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State of Missouri Bureau of Labor Statistics and Inspection.

Jefferson City, November 5, 1904. Hon. A. M. Dockery, Governor of Missouri:

Sir-In accordance with the law establishing and governing the Missouri Bureau of Labor Statistics, I herewith present for your consideration the 'Twenty-sixth Annual Report of this Bureau.

Very respectfully,


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In Table IV is shown the classified weekly earnings for the week during which the largest number of persons was employed during the year by sex and age.

Table V shows earnings per week by both day and piece work system, normal time worked, and changes in wages in per cent during the year by occupations.

The trades and labor organization investigation is incorporated in one general table and covers the following subjects: affiliation, membership, per cent of trade organized, hours of daily labor, minimum wage, average number of days employed during the year, benevolent features, strikes and arbitration and accidents.

The report of the Free Employment departments of the State for the year 1904 follows and shows very gratifying results.

The remaining pages of the report are devoted to the results of an investigation of the cost of living and retail prices in this State, by the United States Department of Labor, covering the period of years from 1900 to 1903, inclusive.

In conclusion, the Commissioner desires to acknowledge his indebtedness to R. C. Horne, chief clerk; A. C. Talley, statistician; · John S. White, A. B. Jamison and Wm. Dorsel, superintendents of Free Employment departments, and Ella Shipp, Josie Buser and Meda Rozelle, clerks, for efficient and faithful services rendered.

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