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665 [COOPER, MYLES.] A Friendly Address to all reasonable

] Americans, on the subject of our Political Confusions : in which the necessary consequences of violently opposing the King's Troops, and of a General Non-Importation, are fairly stated. 8vo. half mor. printed for the purchasers,

America, 1774 Myles Cooper, the author of this tract, was President of Kings (now Colum. bia) College, who was compelled, on account of his tory principles, to leave the

city. Some copies have the imprint, “New York, printed in the year 1774.666 COOPER, Dr. The Other Side of the Question : or, A Defence

of the Liberties of North America, in answer to a late Friendly Address to all reasonable Americans on our political confu

sions. 12mo. half mor. New York, James Rivington, 1774 667 COOPER, THOMAS. Some Information respecting America, collected by Thomas Cooper, late of Manchester.

8vo. half mor. London, 1794 668 CONSIDERATIONS on the Measures carrying on with respect to

the British Colonies in North America. The Second Edition with Additions, and an Appendix Relative to the present state

of affairs on that Continent. 8vo. half mor. London, 1774 669 CONSTITUTIONs of the Several Independent States of America ;

The Declaration of Independence; The Articles of Confederation between the said States ; The Treaties between his Most Christian Majesty and the United States of America.

12mo. purple mor. top gilt, Philadelphia, F. Bailey, 1781 The first collected edition of the several Constitutions of the old Thirteen States, published by order of Congress. This copy belonged to Gen. Bloomfield,

of New Jersey, and has his autograph.
670 COPELAND, Patrick. Virginia's God be Thanked, or, a

Sermon of Thanksgiving for the Happy Successe of the affayres
in Virginia this last year. Preached at Bow-Church in
Cheapside before the Hon. Virginia Company.
4to. red mor. extra, by Bradstreet, London, for William

Sheffard, 1622 671 COPWAY, G. The Traditional History and Characteristic

Sketches of the Ojibway Nation. 12mo. cloth, London, 1850 672 Copy of Two Letters, the first written by a Gentleman at New

New York, to his Friend at Edinburgh; the second by a Dis-
senting Minister in England to a Gentleman in Scotland.
Both giving an Account of the Progress and Success of the
Gospel in Foreign Parts. 12mo. half mor. Edinburgh, 1740





673 COREMANS, DOCTEUR. L'Année de l'Ancienne Belgique.

Memoire sur les saisous, les mois, les semaines, les Fetes, les
Usages dans les Temps Anterieurs a l'introduction des Chris-

tianisme en Belgique. 8vo. half mor. Bruxelles, 1844 674 CORNWALLIS, EARL. An Answer to that part of the Nar

rative of Lieutenant General Sir Henry Clinton, which relates to the Conduct of Lieutenant General Earl Cornwallis, during the Campaign in North America, in the year 1781.

8vo. half mor. London, 1783 675 CORONELLI Min: Convent; Atlante Veneto, nel qude si con

tiene la descrittione Geografica, Storica, Sacra, Profano
Politica degl' Imperij, Regni, e Stati dell'Universo.
3 large vols. atlas folio, with numerous maps, plans, &c.,

engraved on copper, Venetia, 1695 676 CORTES. Praeclara Ferdinandi Cortesii de Noua maris

Oceani Hyspania Narratio Sacra. ac Invictessimo Carolo
Rom. Imp. semper Augusto, Hyspamarum &c Regi Anno
Dom. M.D.XX.

folio, old Spanish binding, gilt edge, very rare, Norimberga, F. Peypus, 1534 The second letter of Cortes, one-half of the view of the City of Mexico want

ing. In other respects a fine copy. 677 CORTES. The Despatches of Hernando Cortes, the Conqueror

of Mexico, addressed to the Emperor Charles Fifth. Written during the Conquest, and containing a parrative of its events. Translated by George Folsom.

royal 8vo. half mor. top gilt, New York, 1843 678 CORWIN, EDWARD TANYORE. A Manual of the Reformed

Church in America. Portrait. 8vo. cloth, New York, 1869 679 COSMOGRAPHIAE INTRODVCTIO. | cvm qvibvs-dam | Geo

metriae , ac / astrono | miae principiis , ad eam rem necessariis Insuper quatuor Americi Vespucij nauigationes. Vniuersalis cbosmographiæ [sic] descriptio | tam in solido quam plano, eis etiam | insertis quæ Ptholomæo | ignota a nuperis | reperta | sunt.

sm. 4to, red mor. gilt edges, very fine tall copy, St. Dié Maij, 1507 [Introduction to Cosmography, together with some principles of Geometry and Astronomy necessary for the purpose. As also four voyages of Americus Vespucius. A Description of universal Cosmography, both solid and plane, together with what was known to Ptolemy.]

A tract of excessive rarity, being the first edition printed in May, 1507; a second appeared in September of the same year. See fac-simile of the printer's mark and colophon.

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A copy was 'sold by auction in Paris in 1867 for 2,000 francs. Tross, in his Catalogue for 1872, marks a copy at 1,500 francs.

Tempore venturo cætera multa premet.
Preffit, & ipfa eaden Chrifto monimeta fauete

Qua Vogefi montis funt iuga preffit opus Vrbs Deudate tuo clarefcens nomine præful

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680 COSMOGRAPHIAE INTRODUCTIO. 4to. vellum, a tall copy,

[St. Dié] Septembris Anno supra ses quimillesimu. vij. [1507]

The printer's mark and surrounding words the same as that of the May edi. tion, except that the word September is introduced instead of May. Both edi.

tions are of equal rarity. 681 COSMOGRAPHIE INTRO | DUCTIO : cum quibusdam Geome- |

triæ ac Astronomiæ principiis ad eam rem necessariis. 1 Insuper quattuor Americi Vespucii Nauigationes. Uniuersalis Cosmographiæ descriptio | tam in solido quam plano, eis etiam | insertis quæ Ptholomæo | ignota, a nuperis | reperta sunt. |

sm. 4to. 32 leaves, vellum, Argentora Joannes Grüniger [1509] Introduction to Cosmography, together with some principles of Geometry and Astronomy necessary to the purpose. Also the four navigations of Ameri. cus Vespucius.

Price 250 francs on a late French Catalogue. 682 COSTER, LOURENS, IAuszoon. The Harlem Legend of the

Invention of Printing, critically examined by Dr. A. Van
Der Linde. From the Dutch, by I. A. Hessels.

8vo. half calf, London, 1871



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683 COTHREN, WILLIAM. History of ancient Woodbury, Con

necticut, from the first Indian Deed in 1659 to 1854, including the present Towns of Washington, Southbury, Bethlem, Roxbury, and a part of Oxford and Middlebury. Portrait.

8vo. green cloth, Waterbury, Conn., 1854 684 COTTER, RICHARD. Sketches of Bermuda : or, Somers Islands. Illustrations.

8vo. cloth, London, 1828 683 COTTON, Henry, (of the Bodleian Library). A Typograph

ical Gazetteer. Second edition, much enlarged.

8vo. half red mor. extra, top edge gill, uncut, Oxford, 1831 686 COTTON, John. The Pouring out of the Seven Vials : or,

An Exposition of the sixteenth Chapter of the Revelation, with an application of it to our Times. Wherein is revealed God's pouring out the full Vials of his Wrath.

4to. brown mor. gilt edges, London, 1645 687 COTTON, John. The Way of Congregational Churches

cleared : In two Treatises. In the former, From the Historical Aspersions of Mr. Robert

Baylie, in his Book, called A Dissuasive from the Errors of

the time. In the latter, From some contradictions of Vindicae Clavium, etc. And from Some Misconstructions of learned Mr. Rutherford in his Book entitled the due right of Presbyters.

4to. half mor. London, 1648 688 COTTON. The Way of the Churches of Christ in New Eng

land; or, The Way of Churches walking in Brotherly equality, or co-ordination, without Subjection of one Church to

another, etc. 4to. half cloth, London, Matthew Simmons, 1645 689 COWELL, BENJAMIN. Spirit of '76 in Rhode Island: or,

Sketches of the efforts of the Government and People in the War of the Revolution, together with the names of those who belonged to Rhode Island Regiments in the Army, with Biographical Notices, &c.

8vo. cloth, Boston, 1850 690 COXE, DANIEL. A Description of the English Province of Car

olina. By the Spaniards call’d Florida, and by the French, La Louisiana. With a large map of Carolina, and of the River Meschacebe.

8vo. sheep, London, 1741 691 COXE, WILLIAM. Account of the Russian Discoveries between

Asia and America, to which are added, The Conquest of Siberia, and the History of the Transactions and Commerce between Russia and China. Map. 8vo. cloth, London, 1803


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692 COZZANS, ISSACHAR. A Geographical History of Manhat

tan, or New York Island, together with a Map of the Island. Map and colored plates.

8vo. cloth, New York, 1843 693 CRAIK AND MACFARLANE. The Pictorial History of Eng

land: being a History of the People, as well as a History of the Kingdom. Illustrated with many hundred wood-cuts, and 104 Illustrative Portraits, Engraven on Steel.

8 vols. royal 8vo. half calf, marbled edges, London, 1849 694 CRANTZ, David. The History of Greenland ; containing a description of the country and its inhabitants.

2 vols. 8vo. calf, London, 1767 695 CRANTZ, David. The Ancient and Modern History of the

Brethren; or, A Succinct Narrative of the Protestant Church of the United Brethren, or, United Fratrum, in the remoter ages, and particularly in the present Century.

8vo. calf, London, 1780 696 CRASHAM. A Sermon preached in London before the Rt.

Hon. Lord Lavvarre, Lord Governour and Captain General of Virginia.

sm. 4to. imperfect, title and all before signature D wanting. 697 CRAWFORD, CHARLES. An Essay on the Propagation of the

Gospel; in which there are numerous Facts and Arguments addressed to prove that many of the Indians in America are descended from the Ten Tribes.

12mo. boards, uncut, Philadelphia, 1801 5 698 CRAWFORD, CHARLES.

An Essay upon the Propagation of the Gospel, etc.

12mo. half calf, Philadelphia, 1799 699 CRÉTINEAU, Joly. J. Histoire Religeuse, Politique et Lit

téraire de la Campagnie de Jésus composée sur les Documents inédits et authentiques. Portraits et de fac-simile.

5 vols. 8vo. sewed, uncut, Paris, Paul Mellier, 1845 700 CROESE, GERARD. Historia Quarkeriana; sive, de vulgo

dictés Quakeris, ab Ortu illorum asque ad recens natum

Scisma, Libri iii, etc. 12mo. vellum, Amstelodami, 1695 701 CROESE. Elucidations quaedam valde necessariae in Gerardi Croesi. Historiarn Quakeriaam Editae a Philaletha.

12mo. sewed, uncut, Amsterdam, Jacob Claus, 1696 702 CROTON WATER-WORKS. Documents relating to. From

1832 to 1838. With maps and plans. thick 8vo. sheep, v. y. 703 CRUICKSHANK, Thomas. The Practical Planter : contain

ing directions for the planting of waste land, and management of Wood: with a new method of rearing the Oak.

8vo. half cloth, London, 1830

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