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we read the same Bible, preach the convert Asia, Africa, or Europe to same faith, declare the same facts, the Lord ? exhibit the same testimony concerning A great deal depends upon a proper them; but we begin at the day of arrangement, the position of things, l'entecost, and speak from that book to any result. While the gospel was as if we had lived before Augustine, veiled in the Jewish institution, the or Tertullian, or Origen, or Justin changing of the figure of the tabernaMartyr, or before the Protestant re-cle or of the position of the furniture formers were born,

in it, or of any of the vestment of the We do not preach to every man as | High Priest, would have changed, Paul preached to the Philippian obscured, and corrupted that religion. Jailor. When a person, as ignorant In the outer court, next the entrance, as the Jailor, asks what he should do, stood the brazen altar; next to it, and we say to him what Paul said to near the door of the tabernacle, stood the Jailor; but we take care to follow the laver, filled with water. On enPaul to the end of that chapter, and tering the holy place, on the south or speak to him the word of the Lord, left side, stood the golden candlestick ; as well as say, “Believe in the Lord on the north, or right side, stood Jesus Christ.” If a believer asks the table covered with the twelve what he should do, we say to him, Re- loaves of the presence; and before pent and be baptized, as Peter ad- the rial stood the golden altar. Thus | dressed the Pentecostians after they was the gospel pictured out in the believed that Jesus was the Messiah. pattern showed to Moses in the If a believing penitent, like Saul of Mount. Now to have changed the poTarsus, in Damascus, asks what he sition of any of these to have placed should do, we neither say to him be the laver first, or the golden altar lieve nor repent; but, “Arise ! (why where stood the brazen, would have do you delay ?) and be immersed, and corrupted or obscured the meaning wash away your sins, calling upon of the whole Mosaic institution. the name of the Lord.” Thus we But as it was possible for the Ledivide the word of truth, and address vites to place all these things in their every man as we find him.

proper place, without understanding The effects of this preaching differ the meaning of them, apart and altofrom the effects of Calvinian and Ar-gether-so it is possible to have a minian preaching as much as these scriptural order of things without unsystems differ from the Apostles Inderstanding the scriptural ideas repa few years many myriads under this resented in all the parts of the Chris. preaching have been converted to tian institution, God; and these converts have an as- / The Baptists in England and Amesurance of remission, and a confidence rica have placed the brazen altar and that they are the children of God, the laver in the outer court, accordfounded on the testimony on the ing to the divine model; but they promise of God, and not on fancy or have new-modeled the furniture, and imagination, as is too common under | changed its location in the holy place; all the philosophic systems of the age. indeed, they have put the table, with How long, think you, my venerable the loaves of the presence, for the brother, would twelve missionaries most part, in the corner, or dispensed be in converting the world by read- with it for the greater part of the ing or preaching Calvin's Institutes year. Instead of placing the loaves or Arminius's Five Points. If they upon it every first day of the week, lived the life of Methusela each, and they have made new weeks, of a labored with the zeal and assiduity of month each, or a full quarter of a Paul, would they in such a lifetime year, and sometimes even then the stale bread is not removed. The You have in these outlines our Scotch Baptists, on the other hand, views of the gospel and gospel worhave arranged the furniture of the ship; which are never to be separated, sanctuary in proper order ; but seem if we would either convert the world not to have laid a due emphasis upon or enjoy the Christian salvation. the furniture of the outer court, or The whole system of sermonizing, its position in it. Indeed, some per-| text preaching, expounding scriptural sons held by me in high esteem, have scraps, and of doctrinal expositinos, is virtually dispensed with the laver, or unauthorized by God, and is not the allowed those without to enter the way to save sinners or edify saints. holy place by approaching the altar There is no trace of such a mode of alone. Do you rank mix-commu- procedure in the apostolic age, nor nionists among the Scotch Baptists ? in the times immediately subsequent

The apostolic gospel led men first thereunto. This system has darkened to the altar, then to the laver ; first the council of God, and filled the to the sacrifice of God's own Son, world with error. It is unreasonand then to the laver of regeneration. able and it is unscriptural. I would Their converts had their hearts not be understood that a single sentisprinkled from an evil conscience, and ment or some one topic of the Christheir bodies washed with clean water, tian faith, piety, or morality, may not before they approached the golden with propriety be a proper subject altar. They confessed their sins, and of an address ; but in that case the acknowledged the efficacy of the blood subject is approached through a whole of the cross, before they were im- epistle, or section of an epistle, or mersed, and they were immersed in portion of sacred history ; and is set the name of the Lord, into the name before the audience in the light of its of the Father, and of the Son, and of own context. There are much fewer the Holy Spirit, FOR the remission of parallel passages in holy writ than sins, before they entered the sanctu- annotators and marginal references ary. They buried their corruptions would seem to indicate. It is very in the grave, arose to a new life, be- difficult to find two in the English lancame priests to God under the great guage, or any other, exactly synonyHigh Priest of the Christian confes- mous ; and to me it appears just as sion. Then they drew near to the difficult to find two portions of scripvail, in the full assurance of remission ; ture exactly equivalent. they approached the golden altar by But I am aware that I have not the light of the golden candlesticks, fully satisfied you on the question strengthened by the bread of life; for before me ; and that you may see in God's sanctuary there is light, and wherein I regard our friend M’Lean's there is life, and there is joy. Their system of operations defective, I shall praises and songs of thanksgiving state our manner of preaching the arose to heaven like the incense of the word ; leaving you, on comparison, to morning.

decide how far on this single point we The Christian worshippers, thus and they differ. Our evangelists, once cleansed, had no more conscience that is, they who proclaim the word of past sins. But if any one, through for the purpose of converting men to temptation, transgressed the order of the Lord, after proving that Jesus is the house, or sinned against its Mas- the Messiah, and laying before the ter, he needed not to return to the la- audience his person, office, and chaver, but to confess his sins and for- racter, and exhorting the persons adsake them in the assurance of pardon dressed to put themselves under his --for the blood of Jesus Christ guidance ; tender an invitation to all cleanses us from all sin, (1 John i. 7-8.) present, who have not yet put on

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Christ, according to the promises, to i ject; or, if not, will you admit of a reply come forward and signify their deter-t rd and signift their deter.) to the one already given?”

| [We have two or three articles of the same mination to submit to his government. I character in our possession, as well as one from Thus we make a draft on the faith of a very able opponent, with Mr. Campbell's rethe audience, and give to all present / ply, all of which we intend to publish as soon an opportunity of deciding how much as possible. Mr. Campbell, if we understand

him correctly, is not opposed to those societies confidence they have in the person,

as such, but considers them altogether unnecesoffice, and character of Jesus of

sary, and regards it as even sinful for the disNazareth. After testifying and ex- ciples of Christ to have anything to do with horting, if any persons come forward them; but he shall, in due time, speak for him

ED.] and thus acknowledge Jesus, con- / self on the subject. fessing him to be both Lord and Christ, The “Sons of Temperance” first andavowing their intentions to become demand our attention as submitted in citizens of his kingdom, we, on con- our introductory remarks Of these, fession of the faith, immediately, or as as a fraternity, I know nothing but soon as practicable, (by night or day,) from their Constitution and Laws. take them to the water and immerse From these sources alone I derive my them by the authority, or “in the information. name of the Lord Jesus,into the name As to the title inscribed upon their of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, banners, although curious to ascertain "for the remission of sins"—that they its origin, I have found no history or may enjoy all the blessings of his explanation in any thing recorded, government who is exalted a Prince either in their Constitution or Byand a Saviour to grant reformation | Laws. From these we would conclude and remission of sins to Jew and that they are rather SONS OF ABGentile, turning away from their STINENCE than SONS OF TEMPERANCE. iniquities. This is the application of But their lexicography may differ from our discourses. In this way we soon ours, and with them abstinence may know, and the people know who be- mean taking a little, and temperance lieve and repent, and who do not. taking nothing at all. We then baptize with the same But they are only the sons of despatch as the first preachers—"that Temperance-born of that grand-dam same day,” or “ that same hour of the -and, therefore, heirs in common of night,” as the case may be. Thou- her titles, honors, and estate, without sands have been thus brought into any respect to their own personal the kingdom, who now rejoice with virtues. And should this be the fact, joy unspeakable and full of glory. the title or designation is unfortunate,

In the highest esteem and Christian unless it should follow in their affection, I have the honor to be your particular case, that the Sons of fellow-servant in the kingdom of Temperance are so in character as well heaven, and brother in the Lord. as in blood. But sons do not always A. CAMPBELL. walk in the steps of those whose names

they inherit; and if the Sons of TempeMORAL SOCIETIES,

rance should be, in truth, sons of total abstinence, they are, out of a proper

respect for the Queen's English, in OF TEMPERANCE, ODD FELLOWS, AND FREE

duty bound to select a more appro

priate cognomen both for their mother NO. II.

and themselves. Of the items that “Scotland, Nov. 26, 1848.

first claim our attention, the first is “Sir - There is an article, No. 1, in your July number, from the pen of Mr. Campbell,

their membership; the terms of which against Moral Societies. Now we wish to

are very judiciously placed in the know if you have any more on the same sub- | Constitution, but not till after their



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officers are initially enumerated. and By-laws of this Division, shall, in case of Having only seen one edition of this sickness or disability, be entitled to, and receive

weekly, not less than three dollars; except it Constitution, and that is titled “ Con

be shown that such sickness or disability be stitution and By-Laws of Wellsburg brought on by his own improper conduct. Division, No. 37, of the Sons of Tem “Sect. 3. No brother residing within five perance of the State of Virginia,

miles of the Division of which he is a member, instituted February 18, 1847,"I may

shall be entitled to benefits for more than one

week previous to his case being reported to probably not do an institution so large

such Division. No benefits shall be granted and respectable full justice in assigning for a less time than one week. All arrears, to it so informal and vague a thing as either for dues or fines, shall in every case be this Magna Charta of the " Sons of deducted from the first payment. Temperance." If there be any other

"Sect. 4. In case of the death of a brother

entitled to benefits, the sum of thirty dollars Constitution of more dignity and shall be appropriated as a funeral benefit. The authority than that “printed by J. A. W. P., in the absence of competent relations or Metcalf, Wellsburg, 1847,I shall be friends, shall take charge of the funeral, and thankful to any of the Sons of Tem. | keep an account of the disbursements.

"Sect. 5. Onthe death of the wife of a brother, perance for a copy of it. Meantime,

| also beneficial, he shall be entitled to the sum we must use such documents as are

of fifteen dollars as a funeral benefit.” authentic with the association in this

Such are the essential articles and latitude, and from them form our

sections of the whole institution having estimate of its character and claims

any claims upon society. All other upon a Christian community :

articles and sections are about the PREAMBLE.

ways and means of securing, dis“We, whose names are annexed, desirous of pensing, and enjoying these contribuforming a society to shield us from the evils of tions and benefits. For this purpose intemperance, afford mutual assistance in case of

they are to meet every Friday evening. sickness, and elevate our characters as men-, do pledge ourselves to be governed by the fol

For the election of officers and other lowing Constitution and By-Laws :

| business, there are four quarterly CONSTITUTION.

terms—the first of October, January,

April and July, for carrying into effect “ARTICLE 1.-NAME -- This association shall be known as the Wellsburg Division, No.

the object of the institution ; there 37, of the Sons of Temperance, of the State of are no less than four standing comVirginia.

| mittees—committee of finance, com"ART. 2.- PLEDGE — No brother shall mittee of ways and means, committee make, buy, sell, or use, as a beverage, any

of investigation, and committee of spirituous or malt liquors, wine or cider. “ART. 3.-OFFICERS" -- These are only claims.


There are also special como

There are also special cominitialized, and we do not understand them; / mittees. and, therefore, cannot give them to our readers. | Such is a portion of the machinery “ART. 4.--DUTIES OF OFFICERS" --Not

of this institution. There are also knowing the Officers, we cannot report their duties.

various fines, forfeitures, and penalties "Art. 5.- ELIGIBILITY FOR MEMBERSHIP | by law established, varying from 25 -Sect. 1. No person shall be initiated into cents to 5 dollars. the Division under eighteen years of age, nor for a less sum than two dollars.

OPENING OF MEETINGS AND RULES OF ORDER. “ SECT. 2. No person shall be admitted into “Sect. 1. After the Division has been duly this Division who does not possess a good opened, by singing an ode, reading the Scripmoral character, or who is in any way inca- tures, or prayer,” the business proceeds, &c. pacitated from earning a livelihood, or who has no visible means of support.

From these extracts a general view "Art. 6.-- CONTRIBUTIONS AND BENE- of the genius,character and design of FITS. - Seet. l. The regular dues to this this institution may be gathered. Division shall not be less than six and a quarter | There are hut two

quarter There are but two things not revealed cents per week. Sect. 2. Every bona fide member who |

in the Constitution and By-Laws. shall be qualified as required by the Constitution. These are its fraternal secrets and its regalia.And, of course, the un- noble deed is expedient, they have initiated will always be more curious the means of raising extra donations, on these points than on any other. of conferring benefits, of paying all But to me, on the present occasion, appropriate honors, to the dead as they are wholly uninteresting, and I well as to the living. All this is shall institute no particular inquiry achieved, too, on the noble pledge, as on these subjects.

their centre of attraction, that “no The membership of this new insti- brother shall make, buy, sell, or use, tution first demands our attention. as a beverage, any spirituous or malt Females are constitutionally excluded, liquors, wine or cider.” They will boys also ; and persons over fifty are not, indeed, press a grape, nor squeeze not very welcome. As they advance an apple, for any use at all, sacred above fifty the price of admission rises. or profane. Nor will they use any Over sixty, a special vote is requisite of them as a beverage, on any account to admission at all.

whatever. This economy is admirable. In an economical and prudential It only costs the first year five dollars point of view these are admirable and a quarter, and after that but regulations. Old ladies and boys three dollars and a quarter per annum, cannot well keep secrets ; and as to award all the privileges of temperyoung men must have visible means ance and general respectability. I of supporting themselves, in order to wonder not that so many applications admission, it is proper to exclude old were, last year, made for acts of inmen, or to cause their admission corporation, both in our own State | ultimately to depend on their like- and others, to secure to them the lihood to become a charge on the fortunes which they may make by a funds of the institution. Again, this course of abstinence so elevated, disininstitution is worthy of all praise, terested and noble. If I were not a from the amateurs of genteel castes Christian I would be a Son of Temin society ; that it will receive not perance, if not a Son of Abstinence. even young men, from eighteen to My reasons for this I must defer tɔ twenty, unless they are possessed of another occasion. Meantime, I think, “a good moral character.”

the Sons of Temperance are worthy This is much better than the of all thanks, from the State, for their old fashioned Temperance Societies. noble efforts to raise up a genteel, They took in all sorts of persons, honorable and thrifty community ; men, women and children ; good especially one that will need no character or bad. They stooped to charity, or mercy, from Church or conquer. They sought to raise and State ; that will always have someredeem the falien ; but these more thing to impart to others, except that genteelly take care of those who are secret charm, by which all this honor, already honorable and of good reputa- | dignity and regalia are achieved. tion. True, some will think that

A. C. these are less humane ; but, then, they are more temperate. They are

PROPHETIC DEPARTMENT. all of good moral character, and in good circumstances, they are able to

As the Essays for this department, selected pay an initiation fee, purchase regalia, and original, are too extended to adınit of any and spend a portion of their income of them appearing in our present number, we every week ; and, besides this, to give the following extract from one of our devote 52 evenings of the year to all

much-esteemed correspondents : the honors, pleasures, and generous

“ Edinburgh, December, 1848. deeds due to themselves, their families “Dear Brother-I obscrve what you say in and friends. And when any very 'yours of the 13th, respecting the downfall of

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