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"that be daily in his houfhold, as his Tabret, Lute, "ande Rebeke, upon New Yerefday in the mornynge "when they do play at my lordis Chamber Dour "for his Lordfchip and my Lady, xx. s. Viz. xiij. s, iiij. d. for my Lord; and vj. s. viij. d. for my Lady, if fche be at my lords fyndynge, and not at hir owen; And for playing at my lordis Sone and "Heire's chamber Doure, the lord Percy, ij. s. And "for playinge at the chamber Doures of my lords "Yonger Sonnes, my yonge mafters, after viij. d. the 66 pece for every of them. -xxiij. s, iiij. d."

Se&. XLIV, 2.

"Rewardes to be geven to ftrangers, as Players, Mynfralls, or any other, &c. "

"Furft, my lorde ufith and accuftomyth to gif to the "KINGS JUGLER;.... when they cuftome to come unto hym yerely,-vj. s. viij. d.

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Item, my lorde ufith and accuftomyth to gyf yerely "to the kings or queenes Bearwarde, if they have one, when they cuftom to com unto hym yerly,"vj. s. viij. d.

Item, my lorde ufith and accuftomyth to gyfe yerly to every Erles MYNSTRELLIS, when they "cuftome to come to hym yerely, iij. s. iiij. d. And if they come to my lorde feldome, ones in ij or iij "yeres, than vj. s. viij. d.

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"Item, my lorde ufith and accustomedeth to gife yerely to an Erls MYNSTRALLS, if he be his fpe"ciall lorde, frende, or kynfman, if they come yerely "to his lordfchip And, if they come to my "lord' feldome, ones in ij or iij yeres . . · ·




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"Item, my lorde ufith and accuftomyth to gyf yerely a Dookes or Erlis TRUMPETTS, if they come vj to"gether to his lordfchipp, viz. if they come yerly, vj. s. viij. d. And, if they come but in ij or iij yeres, than x. s.


" Item,

" Item, my lorde ufith and accuftometh to gife yerly, " when his lordfchip is at home, to gyf to the Kyngs "SHAWMES, when they com to my lorde yerely, x. s.'


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I cannot conclude this note without observing that in this Ancient MS, the family MINSTRELS feem to have been Muficians only, and yet both the earls' TRUMPETS and the king's SHAWMES, are evidently distinguished from the earls' MINSTRELS, and the king's JUGLAR; whether this laft continued to be exactly the fame with the Joculator Regis in the Doomesday book, I cannot determine.

(D d) " A fpecies of men who did not fing, &c."] It appears from the paffage of Erafmus here referred to, that there ftill exifted in England of that species of Jongleurs or MINSTRELS, whom the French called by the peculiar name of Contours, or Reciters in profe: It is in his Ecclefiaftes, where he is fpeaking of fuch Preachers, as imitated the Tone of Beggars or Mountebanks:-" Apud Anglos eft fimile genus hominum, quales apud Italos funt circulatores [Mountebanks] de quibus mode dictum eft; qui irrumpunt in convivia MAGNATUM, aut in CAUPONAS VINARIAS; et argumentum aliquod, quod edidicerunt, recitant; puta mortem omnibus dominari, aut laudem matrimonii. Sed quoniam ea lingua monofyllabis fere conftat, quemadmodum Germanica; atque illi [fc. this peculiar fpecies of Reciters] ftudio vitant cantum, nobis fc. Erafmus, who did not understand a word of English} latrare videntur verius quam loqui." Opera, Tom. V. c. 958. (Jortin. Vol. 2. p. 193.) As Erafmus was correcting the vice of preachers, it was more to his point to bring an inftance from Moral Reciters of Profe, than from Chanters of Rhyme, though it may be eafily fuppofed, that these were far more numerous and common, and would be in general more popular.

(E e) " A

(Ee) "A writer there prefent."] See a very curious "LETTER, wherein part of the entertainment untoo "the Queenz Majefty at Killingworth Caftl, in War"wick-fhear, in this Soomerz Progreff, 1575, iz fig"nified, &c." 12mo. bl. let. The orthography of this writer (whofe name was Ro. LANGHAM, as appears from fol. 84.) is not followed in the Text, being not that of the age he lived in, but the peculiar refult of his own ignorance or affectation.

(F f)" Little Mifcellanies named GARLANDS, &c."] In the Pepyfian and other libraries, are preferved a great number of these in black letter, 12m0. under the following quaint and affected titles, viz,

1. A Crowne Garland of Goulden Rofes gathered out of England's Royall Garden, &c. by Richard Johnfon, 1612. [In the Bodleyan Library.]—2. The Golden Garland of Princely Delight.-3. The Garland of Good-will, by T. D. 1631.4. The Royal Garland of Love and Delight, by T. D.- -5. The Garland of Love and Mirth, by Thomas Lanfier.-6. The Gar land of Delight, &c. by Tho. Delone.-7. Cupid's Garland fet round with Guilded Rofes. Garland of Withered Rofes, by Martin Parker, 1656. -9. The Shepherd's Garland of Love, Loyalty, &c, 10. The Country Garland.. 11. The Golden Garland of Mirth and Merriment.- 12. The Lover's Garland. -13. Neptune's fair Garland.-14. England's fair Garland.-15. Robin Hood's Garland.

8. The

-16. The Maiden's Garland.- 17. A Layal Garland of Mirth and Paftime.-18. A Royal Garland of new Songs. &c. &c. &c.

This fort of petty publications had anciently the name of PENNY-MERRIMENTS: as little religious tracts of the fame fize were called PENNY GODLINESSES: In the Pepyfian Library are multitudes of both kinds.



2. The aged Lover renounceth Love 3. Jephthah judge of Ifrael

4. A Song to the lute in muficke

5. King Cophetua and the Beggar-maid 6. Take thy old sloak about thee

7. Willow, Willow, Willow 8. Sir Lancelot du Lake

9. Corydon's Farewell to Phillis

The Ballad of conftant Susannah

10. Gernutus, the Few of Venice

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11. The paffionate Shepherd to his Love, by Marlow 216

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16. The Frolickfome Duke, or the Tinker's good Fortune 238

17. The Friar of Orders gray



1. The more modern ballad of Chevy-chafe Illuftration of the Northern Names



2. Death's final conqueft, by Shirley



3. The Rifing in the North

4. Northumberland betrayed by Douglas 5. My Mind to me a kingdome is

6. The Patient Countess, by Warner

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