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the Almighty keeps his word. The Israelites experienced this, in their blood-besprinkled houses; for the destroying angel passed them over. Yet that which Israel experienced, is but a faint type of the mighty passover in which our dwellings are spared, protected by the blood of Christ. What is it that I behold in spirit ? What a murderous train! What a host of terrors! What a banner of death! But I tremble not before them; for I am protected by a bloody bulwark, the merits of my pledge; and harmless to me they must pass over.

Other enemies, however, arise--the countless multitude of my sins; and I know they could a thousand times condemn me ;-silent and dumb, however, they must pass over, buried in the depths of forgetfulness. The prince of darkness, with his hellish train-unutterably stronger than I am-rises out of the abyss : nevertheless, even to touch me, is eternally forbidden him; and he too must pass over. Next comes Death, that gloomy king of terrors :-he knocks at my gate; but he beholds the blood. The murderous sword falls from his hand, and the destroyer is transformed into the angel of peace. The curse of the Almighty God now threatens me, like fiery flames descending around, and anguish and desolation in its train. Over my head the lightnings are flashing; but "pass over,” is still the cry. In short, whatever adversary or accuser it may be—whether Moses with the record of my sins, or the judge in my own bosom, or any thing whatever that is terrible or dangerous to man—all, all must pass over, on account of the blood which was shed for me, and which redeems me from death.

In every case the destroying angel passed over those houses in Egypt which were sprinkled with the blood; nevertheless it seems to me, that the people within them must have been in very different situations. I can imagine one of them, when he hears the groans of his dying neighbours, crying out in despair, “How should such miserable means as the blood on my door avail to save me?” Think you that the avenger will pass over this one? It seems to me, most certainly ; for God, who appoints his path to the destroying angel, looks not at man's weakness or strength of faith, but at the blood on the door-posts. Let us speak, however, to this doubting one. “ Dost thou think that the blood has no power ? if so, then ash it

from thy door, and see if thou wilt be saved ?" What will he reply? “No, no !” he cries out, “ for the sake of all this world can offer, I would not do so! Take not away the blood, but leave it still upon my door-posts !" Ye who are faint-hearted and timid in Zion, know well that there is a species of faith which lies concealed even in the midst of doubt. I can well imagine another of the Israelites, in whose heart, as he stands behind the blood-besprinkled door, there arises the anxious question-"If the blood can save him also, for in his life he has been wicked, and pre-eminent among evil doers ?” Think you he has reason for asking this question ? No, my brethren ; if any one is spared, he will be so also. “ Foolish man! dost thou imagine that God spares on account of worth or merit? He



spares out of loving kindness and mercy, and inquires not who dwells within the house ; but only if there be blood upon its door-posts : think of this, and' rejoice.” I can picture to myself a third, who, when he hears the trumpet of the avenging angel sounding through the streets, in the first moment of consternation, forgets that the protecting blood is also sprinkled upon his door. What happens then? Fear and trembling overwhelm him; his hair stands on end; the chamber resounds with his cry of terror, “I am lost! I am lost !" for he sees only death and destruction before him. Most extraordinary scene! Despair without danger! a cry for assistance whilst in the securest haven! Will the destroyer pass over this one also ? Can you

doubt for a moment? The blood is on his door-posts, and his trembling and quaking are groundless. I now imagine a fourth. He hears the sound of the destroyer in his neighbourhood, and the whistling through the air of his brandished scythe ; but he looks neither upon the angel, nor on the dead bodies of the slain who have fallen his victims, nor upon himself and his own sins; on the contrary, overlooking every other object, he directs his gaze firmly, and unchangeably to the blood upon his door; and now he thinks, God the faithful and true, has said, “ The blood shall be to you for a token upon the houses where ye are ; and when I see the blood, I will pass over you, and the plague shall not be upon you to destroy you, when I smite the land of Egypt." These are his thoughts ·

• and he stands calmly and peacefully by his door, watching the destroying angel, and saying, “ Me he cannot harm ;" for not even the faintest shadow of fear obscures the serenity of his soul. Would you not wish to participate in the happy state of this fourth Israelite, my brethren? Most assuredly you can do so, if you are serious in your wish, and if it proceed from the deeply-felt necessity of your heart: then, approach with joy the table of the Lord, and come, all ye that are weary and heavy laden, for Christ will give you rest! To this meal ye are welcome, for your hearts have been sprinkled with the saving blood of the Lamb, who was slain for your transgressions.

If we then are convinced of this, what should hinder us abiding henceforward in the houses of peace and tranquillity ? Come on, ye adversaries of our souls, and say all that is in your power against us! So far are we from being afraid of your approach, that we wouid rather summon you before us, to raise and enliven our cheerfulness, by proving your impotency. Come on, dark majesty of hell! what seekest thou? Satan, God rebuke thee! who will condemn ? who can accuse ? for here is Christ! Come on, thou king of terrors! thou angel of death! we laugh at thy power. Where now is thy sting, thou disarmed one ? thou hast been swallowed up in victory! Moses, herald of the law! man from Sinai and Ebal! step forward with thy tables, and with thy curses! Lo ! the anathema falls powerless from thy lips! Sinners and transgressors though we be, we have been washed in the blood of Christ; and he is the fulfiller of the law; whosoever believes on him, is sanctified and made holy. Mine own heart, what hast thou to say


against me? Hast thou forgotten the token upon my door? And dare the servant accuse where his king has acquitted ? Be at peace, and remember, God is greater than thou, and knoweth all things. Pass over! all forms of terror! Pass over with the long register of my sins, with the fiery characters of the law, and with the frightful pictures of hell and of judgment. Ye can never make us tremble. For from behind our besprinkled door-posts, ye only appear to us as a dim procession faintly traced upon the wall, as flitting shadows, or as the airy forms of a dream! We embrace that mighty sacrifice perfected for us through all eternity, and cry out rejoicing, “ If God be for us, who can be against us?"

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