernes, aufli spacieuses et aufft bonnes
que les troupes mêmes de la partie, au pouvoir de
laquelle elle se trouvera. - Les Officiers recevront, par
jour, de la dite partie autant de rations, des mêmes
articles et de la même qualité, qu'elle donne, foit en . .
mature, soit par eftimation, dans la propre Armée, aux
Viticiers du même rang : tous les autres recevront d'elle

même ration, que les Soldats, qui font à fon service:
Le montant en fera payé par l'autre partie, à la fin de la
guerre, lors de la liquidation des comptes respectifs, rem i



1790 Satisfaction or reprisal for any other article, or for any

other cause real or pretended whatever. That each party Jhall be allowed to keep a commissary of prisoners of their own appointement, with every separate cantonement of prisoners in poffeßion of the other; which commissary fhail See the prisoners as often as he pleases; fhall be allowed to receive and distribute whatever comforts may be sent to them by their friends; and shall be free to make his rapports in open letters to those who employ him ; but if any officer shall break his parole, or any

other prisoner shall escape from the limits of his can. tonment, after they have been designated to him, such

individual officer or other prisoner Thall forfeit so much, of the benfit of this article as provides for his enlarge. ment on parole or cantonment, And it is declared, that peither the pretence that war dissolves all treaties, nor any other whatever, shall be considered as annulling or Juspending this and the next preceding article ;: but on the contrary, that the state of war is precisely that for which'they are provided, and during which they are to be as jacredly observed as the most acknowledged articles in the law of nature and of nations,

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; ; The two contratting parties have granted to each i ether the liberty of having each in the ports of the other,

confuls, vice-conjuls, agents, and commilaries of their own appointment, who Thall enjoy the jame privileges and powers as those of the most favoured nations. But if any such confuls Thall exercise commerce, they shall be submitted to the fame laws and usages to which the private individuals of their nations are submitted in the Jame place.


... ART. XXVI.. If either party shall hereafter grant to any other nation auy particular favour, in navigation or commerce, it Shall immediately become common to the other party, freely, where it is freely granted to such other nation, or on yielding the same compensation when the grant is conditionala :


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