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ties of poor saints, or poor people. | authors, illustrating the meaning of the words Ask any of the officers of the churches

time and koinoneo. We omitted these quotaif they do not feel more pleasure in

tions, in order to obviate the quibble that they

were used by uninspired men : those we have giving their own money, than in adduced are the words of the Holy Spirit. The giving the alms of the church : since brethren can now see that the “ high offence” they are always restrained by the was in reality abridging the most forcible arguscanty resources of the church. if it ments; and with regard to the crime of “delu

ding,” they will perceive that in hastily abridg. be poor, or if otherwise by the know

ing the latter part of the argument, we substiledge that other demands may soon tuted the word misthos instead of time, though be made on the alms of the church ; both the words commonly signify a pecuniary whereas they can give-and we hap

recompense; consequently the illustrative texts pen to know some who Do give-their

were chosen to match. This article is to be

read instead of that article on the subject, comown substance liberally, without any

mencing at the 5th line of the 2nd column, one to call them to account.

118th page, March HARBINGER. The brethren But again some one may say, if will also be able to judge concerning the corelders are supported they will be rectness of the affirmation, “ That no divine law afraid to rebuke faithfully : if so, it is

exists for supplying a salary or a maintenance to

elders, and that the New Testament contains nei. the fault of the church, who are com- | ther precept nor example for it.” J. G. L.] manded to elect men already proved to be faithful. So, then, by the law

LETTERS ON ROMANISM. of God, elders and evangelists are entitled to pecuniary support from the

NO. IV. congregation. But, says some one,

ON THE EXCLUSIVENESS OF THE this opens a door through which cove

ROMISH CHURCH. tous men may enter the office. No, | MY DEAR SIR,—In the present it does not--and why? Because the letter I wish to place before you church is forbidden to elect a covetous another of my reasons for not returnman as an elder. But, says another, ing to the church of my fathers, drawn he may deceive us by hypocrisy. No, from the exclusive claims of your it is impossible for you to be deceived, church-claims which, if well foundif you obey God's law : God, by im- ed, consign to eternal damnation all posing that law on the congregation, who refuse to obey its doctrines, or has thereby declared that the congre. to submit to its authority. That these gation has the ability to judge. No claims are put forth, you will not covetous man can be elected to the deny. You glory in them-Milner pastor's office, unless the congregation and Butler assert them, and seek to violate the express law of God, which sustain them by Scripture and reason. says that an elder is to be “ proved” “ The Poor Man's Catechism,” from before he is elected. And if the con- which I like to quote, because it is gregation elect a covetous man to the the channel through which you seek elder's office, which is to be blamed, to impress the common mind, says, God's law, or the congregation ? Will “those who submit not to the doctrine any church dare to blame God's law, and authority of the Holy Catholic if it suffer the punishment due to its Church are all out of her communion ; transgression ?

as Pagans, Infidels, Turks, Jews, Such is the law of God -- God heretics, and schismatics.” And by enunciates law -- but leaves man to the Holy Catholic Church is meant discover a reason for it.

that church whose head is the Pope. J. G. LEE.

| This is sufficiently explicit. So that Nottingham, June 20th, 1849.

in your estimation, and in that of your [NOTE.-Thearticle above contains the whole

church, the Protestant churches are of our argument in its original state, with the no better than Jewish synagogues, or exception of a number of passages from Greek / Pagan temples—the people that wor.

ship in them, are no better than Turks | But if we admit your unity, what or Pagans—and such men as the late follows ? Does the agreement of excellent Milner, as Spring, Knox, numbers in maintaining error and Bangs, Williams, Wainwright, Skin- superstition prove that in which they ner, your co-temporaries, and equals, are united true? Then Paganism, and and fellow-citizens, are no better than Mahometanism, and Budism, may Hume, Voltaire, Gibbon ; or at least be proved divine. These systems than Jewish rabbies, Turkish mufties. have more followers than you can or Hindoo priests who mingle their boast. blood with their sacrifice. That such ! You are not agreed as to the is your belief is apparent in your con- authoritative councils of your church. duct. You and your priests so treat You are not yet agitated by controthem. The belief of your people is, versies of this subject. Nor are you that all beyond the pale of your church agreed in the doctrines of the Bible. are devoted to destruction. I re- Never were Arminians and Calvinists member the day when I had no more more widely separated on these matdoubt of it than of my own existence. ters than you are. Look at the fierce If there are Papists who believe other contentions of your Jansenists and wise, and who exercise a charitable Jesuits, unsettled to the present hour. hope as to the salvation of Protestants, If united, what meant the fierce conas I believe there are many, so far troversies of your Scotists and Thomthey are not Papists.

ists, of your Canonists and Schoolmen, The process by which you reach of your Nominalists and Realists. this terrible dogma is a very short But I cannot weary you or my readers one. There is no salvation out of on this matter. You talk about the the true church and therefore, there differences among Protestants ; they is no salvation out of the Roman are not to be compared to those among Catholic Church. Here is your Papists. “You put into my hand logical and theological guillotine by Bousset's Variations of Protestants ;" which you sever the hopes which I put into your's “Edgar's Variations bind millions of your race to God of Popery." Where Protestants difand to heaven, who serve the one, fer in one point, Papists differ in five and deserve the other, at least as well —where they differ in minor matters, as you do. And then, the marks of you differ in the veriest essentials. your's being the true church, you Protestants agree as to the Head of parade before us with as much con- | the Church, Christ ; and as to the fidence as if they were true; and with rule of the Church, the Bible. You as much assurance as if they were differ as to both, never, instead of being a thousand True, you have an apparent, extimes, refuted. Permit me in the ternal unity. But how have you briefest manner to consider each of gotten it? What is it worth ? You these marks. They are Unity, set up monstrous claims, and all who Sanctity, Catholicity, Apostolicity, do not admit them you cut off. Miland Infallibility.

ner's “ Apostolical Tree” shows how Your first mark is Unity. Has | the work of lopping off has progressed. your church this mark ? In what You have laid the axe upon every one thing are you united ? Not in green and fruitful branch, and the the head of the church? You have old stump and withered branches a Pope-some say, others deny, that remain in unity! And what is your he is the head. One goes for the unity worth ? If I return to your Pope-another for a general council church “I must believe whatever the -a third for both united. Is this Holy Catholic Church believes and unity ?

I teaches.” This I must do without

knowing, and without ever being able deny the true piety of many papists, to know, all that she believes and the exalted piety of some ; but will teaches. I must put myself into your you, Sir, assert that the piety and hands, and give you power to think virtues of your people are so much for me, and to believe for me ; and more resplendent than those of any, then I must believe, and swear to or all other people, as to mark yours what you thus think and believe for as the true church ? If so, it seems me, at the peril of being cut off and to me that you would assert that cast into the fire. Sir, this is horrible Jupiter surpasses the moon, and the slavery. Do you think men will long moon the sun in brightness. The submit to it ?

evidences to the contrary are no more Your boasted unity is a fable, your apparent in the one case than in the apparent unity is slavery. You other. Look at the mass of your present a united front in opposition clergy in the sunniest days of your to Protestants ; but never were the church, and what were their fruits of bowels of the victim of the Asiatic holiness? Your own historians being cholera more terribly convulsed, than witnesses, your monasteries, your is the bosom of your church by dis- monks, and your other orders, when tracting controversies. The Kilkenny there were no Protestants to unveil cats may fight as they may, but they their enormities? What are now the are in unity as long as they remain fruits of your religion in the States cooped up in the same barrel ? If of South America ? Have you seen one of them jump out, if you cannot the testimony of Mr. Thompson our kill him, you damn him for the sake late minister to Mexico, as to the of unity.

Papal clergy of that country ? As Your next mark is Sanctity. I to the fruits of holiness compare Spain, admit that sanctity, or holiness, is a Italy, with Scotland or New England. mark of a true disciple, and of a true But I will not proceed with the comchurch. The people and church of parison further than to ask you to Christ should be holy in all manner compare the Protestant ministry of of conversation. But Sanctity you New York with the Papal—the conclaim for your church as one of its gregation of St. Patrick's with any distinguished marks. But in what large and wealthy Protestant conis it manifested? You reply, first, gregation in the city, as to the fruits in her doctrines. But what doctrine of holiness, and you yourself will be of the Bible has not your church astonished at the difference. The corrupted ? What institutions has it general rule is that purely Papal not perverted ? And so conscious is countries are those most debased and your church of this, that it withholds immoral, and purely Protestant counthe unadulterated word from the tries are those most enlightened, and people. You reply again, in the most abounding in every good work. means of holiness. By these you The tenth century, the noonday of mean the sacraments. But you have Popery, was the midnight of our race. grievously perverted the only two Nor does the history of the world sacraments instituted by Christ, and present such evidences of unbridled you have added to them five, which overgrown depravity as does the hishave no divine authority, and whose tory of your church. only object is to give you power, and Your next mark is Catholicity. to obtain for you “the alms and You claim this title for your church suffrages of the faithful.” You reply as to time, persons, and places. As again, in her fruits of holiness. Byl to time your church rose upon the these you mean the virtue practised ruins of that founded by Christ and by papists. I could not for a moment his Apostles, and centuries after their

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death. The peculiar doctrines and succession, without apostolical docceremonies of Popery are derived trine. Read it ; but though we, or from the heathen, and were engrafted an angel from heaven, preach any on Christianity. Instead of your other gospel unto you, than that we church, as you claim, being identical have preached, let him be accursed. with that of Christ and his Apostles, Sir, if I try your succession by your there is not an essential particular, in doctrine, the true test of succession, which it is not in opposition to it. I I could soon place you among those admit, as to the persons, that yours is who said they were apostles and were a very numerous church—but it never not. From what apostle, save Judas, formed a third part of Christendom. many are descended, who are crying Is the standard of truth the numbers out apostolical succession, I cannot that profess it ? Then Christianity conceive. was a lie whilst in the minority; and Your next mark is Infallibility, so it is a lie because, taking our whole Under all the circumstances of the race together, vastly in the minority. case this claim is truly ludicrous. So I admit, as to places, that Popery Where is the seat of infallibility ? is very widely diffused. But is not Some say it resides in the Popes. But Protestantism also ? Where has a how is he made infallible? The Pope Papist gained a foothold where there dies ; an election for a new one is is not a Protestant ? So that your ordered. He is to be elected from claim to this mark is absurd as it is the cardinals-all fallible men, if no groundless, your Catholicity is a vain worse. After endless intrigue, and and empty boast. There is a Catholic boundless corruptions, and numerous Church, but it is not yours.

balloting, the lot falls upon a fallible Your next mark is Apostolicity- cardinal. Will you tell me how that is, a regular succession from the such an election makes him infallible ? Apostles in the chair of St. Peter. But others say that the Pope is Now, Sir, this claim is put forth by not infallible, and that he may be other churches as strongly as yours, deposed for heresy. So that here you and on a foundation even stronger are divided. than yours. I now refer to the Some say the seat of infallibility Armenian, Nestorian, and Syriac is the general council. But how is churches, which were founded before this? Here are three hundred fallible the gospel was preached at Rome. men assembled in general council; It is beyond the power of man to how do they become infallible ? Will establish this claim. If established, you tell me the process ? How must we receive as a true minister definites make an infinite ? Heap every man coming to us in the regular them up as you may, are they not line, whatever be his doctrines or a heap of infinites? And crowd tomorals? What is the test of apos-gether as many fallible men as you tolicity? Isit succession, or doctrine ? may, are they any thing else than a “If there come any unto you and bring crowd of fallibles ? But by what not this doctrine, receive him not chemical or alchemical process can into your house, neither bid him God | you deduce the infallibility from the speed.” Standing upon this one text fallible ? I would turn you away from my Nor is this the worst. We find door, even had I seen the hands of one general council denouncing anoall the Apostles upon your head, un-ther ; the church of one age conJess you preached their doctrines. tradicting the church of another. Why, the strong language of Paul The seat of infallibility is thus unwould even warrant me to curse you, I determined by you, whilst the proofs coming to me with your claim of of your church's fallibility fill the world. It is infallibly certain that scripture, from which the mind of your church is fallible.

the world revolts, and from which Thus is your church utterly desti- my soul turns away as from a thing tute of every mark of being the true the most offensive. Your exclusive church, which you claim for it. Its claims must be proved, or abandoned unity is discord or slavery--its sanc from their Alpha to their Omega, tity is corruption-its catholicity is before I can return to your church. assumption—its apostolicity and in With great respect, yours, fallibility, each a lie. Could I speak

KIRWAN. of your church in the masculine and feminine gender, as do some of your

THE CHRISTIAN'S BOAST. writers, insteail of admitting her to be the one holy, catholic, apostolical Tue Jew boasted in the law, and and infallible church, I would call gloried in circumcision, and in his deher the mother of harlots, and the scent from Abraham. Great and mafather of lies ; the man of sin fully nifold were the advantages which he revealed with “power, and signs, and had in being so circumstanced and lying wonders.”

connected. But his glorying was not And yet, whilst common sense re- of the right sort. He made a rightjects your claims, and common reason eousness to himself of these privileges, disproves them, and the Bible denies and rested secure in them, while he them, unless in the case of invincible I attained not that for which the law ignorance, you cut off all beyond was given. " The law entered that your pale from all communion with the offence might abound ;” and that God—from all hope of heaven! I those under it might see themselves regard this as simply wicked. To to be the greater sinners, and be exgain your point you rob the Father cluded from justification by its means : of us all of his goodness ; man you while the repetition of the same sacri. drive to despair ; and you convert fices year by year, continually with God into a tyrant. If a boat were as the annual confession of sins made, rotten as I believe your church to be, because never forgiven and forgotten, I would not trust it to carry my dog should also have led them to see that across the North river. And yet it their only hope and refuge was to beclaims the entire monopoly of carrying | take themselves to the promise, and to heaven all the souls that ever enter the mercy to be manifested by the it, and for no reason human or divine, coming of the Deliverer; as it is writcan I see, unless it be for the freight. ten, “ Before faith came we were kept

My Bible tells me, Sir, that who- | in durance under law, shut up tosoever believeth in the Lord Jesus gether to the faith which should afterChrist shall be saved. The sincere wards be revealed.” Then instead of believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, I the Jew having to boast of the law, it whether in your church or other ought to have humbled him by showchurches, or in no church, form a ing him his wretchedness, and his sole part of that church which Christ indebtedness to favor and mercy, in will present to the Father without order to his having a pure conscience, spot or wrinkle. or any such thing and confidence to draw near to God. By setting up its claim to be the only l . With these national views and pretrue church—by denying salvation judices were the apostles also origito all but your own members, with the nally imbued. But it is remarkable exception of the invincibly ignorant, to observe, that that same apostle who you deny this doctrine of the Bible was the most noted for his zeal in the and of my faith, you lay down a Jew's religion, and who could chalprinciple unsustained by sense or 'lenge a comparison with the most

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