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Olympas. The return of Elijah |

JERUSALEM. from heaven to earth was promised THE RESTORATION OF THE FLESHLY through Malachi to the Jewish people, SEED, OR CHILDREN OF ISRAEL, TO and that prediction is verified in

THEIR FORMER CITY (JERUSALEM) sending one of his spirit and power. |

AND LANDS, CONSIDERED. William. But did not Elijah lite The following passages are quoted rally visit Judea before the last end for the consideration of the reader, of that nation ?

that we may arrive at a correct Olympas. Yes, he appeared on judgment of the subject, as upon Mount Tabor, at the transfiguration, these the expectation is founded :in company with Moses, when Peter, Ezekiel xxvij. 25. “ Thus saith the Lord James, and John had a glimpse of God, when I shall have gathered the house of these two greatest of men.

Israel from the people among whom they are Susan. What means the word in

scattered, then shall they dwell in the land that

I have given to my servant Jacob.” Again, spiration ?

chapter xxxvi. 6, “ Prophecy, therefore, conOlympas. Adam was literally in cerning the land of Israel,” (verse 24) “ for I spired by the breath of the Almighty. will take you from among the heathen, and This is the origin of the term. Every gather you out of all countries, and bring you one who received the Spirit of God the Spirit of con into your own land :” (verse 26)“ a new heart

also will I give you, and a new spirit; and take as the Spirit of Revelation, was said away the stony heart, and give you a heart of to be inspired in the figurative sense flesh :" (verse 27) “ I will put my spirit within of that word. But this is not said of you, and cause you to walk in my statutes ;" any but the holy men of God, who

(verse 28) “ and you shall dwell in the land

that I gave your fathers.” Also, xxxvii. 11, spake and wrote as they were moved

“ Son of man, these bones are the whole house by the Holy Spirit.

of Israel;” (verse 14) “ I shall put my spirit Thomas. Might not those who now in you, and you shall live, and I shall place receive the Spirit be said to be in- you in your own land.” Verse 21, “Behold I spired as well as they ?

will take the children of Israel from among the

heathen, and bring them into their own land, Olympas. They might, indeed ; | (22) aná will make them one nation in the but not with the Spirit as the Spirit land, and one king shall be king to them all ;" of a new revelation ; but as furnish- (24) “and David my servant shall be king over ing them with the principles of divine them, and they all shall have one shepherd :

(25) and they shall dwell in the land that I life. God has promised the influences

have given unto Jacob their father.” And also, and consolations of his Spirit to those xxxvi. 21, “ And I will set my glory among believers who ask him for this splendid the heathen, and they shall see my judgment, gift. Christians need it as much as (22) so the house of Israel shall know that I they need breath. A man can as

| am the Lord their God, from that day forward.”

| Isaiah lxvi. 10, “ Rejoice ye with Jerusareadily live without breath, as alle

| lem, and be glad with her all ye that love her ; Christian without God's Holy Spirit, (12) for thus saith the Lord, behold I will exanimating and sustaining him with tend peace unto her like a river, and the glory continual aids and comforts. What of the Gentiles like a flowing stream : (13) so

will I comfort you, and ye shall be comforted a mercy it is then, that, as without

in Jerusalem. 22, And they shall bring all the Spirit of Christ we can do nothing, your brethren out of all nations, to my holy this unspeakable gift is tendered to mountain Jerusalem.” all his disciples who ask for it sin Zechariah i. 17, “ Thus saith the Lord : the

Lord shall yet comfort Zion, and shall yet cerely and in faith. But here we

choose Jerusalem.” Also, xii. 10, “ And I must pause for the present.

will pour upon the house of David, and upon A. CAMPBELL. the inhabitants of Jerusalem, the spirit of grace

and of supplication ; and they shall look upon

me whom they have pierced.” And again, How noble is the triumph of the Christian ! xiv. 8, “ And it shall be in that day, that living Although exposed to manifold difficulties and nations shall go out from Jerusalem ; (9) and persecution, yea, even though death is before the Lord shall be king over all the earth ; (11) him, and he fall a martyrto truth, he can rejoice. and men shall dwell in it, and there shall be no more destruction, but Jerusalem shall be safely “ Christ is the end of the law for inhabited. (30) In that day shall there be righteousness, to every one that beupon the bells of the horses, holiness unto the li

| lieveth.” The 11th chapter should Lord; (21) yea, every pot in Jerusalem and in Judah shall be holiness into the Lord of hosts.” | be read as showing who are the Israel

Psalm cxxxv. 4, “ For the Lord hath chosen of God. At the 26th verse we see Jacob unto himself, and Israel for his peculiar who they are : those who believetreasure."

to these only all the promises apply. Joel ii. 16, “The Lord shall roar out of Zion, and utter his voice from Jerusalem ; (17)

Again, Luke xix. 9, “ The Saviour so shall ye know that I am the Lord your God, regarded a Roman tax-gatherer as a dwelling in Zion, my holy mountain; there Je- “ son of Abraham,” whose office and rusalem shall be holy, (18) and a fountain shall nation were so hateful to the Jews ! come forth of the house of the Lord, and shall

We find, also, in the Epistle to the water the valley of Chittim.”

Gentile Galatians, who are the true I have thus quoted from the Old Israel, to whom all the promises are Testament those passages which I made : iii. 5, “Even as Abraham believe are referred to as holding out believed God, and it was accounted the hope that the Jews, as a people, to him for righteousness. (7) Know will be restored to their own land and ye, therefore, that they who are of to Jerusalem. I now turn to the faith, the same are the children of New Testament, where we shall find | Abraham : (9) so, then, they who are the correct application of the terms, of faith are blessed with faithful Abra“ children of Abraham,” “ children ham.” (26) “ Ye are all the chilof Israel," “ holy hill of Zion,” and dren of God by faith in Christ Jesus :" “ Jerusalem ;" also of Judah and (29) “ and if ye be Christ's, then are Israel, David, King of Zion, &c. ye Abraham's seed, and heirs accord

The Apostle Paul, Rom. ix. la- | ing to the promise.” At chapter vi. ments the state of his kinsmen after | 14, the Apostle says, “ God forbid the flesh, and at the 7th verse adds, that I should glory, save in the cross “ Neither because they are the seed of the Lord Jesus Christ ; (16) and of Abraham, are they all children ; as many as walk by this rule, peace but in Israel shall thy seed be called” be upon them, and mercy upon the —that is, (8) they who are the chil- Israel of God :" that is, upon those dren of the flesh, these are not the who believe. Turning to the Revelachildren of God, but the children of tion, the Lord Jesus, even “ he that the promise are counted for the seed. liveth and was dead, who is alive for Referring to Rom. iv. 11, it is stated ever more," in writing to the church of Abraham, “ He received the sign in Philadelphia, (Rev. iii. 12) says, of circumcision, that he might become “ Him that overcomieth will I make the father of ALL THAT BELIEVE, a pillar in the temple of my God, though they be not circumcised :(13) and will write upon him the name of “ for the promise, that he should be my God, and the name of the city of the heir of the world, was not to my God, which is New Jerusalem, Abraham or to his seed through the which cometh down from heaven." law, but through the righteousness of This is the glory which the humbled faith : (16) therefore it is of faith that believer in Christ attains upon conit might be by grace, to the end the version, or being born from above : he promise might be sure to all the seed, becomes a pillar or supporter of the not to that only which is of the law, institution of the church of the living but to that also which is of the faith God — the New Jerusalem, the laws of Abraham, who is the father of us of which came down from heaven on all.” Hence we see the Apostle iden- the day of Pentecost, with a rushing tifies himself with the converted Gen- mighty sound, and “ they (the discitiles at Rome. Also, Rom. x. 4, ples) were all filled with the Holy

Spirit, and began to speak as the things which must shortly come to Spirit gave them utterance." This pass” (Rev. i. 1.) And such events is the Jerusalem, or the church which alone throughout are referred to, as has taken the place of the Jerusalem were to take place in the church, or of Palestine, where the glory of God | New Jerusalem on earth. I turn to was witnessed by the children of Gen. viii. 22, where God has deIsrael. Moreover, the coming down clared that " while the earth remainof the Holy Spirit to instruct the eth, seed-time and harvest, cold and apostles as to the ordinances of the heat, summer and winter, and day Jerusalem from heaven, was in ac- and night, shall not cease.” In Mark cordance with the declaration of the xiv. 7, and John xii. 8, the blessed Lord Jesus in Mat. xvi. 18, “ Verily Saviour says to his disciples, “ Ye I say unto you, some of those who are will always have the poor among here present, shall not taste death you.” How do these declarations until they see the Son of Man enter comport with this xxth chapter ? upon his reign.”* The 20th chapter | When we turn to chapter xxi. keepof Revelation has generally been re- ing in view what was declared in garded as referring to an extraordi-chap. i. 1, that all referred to what nary era in the Christian dispensa- should take place in the church, and tion called the Millennium, when the see here it is declared by John, that devil will be bound, and the disciples in his vision he saw, after the events reign with Christ, and be priests of exhibited to him in the xxth chapter God and of Christ for one thousand after the thousand years, the binding years ; after which Satan shall be and loosing of Satan, “ the holy city, loosed, and go out deceiving the na- New Jerusalem, coming down from tions in the four quarters of the earth, heaven : God himself shall be with and afterwards fire from heaven would them, and wipe away all tears from destroy them! To attempt to refute their eyes. And there shall be no all the fanciful events which have more death, neither sorrow nor crybeen held forth to arise, founded on ing, nor any more pain ; and I will the expected millennium, and what is give unto him that is athirst of the set forth by the numerous expounders fountain of the water of life freely. of this highly-figurative portion of the He that overcometh shall inherit all word of God, I deem useless. . I will things, and I will be bis God, and he at once give my views, with the source shall be my son; but the fearful, and whence I draw them. But I must unbelieving, and all liars, shall have state the 4th verse to show the figu- their part in the lake that burneth rative view : “ And I saw thrones, fire and brimstone, which is the seand they sat on them, and judgment cond death. And he carried me away was given to them; and I saw the in the spirit, and showed me the holy souls of them that were beheaded for Jerusalem descending out of heaven the witness of Jesus, and for the word from God, like unto a stone most preof God, and they lived and reigned cious : and the wall of the city had with Christ a thousand years. The twelve foundations, and in them the rest of the dead lived not again till the names of the twelve apostles of the thousand years were finished : this is Lamb ; and I saw no temple therein, the first resurrection ; on such the for the Lord God Almighty and the second death hath no power.” The Lamb are the temple of it: and the whole of this mysterious chapter is city had no need of the sun, neither brought to a simple view, if we keep of the moon to shine in it, for the glory in mind that this book was given to of God did lighten it, and the Lamb John “to show to the servants of God is the light thereof. And there shal

* Dr. G. Campbell's translation. 'in no wise enter into it anything tha

defileth, neither whatsoever worketh | not come unto the mount that might abomination, or maketh a lie ; but be touched, and that burned with fire, they which are written in the Lamb's nor unto blackness, and darkness, and book of life.”

| tempest : so terrible was the sight Before I venture further as to the that Moses said, I do exceedingly fear term New Jerusalem coming down and quake. But you are come unto from heaven ; also as to the language Mount Sion, and unto the city of the used by the angel who spake to John, living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, I will submit the following from a and an innumerable company of note of the celebrated Bishop Louth, angels ; to the general assembly and in reference to chapters xx. and xxi. : church of the first-born, who are —“These seem to be general images, written in heaven, and to the spirits to express beauty, magnificence, pu- of just men made perfect ; and to rity, strength, and stability, agreeable Jesus, the Mediator of the New to the ideas of Eastern nations, and Covenant, and to the blood of sprinknever intended to be minutely or ac- ling, &c. wherefore we, receiving a curately explained, as if they had each kingdom that cannot be moved, (like a precise meaning. It has also been that under the law) let us have grace observed of the foundations of the New whereby we may serve God acceptJerusalem, that nothing more is in- | ably, with reverence and godly fear.” tended than to afford some lofty and I am aware that many eminent writers sublime notion of the splendour of refer this teaching of the apostle to a the superb and heavenly mansion, as future state ; but, viewing the church being composed of the richest and as the kingdom or reign of the Mesmost costly materials ; yet such as siah, consider again the passages few can imagine.” Before I offer my | above referred to. The apostle says solution of these subjects, I wish to to the brethren, “ Whose house make a further reference as to the (Christ's) are we, if we hold fast the terms “New Jerusalem,” “new hea- hope firm unto the end." This is not vens and new earth,” “ coming down referring to any future period, but to from heaven;" also, as to the terms that time. He also states, “ We, re"one thousand years” and “first resur- ceiving a kingdom," &c. “ let us rection.” That the New Jerusalem, serve God”-now, and not hereafter. kingdom of heaven, or reign of Mes- Their " names being written in heasiah, was applied to the church in ad- ven," is figurative that all who bedition to what is set forth, I refer to come the children of God, through Heb. xii. The apostle, in order to faith in Christ, their names are writsustain the believing Jews, whom he ten, or known of God — their priviaddresses (chap. iii.) as “holy breth- leges are from above. “Coming to ren, partakers of the heavenly calling, an innumerable company of angels, consider the High Priest of our pro- general assembly," &c.—surely these fession. Christ Jesus, who was faith-believing Hebrews, upon becoming ful to him that appointed him, as also members of Christ's house, thereby Moses was faithful in all his house. became united to the spirits of just Moses verily was faithful in all his men who had passed into glory, as house as a servant ; but Christ as a every sinner converted to Christ, or son over his own house — WHOSE born from above, thereby partaking HOUSE ARE WE, if we hold fast the of the first resurrection. All become hope firm unto the end.” After car- members of the heavenly host, whom rying on the contrast between the they will join in passing from this Mosaic laws, or the followers of Moses life ; for the redeemed who have belonging to Christ's house, at the passed into the heavens, and the rechapter xii. 18, he adds, “For ye are deemed believers on earth, all become members of the same house, whose / if this earthly house of our tabernacle head is Christ. As to the church or be dissolved, we have a building of " New Jerusalem, coming down from God, a house not made with hands, heaven," I find from James i. 17, eternal in the heavens :" “ for we that “ Every good gift, and every walk by faith, and not by sight:" “ we perfect gift, is from above, and cometh are confident, I say, and willing radown from the Father of Lights, with ther to be absent from the body, and whom is no variableness nor shadow present with the Lord.” of turning.” The baptism of John The conclusion, therefore, after excame from heaven. In fact, if any amining all the Scriptures which bear act of worship or sentiment in on the subject of the New Jerusalem, relation to the church is of the earth, the heavenly Zion, the children of the church is polluted-all should be Israel and of Abraham, is, all that is from heaven.

| written or referred to is for the guidI now offer some reflections on the ance and comfort of the disciples of term “new earth," inasmuch as a new the Lord Jesus in this earthly state ; earth is looked for. I find the term and until the commission of the Lord

earth" is mentioned above seventy Jesus is attended to, (Mat. xxviii. times in Scripture, and refers to the 19-20) so that “ all things ” are obpeople : so that a new earth may and served, so as to have his presence does apply to a new, an altered, a with the church, the distractions, disconverted, or changed people. I find sensions, and the state of the church the term “ land” used thirty-two on earth will continue without his times referring to the inhabitants. I presence to bless them, and be subject also find the term “ thousand” forty- to divisions and distractions, and be six times definite, and ten times in- | in want of the love, peace, and joy definite. The phrases “resurrection,” which he has promised. If I could “ risen from the dead," “born again,” draw a picture from the New Testa“ new creature,” “regenerated," ment of what a church of Christ “ passing from death unto life,” and should be, might we not, under the « born from above,” all refer to be- gracious promise of Christ, if we coming children of God, members of obeyed, with confidence look for the the church, Christ's house, the New realization of the peace and joy proJerusalem ; and we are assured that mised even while here on earth ? As on such the second death hath no the members of Christ's body, whatpower.* There is nothing revealed ever afflictions or sufferings such to us of the future state, but that they might be subject to, yet they would neither marry nor are given in mar- be sustained now as of old—“greatly riage. If then the closest earthly rejoice, though for a season they connection has no place, all fleshly might be in heaviness through maniconnection must certainly cease. The fold temptations and trials” (1 Peter Saviour said, “I go to prepare a place i.) I shall now endeavour to set forth for you, that where I am there you and submit for examination, from the may be also” -“ Father I will that Scriptures, the walk and conversation they also whom thou hast given me, of a faithful Christian. Wherein I be with me where I am, that they come short, I trust such will be supmay behold my glory, which thou plied and upheld by the Scriptures. hast given me before the foundation I merely throw out the idea. I refer of the world.” « For we know that first to the apostolic commission, Mat.

xxviii. 19-20, from which I infer that * See the following passages :-John i. 12, iii. 3; Rom. vi. to the end; John v. 24-5;

all whom they would teach and bapCol. i. 12 and iü. 1; Eph. ii. 4; 1 Peter, iv. I tize, such were to teach whom they 6, &c.

I taught, to observe all things whatsoC

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