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Sidan 299 - The sultan and his two sons rode beautiful animals. The eldest boy carried the falcon, which was to fly at the feathered game. A wellmounted Kirghis held the bearcoote, chained to a perch, which was secured into a socket on his saddle. The eagle had shackles and a hood, and was perfectly quiet : he was under the charge of two men. Near to the sultan were his three hunters, or guards, with their rifles, and around us were a band of about twenty Kirghis, in their bright-colored kalats : more than half...
Sidan 299 - When we were about two hundred yards off the bearcoote struck his prey. The deer gave a bound forward and fell. The bearcoote had struck one talon into his neck, the other into his back, and with his beak was tearing out the animal's liver. The Kirghis 'sprung from his horse, slipped the hood over Bearcoote and Deer. the eagle's head and the shackles upon his legs, and removed him from his prey without difficulty. The keeper mounted his horse, his assistant placed the bearcoote on his perch, and...
Sidan 306 - ... chase to such beasts as I have mentioned! When they are to be so employed the Lions are taken out in a covered cart, and every Lion has a little doggie with him. [They are obliged to approach the game against the wind, otherwise the animals would scent the approach of the Lion and be...
Sidan 276 - ... offrir en sacrifice. Ils en font sept fois le tour ā cheval, et dčs qu'ils sont arrivés devant la porte de la tente, ils se tailladent le visage avec un couteau, de sorte qu'on voit le sang couler avec leurs larmes.
Sidan 276 - Le nombre des pierres est proportionné ā celui des ennemis que le défunt a tués pendant sa vie.
Sidan 299 - I watched him ascend as he wheeled round, and was under the impression that he had not seen the animals; but in this I was mistaken. He had now risen to a considerable height, and seemed to poise himself for about a minute. After this, he gave two or three flaps with his wings, and swooped off in a straight line towards his prey.
Sidan 275 - Ils ont peu d'intégrité et de honte du mal, et ne connaissent ni les rites ni la justice; ils ressemblent en cela aux anciens Hiong-nou. Quand leur chef vient d'ętre nommé, ses satellites et ses grands officiers le transportent dans une litičre de feutre, et, en un jour, ils lui font faire neuf promenades circulaires. Chaque fois, tous ses sujets le saluent. Quand les salutations sont finies, ils le prennent sous le bras et le font monter ā cheval. Alors, ils lui serrent le cou avec une bande...
Sidan 277 - Mais les femmes d'un rang honorable ne peuvent avoir commerce avec des hommes d'une basse condition. Quoique les Tou-kioue émigrent ou changent de domicile, chacun d'eux a toujours une portion de terre. Le khan habite constamment sur le mont Tou-kin-chan. Sa tente s'ouvre du côté de l'orient, par respect pour le côté du ciel oų se lčve le soleil.
Sidan 274 - Wasser und Pflanzen suchend, wandern sie hin und her. Sie haben keine ummauerten Städte oder festen Wohnorte, noch treiben sie Ackerbau, aber dennoch besitzt jeder einen Teil des Bodens. Eine Schrift besitzen sie nicht. Vereinbarungen werden mündlich gemacht.
Sidan 277 - Kerkis, 3 all of which are countries to the north and full of forests, and which obey them, are brought to them costly furs of many kinds, which I never saw in our parts, and which they wear in winter. And they always make in winter at least two fur gowns, one with the fur against the...

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