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O Holy and Divine Spirit ! thou who didst descend upon the Apostles in cloven tongues, like as of fire, and didst bestow on them the gift of divers tongues; kindle in our hearts a heavenly flame; inspire us with such fervent zeal as will lead us to glorify thee, and to edify our neighbour, by all holy conversation, and pious works.

O GOD ! cast us not away from thy presence, and take not thy Holy Spirit from us. Suffer us not to grieve or to quench this Holy Spirit. May he dwell continually in us, as in his Temple ! May he guide us during our sojourn on earth, and may we rejoice without ceasing in his divine consolations ! May we thus finish our course with joy! May our mortal bodies be one day quickened by the Spirit; and may we, at last, be accounted worthy to enter into thy glory, there to render eternally praise and honour to the Father, to the Son, and to the Holy Ghost. Amen.

For the Preparatory Service before Communion Day.

OUR God, and our Saviour ! we humble our

selves before thee, and thank thee for all thy mercies. We bless thee also, that thou dost graciously call us, though miserable sinners, to thy holy table, and to a participation in the benefits which Jesus Christ hath purchased for us, by his death and resurrection.

O LORD ! sanctify us, we beseech thee, by thy Spirit; for we are of ourselves unworthy to appear at thy holy communion. Give us grace so to comprehend this holy and venerable sacrament, and, above all, thine exceeding love, that we may come to thy table with dispositions acceptable unto thee.

PRODUCE in us, O God a deep conviction and a sincere repentance of our sins, a humble dependence on thy mercy, fervent gratitude for thine infinite love, and perfect confidence in the merits of thy Son, our only consolation in life and death. Grant unto us, O God, a firm resolution to serve thee according to thy will, and so to order our lives as becometh those who renew their baptismal vow, and again bind themselves to thy service. Give us also grace to love one another, even as thou hast loved us; and to forgive one another, in like manner as thou hast forgiven us.

LORD Jesus ! supply in our hearts whatever is wanting to our preparation ; preserve us from the danger of eating this bread and drinking this cup unworthily, and of thus rendering ourselves guilty of thy body and blood.

O LORD God vouchsafe so to assist us by thy grace, that, now and at all times, we and thy whole church may commemorate, as we ought, the passion and love of thy Son. May Jesus Christ henceforth live in us; and may we live in him, walking in newness of life, even to the end of our days, to the glory of thy holy name, and to our eternal salva

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tion; through the same Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

A Prayer after Communion.

OUR God, and our Father | Sovereign Lord

and Ruler of all things, who art blessed in the heavens, and who art seated between the cherubim; thousands of thousands of angels continually worship before thee, celebrating thy glory and thy majesty, which fill the heavens and the earth. We praise thee, we magnify thy great mercy, and glorify thy name: for thy name is holy and glorious, greatly to be feared, and worthy to be exalted, now and forever, through Jesus Christ thy Son.

WE offer unto thee, O Lord! our thanksgivings and our praises, with humility and joy, for as much as thou hast vouchsafed to receive us, miserable sinners, at thy table, and to number us among thy servants, and the heirs of thy kingdom. We beseech thee, through the merits of thy Son and faith in his

blood, that we may be partakers of the fruits of his

sacrifice, which we have this day commemorated. Grant that we may obtain, through thy mercy, remission of our sins, a sense of thy love, that peace which the world neither giveth nor taketh away, and | an entrance into thine everlasting kingdom.

SEND down upon us from heaven, thy Holy Spirit, to enlighten, to sanctify, to gladden our souls.


May we, through the same Spirit quickening us more and more, serve thee with a pure conscience, love one another with sincerity of heart, walk in innocence, and keep ourselves unspotted from the world.

So assist us, that whilst we are here in the body, we may keep the covenant which we have this day renewed, and may be faithful to thee even unto death. May this heavenly food which hath been provided for us at thy table, preserve and increase in us spiritual life, and destroy sin more and more in us. May we derive from this communion in the death of thy Son, victory over temptation, perseverance in faith, a sure defence against our spiritual enemies, and a continual growth in charity, humility and patience, that being enabled to lead a holy life, we may die the death of the righteous.

FINALLY, we beseech thee, O most gracious God! that as thou hast received us at this heavenly feast, prepared for us in thy church, we may be admitted, after our departure from this world, to the marriage feast of the Lamb, with all thy saints and all thine elect, in thy heavenly kingdom; where thou wilt be all in all, where we shall be conformed to thy glorious image, and shall eternally praise the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. Amen.

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For the AWativity.

ALMIGHTY God! who didst give thine only

Son, to take upon him our nature, and be born of a virgin; we implore thee to accept the praises which thy church offers unto thee, for this blessed nativity. Give us grace, that by a true faith, we may be partakers of the salvation which thy Son Jesus Christ brought into the world; and that, being ourselves regenerate and made thy children by adoption, we may serve thee in holiness and righteousness, all the days of our lives; through the same Jesus Christ, thy beloved Son. Amen.

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