Ovid's Metamorphoses, tr. by dr. Garth, and others


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Sida 54 - The mountain nymphs and Themis they adore, And from her oracles relief implore. The most upright of mortal men was he; The most sincere and holy woman, she. When Jupiter, surveying Earth from high, Beheld it in a lake of water lie...
Sida 86 - The breathless Phaeton, with flaming hair, Shot from the chariot like a falling star, That in a summer's evening from the top Of heaven drops down, or seems at least to drop; Till on the Po his blasted corpse was hurl'd, Far from his country, in the western world.
Sida 67 - Tracbin court, The wreck of wretched Ceyx to report : Before his queen bid the pale spectre stand, Who begs a vain relief at Juno's hand.
Sida 122 - It happen'd once, within a shady wood, Two twisted snakes he in conjunction view'd ; When with his staff their slimy folds he broke. And lost his manhood at the fatal stroke. But, after seven revolving years he view'd The self-same serpents in the self-same wood ;
Sida 94 - The shaggy bear, though now herself was one ! How from the sight of rugged wolves retire, Although the grim Lycaon was her sire ! But now her son had fifteen summers told, Fierce at the chase, and in the forest bold ; When, as he beat the woods in quest of prey, He...
Sida 62 - Mine is the invention of the charming lyre ; Sweet notes, and heavenly numbers, I inspire. Sure is my bow, unerring is my dart ; But ah ! more deadly his, who pierced my heart.
Sida 71 - I see the right, and I approve it too ; Condemn the wrong, and yet the wrong pursue.
Sida 44 - The golden age was" first ; when man, yet new, No rule but uncorrupted reason knew ; And, with a native bent, did good pursue.
Sida 81 - Had turn'd it to the bird that bears his name. A truce succeeds the labours of this day, And arms suspended with a long delay. While Trojan walls are kept with watch and ward; The Greeks before their trenches mount the guard ; The feast...
Sida 82 - That, deck'd with stars, lie scatter'd o'er the skies. There is a place above, where Scorpio bent In tail and arms surrounds a vast extent ; In a wide circuit of the heavens he shines, And fills the space of two celestial signs.

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