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the scene, which transports the angels with Divine Master. It is pleasant to observe, that joy, and gladdens the hearts of saints! O that although there is little talent amongst us, the she may be to us a crown of rejoicing in the brethren have no desire to discuss strange docday of Christ! I have pleasure also in stating trines and fanciful notions; but entertaining that a female who has been twelve years a plain and simple views of the divine plan of member of a Baptist church here, has come to salvation, we endeavour to build each other up the determination to give in her resignation, in the faith and hope of the gospel. Having and unite with us in attending to the institu- tasted of the goodness of God, and experienced tions of Christ, on the first day of the week, his great mercy towards us, we are desirous of as revealed in the New Testament. Your's in the spread of the glorious gospel of his son : the one hope,

G. B. and for this purpose we co-operate with the

congregations in the Fife district. Much good Louth, NOVEMBER 15TH.--I am happy to seed has been sown, and there is encourageinform you, that on the 2nd instant, a promis ment to persevere, though, as far as I can reing young man, from the Wesleyan body, was member, there have been only two or three baptized at Alford, and on the Lord's day follow additions to our number within the last twelve ing was united to the church in this place. months. Still we must remember that it is There are now two disciples in that village, by preaching the gospel, and by the consistent both of one family. Their father is a Methodist behaviour of the disciples of Jesus, that the local preacher, of good standing, and is con- | truth may be expected to triumph over error. vinced of the truth; we expect, ere long, that it is by truth and righteousness embracing, he will follow the Saviour in his appointed way. and going hand in hand, that the moral desert But we are sorry so soon to be deprived of shall be made to rejoice and blossom as the rose. their society, as the family is going to emigrate | I remain, your's in the good hope, to Port Natal, South Africa, in December.

J. LYND. May they shine as lights in the world; may the Lord preserve them in safety and peace, to Visit to IRELAND. — On the 26th ultimo their destined habitation, and keep them blame- we left home to pass a few days with a portion less unto the coming of his kingdom of glory. of our family and friends at Drummond and

WM. KIRK. | Moree, in the county of Tyrone, Ireland. After There are two disciples of Christ, formerly a safe and calm passage from Fleetwood to members of the church in Nottingham, already Belfast, where we took the railway to Armagh in Port Natal. John and Sarah Dove would the car of Brother Tener awaiting us at the hail the day to see a church planted, on the latter place, having been kindly sent for that primitive order, in that far distant region of purpose--we arrived at our destination in safety the earth. The BRITISH MILLENNIAL HAR at 6h. 30m. P.M. on the 27th. Here we found BINGER is forwarded to them every month, ourselves in the midst of comforts and friends, and will be continued during the forthcoming altogether approximating as nearly to those of volume. We shall be happy to hear of the home as could well be expected — all parties, safe arrival of these parties at Port Natal; moreover, being gratefully satisfied and happy. and also to receive any intelligence as to the Our stay at Drummond aud Moree was proprogress of Scripture truth in that rising colony

longed for ten days, during which time we asthat might be interesting to our readers. J.W.] sembled with the brethren, and delivered seven

--what were termed rather long – discourses CUPAR, NOVEMBER 5TH. — Since I last to very attentive, and for the district, numewrote to you six or seven have made the good rous audiences. The subjects of discourse, as confession and been added to the congregation far as we remember, were as follow :-- 1st, the here. Blessed be the name of the Lord. I | 28th (Lord's day) In what manner do sinners think more might be done if we were all alive now resist and fight against, and in what way to the importance of the work, and felt our do the saints grieve, the Holy Spirit of God? responsibility as we ought. I am to be at 2nd, (evening of 28th) God hath spoken to us Kirkaldy on Lord's day, (the 1st) and will pro- in these last days by his Son. 3rd, (Tuesday claim the gospel in the Baptist chapel, many evening) Christ the only rock on which the in which church are one with us, and we are church can be built. 4th, (Friday) The connot without hope that they will unite with our version of the Philippian jailer. 5th, (Lord's day brethren there. Pray ye to the Lord for me, morning, November 4th) Jesus glorified the that I may be able to speak the truth faithfully Father on the earth, and was then crowned in and freely, and that much good may be done heaven; the apostles glorified the Saviour, and in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. then left the world; the congregation of saints ARCHIBALD Dowie. I is now entrusted with the truth, and is called

upon to exhibit to the world the manifold wisKIRKALDY, NOVEMBER ST!I ---I am happy dom of God. 6th, (evening of the 4th) The to state that the church in this place is enjoy- gospel is the power of God to convince the ing much peace and comfort, in attending judgment, control the will, purify the consteadfastly to the things commanded by our science, and save the sinner. 7th, (the 6th)

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The cleansing of leprosy from the body of may be somewhat neglected, will be thankfully Naanan, and the moral cleansirg of the received, and faithfalls apphed, through the three thousand converted on the day of Pente- same channel as they have hitherto boen. — cost contrasted. Regarding the perit and im-J. W. portance of these discourses, it becomes as not to say one word. In the course of our visit, a EXTRACT OF LETTER FROM A, CAMPBELL. yong man who doubtless understood the gos- dated Bethany, te Oct. 26, 1849,- After so pel for some time past, confessed the faith, and long a time, and after a hundred purposes from we had the pleasure of baptizing him into the day to day, and packet after packet, I have name of the Lord Jesus. Our hope is, that he seized my pen to say to you, that I both lore will study in all things to shine as a light in and esteem you all at Nottingham just as mnch the world, by a faithful discharge of every ob- as when I bade you all adica. But no scason ligation both to God and man. Te left Mo- of my life has laid upon me more tares than | ree on the 8th, (Thursday, and in twenty-nine the present year; nor hare I been less able to hours, by the magic power of steam, reached bear them, so far back as my memory reaches. Nottingham safels on our return. The item I have had sundry domestic afflictions, and afof news which follows Strabane, has just come fictions amongst relatires, and labors and trials to hand; respecting it Brother Tener remarks, of all sorts, more than I have been well able to under date November 17th, 1849:-* This ; bear. For the last month I have suffered inorning I received the enclosed: it is cheering, i much from an epidemic bilions diarhæa, from as it comes from the wildest part of Donegal, which I am now slowly recorering. But ron and although the people are rather Calvinistie, hear from me once a month, as I hear from ron still there are some most lively minds amongst generally once a month, though not alwars. them, and something may yet be done in that But I desire to hear from you all more particneglected part of the country. The enclosed ularly, as I presume you do from me. - Mr. will make an item of news for the HAR- : Pendleton is gone to the Cincinnati convenBINGER."

tion: I was too unwell to go. We have had

a most prosperous year in the advocacy of the STRABASE (IRELAND) NOVEMBER 14TH. — truth of the gospel; so far as accessions are Dear Sir,- I have just made a tour through the concerned, we have not had so great an inlarge, and in many parts romantic, county of gathering for many years. Still the harvest is Donegal. Thousands of poor beings have nei- ! great, and the laborers are comparatirely few. ther food for body nor soul; the “clergy” bear better organization of our churches is in proabsolute rule--the popish priests have the ma- gress, and will no doubt be effected: but in all iority worshipping themselves. Thank God, these items we must hasten leisurely and hasten light has broken in on one dark spot in the mo- slowly. We are getting some very able and ral as well as natural wilderness near Dunfa- ' well instructed laborers into the vineyard. naghy. Brother Livingston is laboring hard. May the Lord increase their number, and bless to spread the simple gospel, five or six persons 'their efforts. We have several students, graduhave followed the Lord in baptism, and a scrip- ates of our college, doing a good work. - Brotural church has been formed. I held sweet ther Thompson labors in the word not more communion with these disciples on the Lord's than 15 miles from Bethany. Brother Henday, while passing through their locality; my 'shall is well ; I heard from him a feir days soul was greatly refreshed, and my spirit was an


A. C.. moved within me. The spell is broken, the territory of Satan is invaded, and all kinds of

FOREIGN ITEMS. “ clergy” are up in arms against a poor humble brother. Now that a good work has begun,! We collate the following brief items from the and the Lord has crowned the laborer with a October MILLENNIAL HARBINGER :degree of success, we must not fear the perse- A. Allen, writing from Lexington, gives an cution, nor keep back our help. Brother L. ' interesting account of a visit to Columbus, in must have some support, there are very few of Johnson county, where, after a meeting, there us to give, and the greater part are very limited

were four confessions, four others taking memin their means : I must, therefore, call on you, bership to come forward to the “help of the Lord

i The Portage county (Ohio) annual meeting against the mighty.” Apply to some of your

e of your was held at Deerfield, commencing on the 1st brethren, and pray for the Lord to bless the

the of June, the Lord's day attendance being upwork. There is no less need for a missionary wards of 3000. Cheering evidences were furin the wilds of Donegal, than there is in the nished of the progress of the gospel. “ bush” in India. The Lord be with you and

Peter Hon, writing from Danville, (Ohio) yours,


June 25th, states that after a tour of six weeks [As in the days of our Lord, so it is now; labors in Kentucky and Ohio, some fifty perthe tender mercy of the clergy is oppressive and sons were addded to the church, mostly by cruel (Mat. xxiii.) Contributions to assist this baptism. The cause appears to be progressing good brother, and other laborers, whom we fear in these States.

T. Pitt, dating from Frankford, Pike co. CONCLUSION OF THE VOLUME. (Mo.) June 30th, states that there were lately twelve additions at Ramsy Creek, and three or

In concluding the present volume — the sefour at Frankford.

cond of the British MILLENNIAL HARBINGER, We learn from a variety of interesting sta | but the fourteenth of our humble endeavours to tistics and reports, that more than 7000 addi advocate the Bible alone, more especially the tions are announced for the year 1849.

New Testament, as the only creed of the dis

ciples of Jesus-we cannot refrain from tenderOBITUARY.

ing to our numerous and faithful contributors SHREWSBURY, OCTOBER 24TH.-- It is my

and correspondents, as well as our persevering painful duty to inform you of our dear brother, William Butler, which occurred on Monday,

subscribers and patrons, the sincere and earnest the 22nd of October. This event has plunged gratitude of our hearts. Through their instrua wife and seven small children in deep sorrow. mentality alone we live, and by a continuance We are happy in recording his strong confi- of their exertions, we hope to keep on our way dence in the promises of God, during a long

promises of God, during a long | to final success. and painful illness of about nine months, which he bore with patient submission to the will of

In OUR NEXT VOLUME we intend, by Divine his Master, well knowing that separation from permission, to continue A. Campbell's interelations, brethren, and friends would be more resting articles on Family CULTURE — the than compensated by eternally dwelling with three remaining on the testimony of Luke, and his Lord. He spoke of his death in the most

then on the Epistle to the Romans, as far as composed manner, saying, a Christian relying

they are out-his valuable Notes and Practical upon the finished work of Christ, should never fear to die. He often blessed God, that for

Thoughts on the ACTS OF THE APOSTLES, with Christ's sake, his sins were pardoned, and that | any other articles of general interest that may he was not left to struggle with a guilty con emanate from his pen. One half of each numscience in addition to bodily pain. His entire

ber, as nearly as can be arranged, will be deconsolation was the glorious hope which he had

voted to these and other essays by writers in as an anchor to his soul, sure and steadfast, entering within the veil. As a small church we

the United States : the other half remaining shall feel a great loss: it was the joy of his open to our contributors in Great Britain. heart to engage in the various duties devolving Essays, Letters of Correspondence, Queries and on the true servant of Christ. When able he Replies, Items of News, Obituaries, Poetry, &c. always filled his place; indeed his love to his

are solicited. We confidently anticipate that Lord brought him to the assembly when he was more fit for the sick chamber. He loved the volume for 1000, in interest and practical to show his gratitude to the Lord by commem utility, will far surpass any that have preceded orating his death, constantly engaging in the it. We do not labor in this department for public services, and being ever ready to stand

personal emolument. Seven years ago we felt up in defence of the truth. He had been a

sanguine of being able very soon to sustain two consistent member of the church here for eighteen years. When speaking of his illness, and

evangelists from the profits of this work. But, of the work of the Lord among us, he said he alas ! this is another of the many and great only wished to live that he might provide for disappointments which all persons of sanguine his family, and work in the Lord's vineyard.

temperaments are doomed to experience. The It was a source of regret to him that he could

disappointment and the humiliation are ours, not walk three miles to the opening of a little chapel that we have taken. The Lord did not

but the blame--if blame there be—is not. And find him idle, for he was as anxious for the | now we are not in despair, nor desirous to give spread of the gospel the last few days of his up the work; but only to forget the things life as ever; and though the hand of death was which are behind, and with redoubled energy upon him, the word of Christ was in his mouth

press forward to those which are before. The and heart. It may be said of him, whether in the family, the world, or the church, that he

comers out of mystic Babylon may sow in tears, did what he could : his life was one of pure and but they will finally reap in joy to their full sadisinterested piety, and his end was peace. Oh tisfaction. We respectfully invite, then, the reamay we prepare to follow him, and display in der's Christian co-operation and patronage for our last days, as much Christian fortitude as

the ensuing year; for, without union and conour late brother! We think we hear him sayWeep not, my friends ! oh, shed no tears!

centrated co-operation, nothing can be effecI must lie here till Christ appears;

tually accomplished for the restoration of the And when He comes, I hope to have A joyful rising from the grave.

simple practice of Christian truth in the world. EDWARD HULME.

J. W.

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