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cases of two individuals who had recently departed in the faith-the ono an aged and established Christian, and the other a young disciple lately brought to the knowledge of the truth :DEATH OF AN AGED MEMBER AND DEACON shall be done with it?" "Hand it down," OF THE CHURCH.

I replied, “ to one of your family to whom " Amongst the number who recently de. you are disposed to give it.” He replaced parted in the faith was our respected brother it from whence he took it, and said, " So Kaisara, one of the two deacons chosen at will I do." A few days previously he had the formation of a Christian church in this made his will, but not having showed me place, May, 1833-a man esteemed and this remarkable axe, given more than twentyloved by us all. A few extracts from my five years ago, it was not among the items. journal will show you the state of his mind "A messenger to say that Kaisara was when summoned by his Master.

apparently drawing near to his end. Went 06. All the afternoon till dark with the directly to see him, and found him exceedsick. Spent an hour with our aged brother, ingly weak, scarcely able to speak. “Well, deacon Kaisara, who has been some months brother," I said, “how is it now on the confined to his house. Like my other visits borders of Jordan?“My ship," he rethis has been truly refreshing. In reference plied, “is moored; the anchor is within to the future there is no hesitation. His the vail; all is well, there will be no shipeye and heart are fixed upon the true and wreck; all is calm." Calm indeed it was. firm foundation, Christ Jesus. He is in the Not a ruffle appeared on the surface of his attitude of expectation, waiting the coming soul; not a doubt of safety expressed. of his Lord. We talked together of days Christ's promises his support, and waiting to past-of brethren who had preceded us, enter the haven of rest. We recounted and the prospects before us. Whilst talking together the labours of past years, and talked on the joys of paradise he seemed to renew of the amazing love of God to the sons of his strength, and longed for the time when Rarotonga. It was a soul-cheering visit to he should “mount up as with the wings of one just entering the invisible state. “What eagles." Whilst thus leading this venerable shall I say to the church after your dissaint “through the valley,” he pulled from missal?” “Tell them," he replied, “to under his pillow an axe without a handle, hold fast their confidence to the end-that and said, “ Teacher, when you first came to faith in Christ is absolutely necessary to this island, you gave me that axe; with it salvation," and quoted, as strength would I hewed down trees for the first house of allow and his quivering lips repeat, John God erected in this place, for school-houses, iii. 36. “This may, perhaps, be our last and for your dwelling-house. When we meeting below.” “Well,” said he, “ere built our new stone school-house, it was long we shall meet again in the far brighter employed in that work; so also in the build. world above, to dwell for ever with the Lord, ing of the stone chapel at Titikaveka; then there to see the King in his beauty,' and laid aside. When we built our stone chapel that land (pointing to the heavens) which is here, after the hurricane, and subsequently afar off." Prayed with him, and left his the new school-house at Matavera, I drew humble cottage. it out of concealment to be employed in the " Just as I was going to the out-station, work of God. There it is; look at it.” I was sent for to see our dying friend. Quite did so, and should not bave thought from sensible, but hardly able to speak. Replies its appearance that it had been used for so to questions truly satisfactory. His meditamuch work. I expressed my surprise at the tions wholly on Christ; there his affections great care he had taken of such an article, centre. * * * * “ You will soon leave us ?" and returned it, saying, “One work, per. “Yes, the chariot is at the door; the body haps, remains to be accomplished by it—to is the clog which keeps back my spirit, but cut down wood for a coffin.” “Yes," said soon the thread will be cut, then shall I he, with much cheerfulness, “and what then fly away beyond restraints.” “Have you

any fear in the prospect of separation ?" “None at all.” “What is the reason of this tranquillity of mind as death approaches ?" “Christ is mine. To him I have committed my soul; why should I fear ? " " Is your trust entirely on Christ?” “On Christ alone I trust for salvation; he is the true founda. tion—the way--the door.” As I prayed with him and supplicated the Divine pre. sence with his soul through the valley, he responded to it with much emotion. I then took my leave. Next day his son came to say that he was near death. I went. Pulse scarcely perceptible; breathing short. "How is it with you ?" I asked. He replied, " With Christ is my soul." "Entirely?" “Yes, entirely.” “No fear?” “None at all.” “ This is the hour of our separation.” Unable to speak, but a significant squeeze of the hand. After awhile he came to and opened his eyes. I said, “You will, I trust, soon be with Christ.” “Yes, I shall." “ To-morrow," I said, “is the Sabbath." He replied, “I shall be in heaven." "How great the love of God in not leaving you in the ignorance of heathenism !” Raising his eyes upwards, he said, “Great! great!" With his son-in-law and daughter I then conversed on the difference between the death of a saint and sinner, all of which he heard and understood, as a reply he made fully evinced. I left him to go to dinner, but ere I could return his spirit had fled, to be with Him who had redeemed him with his precious blood.

". Thus died Kaisara, one of the first members of the church in Ngatangaja, and one of the first deacons. A good man; a consistent follower of Christ; born a heathen, died a Christian.

"* At our next church prayer-meeting one of the members, alluding to his death in his prayer, said, " How often have we heard his voice exhorting us to flee from wrath and lay hold on Christ as our Saviour, as lie perambulated our districts when we were living without God; but now we shall hear his voice no more.” This is true. For twenty years past, in company with his brother deacons and others, has he visited almost every family throughout the districts, affectionately entreating the different classes of whom they are composed to an abandon

ment of what is evil, and to seek the Lord whilst he was to be found.” Of the good effects of these visits we have had frequent proofs from the testimony of not a few admitted into the church. His work is now finished on earth-his Master has called him home.'

DEATH OF A YOUNG CHIEF. “In my communication to you, Nov., 1851, mention was made of the remarkable change produced in the heart of a young chief, from a conversation with Maretu, on one of these visits; our departed brother, Kaisara, was also present. That young man in January last was called away by death. From the above period, till the time of his decease, he gave full proof that the change was real. He subsequently joined my Bible class, and evinced a great desire to understand the fundamental truths, and be enriched with the blessings of the Gospel. My visits to him during his short illness were frequent, and I found him in a pleasing frame of mind in reference to the future. One of our lay native preachers, who resides near his dwelling, and was often with him, in. formed me, that so eager was he for religious conversation, and such delight did he take in it, that he would not talk on any other subject. If allusion was made to his lands, he said he had done with all these things. He was asked, if leaving his possessions, friends, wife, &c., did not cause any painful sensations ? •Not in the least,' was bis reply, ‘for he had long since had his mind weaned from earth.' • Are you under no fearful apprehensions of death?' None at all.' • How is it that you seem so lost to the things of this world ?' *Because they are not that on which my soul can repose. Ever since my heart was convinced of the evil nature of sin, and I perceived the reality of Scripture truths, and that Christ alone is the true foundation of a sinner's trust, my desire for salvation has wholly rested there; there alone have my thoughts been fixed, and nothing on earth besides is worth possessing. I wish to be with Jesus. I do not waver. My heart is fixed upon Christ. Earth and all it contains are insignificant in comparison with the prospects beyond.' In this frame of mind he continued till the last, and nothing else yielded him delight. He (the teacher) was

with him till a few hours of his death. Soon after he last saw him, his friends told him that he suddenly sat up, and mustering all the strength he possessed, sang one of our hymns with a loud voice, and then prayed with much energy, which exercise quite exhausted him, and, sinking down, he spoke but little after. His spirit took her flight, and sped her way to that Saviour whom he loved.

“Thus died one of the oldest and one of the youngest of our members. Both of

them, brands plucked out of the fire.' To the free and sovereign grace of God in Christ they ascribed szlvation, and through the infinite merits of the Redeemer have, I trust, entered through the same gate into the city' as their believing brethren in more highly favoured Christian countries. Many more instances might be recorded, but the above are sufficient to call forth united thanks givings to the God of all grace, who still condescends to smile upon our feeble efforts to advance Messiah's empire."

Rev. J. M. Lechler and family, from India, April 1.
Rev. Joseph Gill, and Mrs. Gill, from South Africa, same date.
Rev. W. C. Milne and family, from China, April 4.
Rev. W. Inglis and family, from South Africa, May 11.. .
Mr. T. Artope and family, from India, same date.

Mrs. Mullens, Wife of Rev. J. Mullens, accompanied by her sisters, the
Misses Lacroix, at Calcutta, January 27.

Rev. James Kennedy and family, at Benares, February 24.

ACKNOWLEDGMENTS. The thanks of the Directors are respectfully For Mrs. Sargent's Tamil School, Bangalore. presented to the following, viz. :

To Friends at Kingsland, per Mrs. Aveling For Rev. Dr. Legge, Hong-Kong. To Ladies at -For a Box of Useful and fancy articles,

Hull, per Mr. B. A. Tapp-For a Box of value £32.
Useful Articles.

For Mrs. Campbell, Mysore. To the Paisley For Rev. Messrs. Stronach, Amoy. A few

Association for Female Education in IndiaFriends in Edinburgh, per Miss E. M. Smith,

For a Box of Useful Articles. --For a Box of Useful and Fancy Articles, For the Schools at Madras under the care of Mrs. value £30.

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hampton Ladies' Working Society for a the Stockwell Young Ladies' Missionary

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son, Chendle-For a Box of Useful Articles. For Rev. R. c. Mather, Mirzapore. The pupils

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Committee of the British and Foreign School Mrs. Wm. Hall and the Young Ladies' Society-For a Case of School Materials, Working Party of Princes Street Chapel, value £8.

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For Rev. R. Birt, Peelton. To Friends at NewFor Mrs. Sewell, Bangalore. To Ladies at Pad.

ton-le- Willows, per Rev. T. Davies. For a dington Chapel, per Miss Stratten-For Two

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of the British and Foreign School Society

For a Grant of Maps.
To the Rev. Dr. Archer and Friends, Oxendon
United Presbyterian Church, for a Communion
Service for the Native Church at Tananarivo,

To A. Z. Sherston, for a Bale of Prints and
Calicoes; to the Children of the Infant School at
Bloomsgrove, near Nottingham, for a Parcel of
Clothing, &c.; to an Orphan, Kington, for a
Purse, &c., for Prince Radama, Madagascar; to
Drs. Powell, Southampton Street, Camberwell,
for a Parcel of Books.

To Mr. Leach, Southamp ; to Mrs. Fordham, Bayswater; to Mr. W. Bennett, Bath; to Mrs. J. R. Burton ; to Miss Rotton, Newbury; to Mr. J. Drinkald ; to Mrs. Williains; to Mrs. Bennett, Twerty Hays, Bath ; to Mr. John Weeks, Rotherhithe; to J. Paul, Esq., Ridgewell; to Mr. J. Wilson ; to T. T. Ormerod, Esq., Brig. house; to E. Barnett, Esq., Birmingham; to Mrs. Mann, Holloway; and to Mr. J. Young Chatham, for Volumes and Numbers of the Evangelical and other Magazines, &c., &c.

Mrs. R. B. Taylor gratefully acknowledges the receipt of the under-mentioned articles for llarpenden Chapel, Cradock :-A Bell, from Mr Colls and Friends, at Camberwell; a Comma. nion Service and Pulpit Bible, from Friends, per Mr. Willshere, at Chelmsford ; Two Cast: of Useful Articles and Books, from Mrs. E. Smith, Camberwell; and a Box of Useful Arti. cles, from Rev. G. T. Johnson and Friends, Ilarpenden.

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