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119 ASTOR LIBRARY. Catalogue, or Alphabetical Index of the Astor Library, with Supplement.

5 vols. royal 8vo. half red mor. top edge gilt, uncut, New York, 1859-1866 120 ASTROLABE. De compositione Astrolabii. Tractatus de

compositione Astrolabii Messehalath. Speculum orbis, declaratio speculi orbis compositi a Gualthero Lud. Canonico Deodatensi et Torqueti Canones. In fine: Completum per Joa. Grüninger, ex Argentorato 1512. -- Koebel, J. Astrolabii declaratio, ejusdemque usus mire jucundus non modo Astrologis, medicis, geographicis . ... verum etiam mechanicis. Acces. Isa yogicon in Astrologiam iudiciariam.

sm. 4to. boards, Moguntiæ Petrus Iordan, 1532 20121 ATLANTIC Pilot, The. Folding map.

8vo. calf, London, 1772 122 ATLAS de l'Archéologie du Nord, representant des Échantil

lons de l'age de Bronze, et de l'age de Fer. Publié par la Société Royale des Antiquaires du Nord.

folio, half cloth, Copenhague, 1857 122* ATKYNS, Richard. The Original and Growth of Printing :

Collected out of History, and the Records of this Kingdome. Wherein is also demonstrated, that Printing appertaineth to the Perogative Royal; and is a Flower (sic) of the Crown of England. 4to. maroon, mor. extra, gilt edges, by Riviere,

London, John Streater, for the Author, MDCLXIV With Frontispiece engraved by D. Logan, containing portraits of King Charles II., Archbishop Sheldon, the Earl of Clarendon, and G. Monk, Duke of Albemarle. Very rare.

In this Tract, Atkyns attempts to prove that the Art of Printing was first introduced into England by Frederick Corsellis, and not by William Caxton.

Atkins's book is unknown to foreigners, and seen but by few in England. Palmer, Hist. of Printing, Book iii, p. 125.

Bindley's copy sold for £3, 15s. and Horner's (June, 1854) £5, 28., 6d.-See Singer, Some account of the book printed at Or ford in MCCCCLXVIII, etc.,

passim. 123 Atlas. Fac-Simile dell'Atlante di Andrea Bianco. ve Oblong folio, ten sheets, being photographic copies of the map referred to, bound in cloth.

Venezia, 1436 124 ATWATER, CALEB. A History of the State of Ohio, Natural and Civil.

8vo. sheep, Cincinnati, 1838 124* ATWATER, CalEB. Remarks made on a Tour to Prairie Du Chien ; thence to Washington City, in 1829.

12mo. sheep, Columbus, 1831 The remarks on the grammar of the Dacota language on p. 149, and the vocabulary of that tongue on p. 152, et seq., are omitted in the subsequent edi.. tions of this work.


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125 ATWOOD, THOMAS. The History of the Island of Dominica ;

containing a Description of its Situation, Extent, Climate, Mountains, Rivers and Natural Productions. Together with an Account of the Civil Government, Trade, Laws, Customs, etc.

8vo. sheep, London, 1781 126 AYRES, I. A. The Legends of Montauk, a Poem with an Historical Appendix.

8vo, cloth, New York. 127 AUGUSTINUS. De Veræ Vitæ Cognitione.

Red initial letters, 4to. dark mor. gilt edges, by Mackenzie, without place or date, but printed in the office of Faust and Schoeffer. A fine copy of an exceeding rare book.

“This appears to be the earliest impression extant, separately executed of the work. The type is of the founts of letter used by the above printers, and similar to that of the Durandus and the Offices of Cicero. The recto of the first leaf is blank. The table begins on the reverse and ends on the verso of the second leaf. On the recto of the third leaf we read at top, Incipit phemiti libelli.

“The proheme occupies 2 pages; and the entire work comprises xliii. chapters, or 34 leaves; 28 lines to a page. On the recto of the 34th and last leaf we read the concluding line thus: Augustini de vere vite cognicoe libellus explic.

“ The device of Faust and Schoeffer (the shields printed in red) is beneath."

- Dibdin's Spenceriana, vol. iv., p. 446. 128 AVILA, FRANCISA. Arte de la lengua Mexicana, y breves

platicas de los mysteréos de N. Santa Fée Catolica y otros para exortacion de su obligacion á los Indios.

12mo. half red mor. top edge gilt, Mexico, 1717 The grammar is complete but a leaf of Index is wanting. The volume

ends with fol. 35. 129 AVISI (DIVERSI) particolari dall' Indie de Portogallo, riceuuti

dall'anno 1551 sino al 1558 dalli Reuerendi padri della Compagnia di Giesu.

sm. 8vo. vellum, Venetia Tramezzino, 1565 There will be found in this edition the same pieces concerning Brazil which are in that of Rome, 1552, with the following letters in addition.

Lettera di Pietro Correa scritta ad altri della medesima Compagnia nell' India del Brasil, page 239. Lettera del Capo di S. Vincenzo della felice morte di Pietro Correa, page 242. D'un'altra del P. Ambrosio Pera dalla Baia del Saluator nel Brasil, page 246. Copia d'una lettera del Brasil, al P. M. Ignatio

Preposito generale, page 248. 130 AUTOGRAPHS. Facsimiles of the autographs of distin

guished persons including John Ratlife, 1669. John Pynchon, 1675. Tho. Hutchinson, 1771. Horatio Gates, Israel Putnam, Lord Cornwallis, John Adams, J. Rutledge, Gen. Nath. Greene, Benedict Arnold, Gen. Charles Lee, Francis Marion, Henry Lee, etc. imp. folio, half mor.



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132 BACK, GEORGE. Narrative of the Arctic Land Expedition, to 100

the Mouth of the Great Fish River, and along the shores of the Arctic Ocean, in the years 1833, 1834, and 1835.

8vo. cloth, map, Philadelphia, 1836 133 BACON, LEONARD. Thirteen Discourses, on the completion of

two hundred years, from the beginning of the First Church in New Haven. Portraits.

8vo. cloth, New York, 1839 134 BACKUS, ISAAC. History of New England, with particular

reference to the denomination of Christians called Baptists. Containing the first principles and settlements of the Country. 3 vols. 8vo. half green mor. vols. 1 and 2 uncut, vol. 3 slightly cut, to be bound uniform with the others. A beautiful set of

books, very rare, Boston and Providence, 1777–1796 Complete sets of this work are now rare. Mr. Bancroft, the historian, bears honorable testimony to the author's fidelity, considering his history, as to facts, more to be depended on than any of the early histories of New England.

The copy in the library of Judge Greene sold for $75. 135 BACKUS. Church History of New England, from 1620 to 1804, o containing a view of the Principles and Practice, Declensions

and Revivals, Oppression and Liberty of the Chorches, and a Chronological Table. Portrait.

12mo. cloth, Philadelphia, 1844 136 BACON, Rev. THOMAS. Two Sermons, Preached to a Con

gregation of Black Slaves, at the Parish Church of S. P. in

the Province of Maryland. 12mo. calf, London, 1749 136* BALBI, ADRIEN. Atlas Ethnographique du Globe, ou Clas

sification des Peuples Anciens et Modernes d’apres leurs Langues.

folio atlas, with volume of text ;

together 2 vols. boards, Paris, 1826 137 BALDWIN, EBENEZER. Annals of Yale College, from its s foundation to the Year 1831. To which is added an Appendix, bringing it down to 1838. Portrait.

8vo. calf, New Haven, 1838 138 BALLARD, EDWARD. Memorial Volume of the Popham Cel.

ebration, Aug. 29, 1862, Commemorative of the Planting of the Popham Colony; on the Peninsular of Sabino, Aug. 19, 1607. Establishing the Title of England to the Continent.

8vo. cloth, Portland, 1863 139 BAIRD, CHARLES W. Chronicle of a Border Town. History

of Rye, Westchester County, New York, 1660-1870. Including Harrison and the White Plains till 1788.

8vo. russia, New York, 1871.


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140 BAIRD, ROBERT. Religion in the United States of America. 251 Or, an account of the Origin, Progress, Relations to the State,

and present condition of the Evangelical Churches in the United States, with Notices of the Unevangelical Denominations.

8vo. cloth, London, 1844 140* BALDELLI Boni (G. B.) Storia delle Relationi Viceudevoli Dell'

Europa e Dell' Asia dalla decadenza di Roma Fino Alla distruzione del Calliffatto che può servire d'introduzione al Milione di Marco Polo.

2 vols. quarto, paper, Firenze, 1827 140** BALDELLI. Il Milione di Marco Polo, testo di Lingua del

secolo decimoterzo ora per la prima volta publicato ed illustrato dal Conte Gio. Batt. Baldelli Bona.

2 vols. 4to. sewed, Firenze, 1827 141 BANCROFT, EDWARD. An Essay on the Natural History of

Guiana, containing a Description of many Curious Productions in the Animal and Vegetable Systems of that Country, together with an account of the Religion, Manners and Customs of several Tribes of its Indian Inhabitants.

8vo. calf gilt, London, 1769 142 BANDINI. Vita e Lettere di Amerigo Vespucci gentiluomo

Fiorentino raccolte e illustrate del Anglo Maria Bandini.
4to. half maroon mor. top edge gilt, uncut,

Firenze, 1745 143 BANCROFT, GEORGE. History of the United States, from the Discovery of the American Continent.

3 vols. 8vo. cloth, Boston, 1841 144 BANCROFT, GEORGE. Memorial Address on the Life and

Character of Abraham Lincoln. Delivered at the request of both Houses of Congress, in Washington, on the 12th of Feb

8vo. cloth, Washington, 1866 145 BANKS, Sir Thomas C. An Analytical Statement of the case

of Alexander, Earl of Stirling and Dowan, containing an explanation of his Official Dignities, and peculiar Territorial rights and privileges in the British Colonies of Nova Scotia and Canada, &c.

8vo. sewed, map, London, 1832 146 BAPTISTA, JOAN. Confessionario en lengua Mexicana y Cas

tellaña. Con muchas advertencias muy necessarias para los Confessores.

12mo. vellum, very rare, En Sanctiago Tlatiluleo por Melchior Ocharte, 1599 (In the same volume, by the same author), Advertencias, para los Confessores de los Naturales.

12mo. Mexico, 1600




ruary, 1866.




147 BAPTISTA DE LAGUNAS, Juan. Arte y Dictionario :

con otras obras, en lengua Michuacana. (Title, part of ded-

ication, and a few leaves at the end wanting.)

wanting.) 174, 190 and

12mo. vellum, rare.

Colophon, p. 190, Mexico, Pedro Balli, 1574
M. Icazbalceta, in his “Apuntes,” (p. 15) says: “This book is most rare. I

have never seen a copy except mine, which was formed from incomplete ones.”

148 BAPTISTA, IOAN. Advertercias para los Confessores de los

Naturales. Segunda Parte. (445 leaves. Index and errata

104 leaves.)

sm. 8vo. vellum, Mexico, M. Ocharte, 1600

149 BAUTISTA, Fr. Juan. Platicas antiguas de los Mexicanos


12mo. title, parts of the preface,

and the beginning and end of the text wanting, and leaves

11, 64 and 65 mutilated.

150 BARAGA, Rev. FREDERICK. A Theoretical and Practical

Grammar of the Otchipeve Language, the language spoken by

the Chippewa Indians; which is also spoken by the Algon-

quin, Otawa and Potwatami Indians, with little difference,

for the use of Missionaries. pp. 296.

12mo. cloth, Detroit, 1850

Not mentioned by Ludewig.

151 BARAGA, F. Abrégé de l'Histoire des Indiens de l'Amérique


12mo. half mor. Paris, 1845

152 BARBADOES. Acts of Assembly. Passed in the Island of,

from 1648 to 1718.—Abridgment of Acts passed from 1718 to

1738 inclusive. pp. 484.

folio, old calf, London, John Baskett, 1721

153 BARBADOS. The Report from a Select Committee of the

House of Assembly, appointed to inquire into the Origin,

Causes and Progress of the late Insurrection.

8vo. half mor. Barbadoes, 1816

154 BARBER, John WARNER. Historical Collections, being a

General Collection of Interesting Facts, Traditions, Biograph-
ical Sketches, Anecdotes, etc., relating to the History and
Antiquities of every Town in Massachusetts, with Geograph-
ical Descriptions. Illustrated by 200 Engravings.

8vo. calf, Worcester, 1841

155 BARBER. Connecticut Historical Collections, containing a Gen-

oeral Collection of Interesting Facts, Traditions, Biographical

Sketches, Anecdotes, etc., relating to the History and Antiqui-

ties of every Town in Connecticut. 200 Engravings.

8vo. sheep, New Haven, 1838

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