Illustrated Memoir of an Eventful Expedition Into Central America Resulting in the Discovery of the Idolatrous City of Iximaya, in an Unexplored Region: And the Possession of Two Remarkable Aztec Children, Maximo (the Boy), and Bartola (the Girl), Descendants and Specimens of the Sacerdotal Caste (now Nearly Extinct), of the Ancient Aztec Founders of the Ruined Temples of that Country

Wynkoop, Hallenbeck & Thomas, printers, 1860 - 48 sidor

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Sida 12 - I do verily believe there is much ground to suppose that what the padre told us is authentic. That the region referred to does not acknowledge the government of Guatemala — has never been explored — and that no white man ever pretends to enter it, I am satisfied. From other sources we heard that from that Sierra, a large ruined city was visible ; and we were told...
Sida 30 - Their peculiar and strongly destinctive lineaments, it is now perfectly well ascertained are to be traced in many of the sculptured monuments of the central American ruins, and were found still more abundantly on those of Iximaya. Forbidden, by inviolably sacred laws, from intermarrying with any persons but those of their own caste, they had here dwindled down, in the course of many centuries, to a few insignificant individuals, diminutive in stature, and imbecile in intellect.
Sida 12 - One look at that city was worth ten years of an every-day life. If he is right, a place is left where Indians and an Indian city exist as Cortez and Alvarado found them ; there are living men who can solve the mystery that hangs over the ruined cities of America ; perhaps who can go to Copan and read the inscriptions on its monuments.
Sida 12 - Guatimala, has never been explored, and that no white man ever pretends to enter it, I am satisfied. From other sources we heard that from that sierra a large ruined city was visible, and we were told of another person who had climbed to the top of the sierra, but, on account of the dense cloud resting upon it, had been unable to see anything. At all events, the belief at the village of Chajul is general, and a curiosity is roused that burns to be satisfied.
Sida 12 - ... the interest awakened in us was the most thrilling I ever experienced. One look at that city was worth ten years of an every-day life. If he is right, a place is left where Indians and...
Sida 47 - ... sweet apples, oranges, nuts, &c., of all of which he was very fond; but he will now eat bread, cake, and similar things, though he is fonder of raw meat or that which, slow-cooked, is rare. If you notice the formation of this nondescript, you will observe that it is something very peculiar, indeed. The formation of the head and face combines both that of the native African and of the Orang Outang. The upper part of the head, and the forehead in particular, instead of being four or five inches...
Sida 30 - The place of residence assigned to our travellers, was the vacant wing of a spacious and sumptuous structure at the western extremity of the city, which had been appropriated, from time immemorial, to the surviving remnant of an ancient and singular order of priesthood, called Kaanas, which it was distinctly asserted, in their annals and traditions, had accompanied the first migration of this people from the Assyrian plains.
Sida 7 - ... with the entire novelty of the impression, we were completely taken aback. If we had been suddenly dropped upon another planet and had rang at the first door we came to, we should not have expected to see things more peculiar. There was nothing monstrous in their appearance. They were not even miraculously small. But they were of an entirely new type — a kind of human being which we had never before seen — with physiognomies formed by descent through ages of thought and association of which...
Sida 12 - ... borders of the country, studying the language and character of the adjoining Indians, and making acquaintance with some of the natives. Five hundred men could probably march directly to the city, and the invasion would be more justifiable than any ever made by the Spaniards; but the government is too much occupied with its own wars, and the knowledge could not be procured except at the price of blood. Two young men of good constitution, and who could afford to spare five years, might succeed.
Sida 11 - He was then young, and with much labour climbed to the naked summit of the sierra, from which, at a height of ten or twelve thousand feet, he looked over an immense plain, extending to Yucatan and the Gulf of Mexico, and saw at a great distance a large city spread over a great space, and with turrets white and glittering in the sun.

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