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44 ALLEN, IRA. Particulars of the Capture of the Ship Olive

Branch, Laden with a Cargo of Cannon and Arms, the property of Major General Ira Allen, destined for supplying the Militia of Vermont, and Captured by His Britannic Majesty's Ship of War Audacions ; together with the proceedings and evidence before the high Court of Admiralty.

2 vols. 8vo. sheep, Philadelphia, 1805 45 ALLEN, IRA. A Concise Summary of the Second Volume of

the Olive Branch. A book containing an account of Governor Chittenden's giving written instructions to Gen. Ira Allen in 1795, to purchase Military Stores in Europe, for the Militia

of the State of Vermont. pp. 24. 8vo. Philadelphia, 1807 46 ALLEN, MYRON O. The History of Wenham, Civil and Ecclesiastical, from its settlement in 1639 to 1860.

12mo. cloth, Boston, 1860 47 ALLEN, William. The History of Norridgewock: comprising

Memorials of the Aboriginal Inhabitants, and Jesuit Missionaries, hardships of the Pioneers, Biographical notices of the early settlers, and Ecclesiastical Sketches.

12mo. cloth, Norridgewock, 1849 48 ALLEN, WILKES. The History of Chelmsford, from its origin

in 1853 to the year 1820, together with an Historical Sketch of the Church, and Biographical Notices of the first four Pastors.

8ro. half calf, Haverhill, 1820 49 ALLEN, William. The American Biographical Dictionary:

containing an account of the Lives, Characters and Writings of the most eminent persons Deceased in North America, from its first Settlement. Third Edition.

royal 8vo. half mor. Boston, 1857 50 ALMON, Joun. Memoirs of John Almon, Bookseller, of Piccadilly.

8vo. half calf, London, 1790 51 ALPHONCE. Les Voyages Avantvrevx dv Capitaine lean

Alphonce Saintongeois. Conteraut les Regles & enseignmens necessaires à la bonde & seure Navigation.

4lo. blue mor. Rouen Theodore, Reinsart, 1602 52 AMERICAN Traveller; being a new Historical Collection, care

fully compiled from Original Memoirs in several Languages, and the most authentic Voyages and Travels.

12mo. sheep, London, 1745


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52* AMERICAN Monthly Magazine and Critical Reviews.

4 vols. 8vo. half calf, New York, 1817 53 AMERICAN Museum ; or, Repository of Ancient and Modern

Fugitive Pieces, Prose and Poetical.

12 vols. 8vo, sheep, Philadelphia, Matthew Carey, 1787–92

Complete sets of this work are very scarce. It was printed and edited by Matthew Carey. “I was much attracted to the work, and had great reluctance to abandon it, ... but sang its requiem at the close of 1792. That it had considerable merit is universally acknowledged; and there is no vanity in the declar. ation, as the work did not contain a single essay of my own. The whole of my labor consisted in the selection of its contents, and the addition of a few notes."

M. Curey's Autobiog. in New Eng. Mag. 54 AMERICAN Colonial Tracts. A folio volume (so lettered) bound

in calf, containing the following pieces :

1. The Declaration of the Reasons and Motives for the present appearing in Arms of their Majesties Protestant subjects in the Province of Maryland. pp 8.

London, 1689 2. The Linnen and Woollen Manufactory Discussed, etc. pp. 15. 1691

3. An Act of Parliament of Scotland for erecting an East India Company. pp. 8.

Edinb. 1695 4. A Letter from a Member of the Parliament of Scotland concerning their late act for establishing a Company, trading to Africa and the Indies. pp. 14.

London, 1605 5. Our Ministry's present measures against the Muscovite vindicated. pp. 9.

London, 1719 6. Report of Frauds in the Tobacco Trade. pp. 13.

1722 7. Reasons for Establishing the Colony of Georgia, with regard to the Trade of Great Britain. pp. 48.

London, 1733 8. List of copies of charters from the Commissioners of Trade and Planta. tions, presented to the House of Commons, viz.: Maryland, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts Bay and Georgia.

London, 1741 9. A Description of Georgia, by a Gentleman who has resided there upwards of seven years, and was one of the first settlers. pp. 8.

London, 1741 10. An Account shewing the Progress of the Colony of Georgia in America fromits fi rst Establishment. pp. 71.

London, 1741

55 AMERICAN CYCLOPEDIA, or Popular. Dictionary of General Knowledge.

16mo. royal 8vo. half. mor. New York,

D. Appleton & Co. 1867 57 AMERICAN ARCHIVES : Consisting of a collection of Records,

State Papers, Debates, Letters and other notices of Public
Affairs, the whole forming a Documentary History of the
Origin and Progress of the North American Colonies. Edited
by Peter Force, and published by Act of Congress.

7 vols. folio, half russia, Washington, 1833 This great work is the most important and valuable relating to American History of any published by the government, as it will embrace its complete documentary history from its discovery by Columbus to the year 1783. Its pub. lication, which was suspended before the late war, is about to be resumed, a res. olution having been passed at the last session of Congress for continuing the work. The series, as far as published, is now difficult to procure.

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58 AMOS, A. Report of the Trials in the Courts of Canada, rela

tive to the destruction of the Earl of Selkirk's settlement, on

the Red River ; with observations. 8vo. paper, London, 1820 58* AMERICAN Oriental Society. Journal of, from the beginning in

1843 to 1869, (wanting No. 1 of Vol. IV).
9 vols. 8vo. in numbers as published, and No. 1 of Vol. 10

not counted.

New Haven, v. y 59 ALMANACK. Groote Comptoir Almanach op 't Jaer ons

Heeren Jesu Christi M.D.C.LXVII. Na de Nieuwe en Oude-
stijl. Doer Gillis Joosten Saegman. Ai.
4to. old Dutch contemporary binding, Amsterdam,

Saegman, 1667 Printed in red and black. Wood.cut of the Exchange at Amsterdam on title page, with characteristic wood-cuts for every month.



2000 ALMANAC. Poor Richard Improved. An Almanac for 1766. By Richard Saunders.

12mo. full red mor. extra rich inside tooling, by Matthews, Philadelphia,

B. Franklin and D. Hall, (1766)

year of Poor Richard's Almanac in which Franklin's imprint appeared.

The Stamp Act which led to the resolution, passed by Parliament to take effect 1st June, 1765, is here given in full.



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61 ALMANAC de Gotha, 2 vols.—Provincial Almanac van Friesland

for 1860.–Utrecht Provincial Almanac for 1860.--Arnhem: Jaarboek for 1859.—Amersfoortsche Almanak, 1857.

together, 6. vols. 62 ALMSTRUP, JOHANNES. Dissertatio Philologico-Historica

de Antiqvitate Mappavum Geographicarum. pp. 32.
sm. 4!o. unbound, Hafniæ, Typis Hæredum Berlingianorum

excudebat Ludolph. Henr. Lillie, 1753 63 ALSOP, GEORGE. A Character of the Province of Maryland,

described in four distinct parts ; also, a small Treatise on the Wild and Naked Indians, (or Susquehanokes,) of Maryland, their Customs, Manners, Absurdities, and Religion. Lond., 1666. A new edition, with an Introduction and Copious Historical Notes, by John Gilmary Shea.

8vo. cloth, New York, 1869 64 ALFIERI, F. A Dictionary, Italian and English, containing

all the words of the Vocabulary Della Crusca, with Proverbs and Familiar Phrases.

4to. old calf, London, 1749


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65 AMANDAS, ZIERIXZEE F. Chronica compendiosissima ab ex

ordio mundi usque ad annum Domini Millesimum, quingen-
tissimum, trigesimum quartum per venerandum patrem.
12mo. old binding, Antwerpia, Simonem Cocum, 1534,

Mense Maio. At the end are three letters from different missionaries living in Mexico, not to be found elsewhere, containing an account of the progress of Catholic missions in that country. Mr. Tromel was the first bibliographer who called atten

tion to this work, in relation to which he has a note.-- Bib. Americana, Vo. 8. 65* AMORETTI, Charles. Voyage de la Mer Atlantique à

l’Ocean Pacifique Par le Nord Ouest dans la Mer Glaciale par le Capitaine Laurent Ferrer Maldonado l’An 1588 Traduit d'un Manuscrit Espanol et suivi d'un Discours qui en démontre l'Authenticité et la Veracité. 3 folding maps.

4to. sewed, uncut, Plaisance, 1812 66 [AMBOYNA.] The Second Part of the Tragedy of Amboyna ;

or, a True Relation of a Most Bloody, Treacherous and Cruel Design of the Dutch in the New Netherlands in America for the total Ruining and Murthering of the English Colonies in New England, being extracted out of Letters written from New England to Merchants in London.

4to. half mor. London, Matthews, 1653 The Directors of the West India Company, writing to Governor Stuyvesant, Nov. 4, 1653, (Albany Records, Vol. iv., p. 121, Vanderkemp,) and speaking of the falsehoods against the Dutch propagated in England by the people of New Eng. land, say: "They published in London the most infamous lying libel, which the Devil in liell would have startled at, with the title, “THE SECOND AMBUYNA TRAGEDY, or a true account," etc. We directly ordered a translation, and en

close a copy of it. 67 AMPZING, SAMUEL. Beschryvinge ende lof der Stad Haerlem in Holland. Plates.

4to. vellum, Haerlem, 1628 68 AMSTERDAMS. Dam-Praetje van Wat Outs en wat Nieuws.

En Wat breemts.

4to. half mor. Amsterdam, 1649 69 ANBURY, S. Travels through the Interior Parts of America :

in a series of Letters. By an Officer. Fine copper-plate engravings, including the rare one of Continental money.

2 vols. 8vo. calf, 1789 70 ANCIENS GOUVERNEMENS. Fédératifs, et de la législation de

Crete, considérés sous les rapports et résultats de toutes associations politiques.

8vo. half calf, Paris, 1804 71 ANDERSON, JAMES S. MURRAY. History of the Church of

England in the Colonies and Foreign Dependencies of the
British Empire. 3 vols. 8vo. cloth, London, 1845–5 6


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72 ANDERSON, MR. The History of the Life and Surprising

Adventures of Mr. Anderson, containing his strange varieties of Fortunes in Europe and America. Compiled from his own Papers.

2 vols. 12mo. sheep, Glasgow, 1799 5o 73 Anderson's Historical and Chronological Deduction of the Origin

of Commerce, from the earliest accounts, containing An History of the Great Commercial Interests of the British Empire.

6'vols. 8vo. sheep, Dublin, 1790 174 D'ANDRADA, Francisco. Chronica do muy Alto e muyto

Poderoso rey destes reynos de Portugal Dom Joao o III desde nome.

44 vols. sm. 4to. Spanish calf.

Coimbra, Real Officina da Universidade, 1796 75 ANDRADA. Cronica do muyto alto e muito poderoso Rey destes

Reynos de Portugal Dom Ioão o III. deste nome.

thick folio, Spauish binding, Lisboa Iorge Rodrignez, 1613 76 ANDRÉ. A Tragedy, in Five Acts : As now performing at the

Theatre in New York. By William Dunlap. To which is
added, The Cow-Chace: A Satirical Poem. By Major
André; With the Proceedings of the Court-Martial; and
Authentic Documents concerning him.

8vo. half mor. top gilt, London, David Ogilvey & Son, 1799 77 ANDRÉ.

. , sion of the Rebel General Wayne's Attack of the Refugees' Block-House on Hudson's River, 21st July, 1780. 8vo. red mor. gilt edges, very rare, New York,

James Rivington, 1780 78 ANDRÉ. The Cow Chace. A Poem. In Three Cantos. Fine portrait engraved on steel, and map.

4to. half mor. Albany, J. Munsell, 100 copies privately printed, 1866 79 ANDRÉ. The same work. (2 copies,) 4to. sewed, Albany, 1866 10280 OL 80 ANDRE. Proceedings of a Board of General Officers, Held by

Order of His Excellency Gen. Washington, Commander in Chief of the Army of the United States of America. Respecting Major John Andre, Adjutant of the British Army, September 29, 1780. Portrait. 4to. sewed, Philadelphia, 1780

Reprint, Albany, J. Munsell, 1865 80* ANDRE. Vindication of the Captors of Major Andre, by Egbert Benson.

8vo. sewed, New York, 1865,



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