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The Churches in the Principality of Neuf chatel and Vallangin began some years since to establish the Liturgy, which is now presented to the public. In order that it might appear in a better state, it was deemed advisable that some time should elapse before its publication. The resolution has at length been taken to print it, in conformity with the wish of many, who have desired that it should be made public.

It is not necessary here to enlarge on the utility and antiquity of Liturgies, or to explain how important it is that the mode of celebrating divine service should be well regulated. None can doubt that St. Paul's maxim, "Let all things be done decently and in order," * is applicable to the worship of God in the religious assemblies of Christians. This worship is of the greatest consequence in religion, because it consists chiefly in serving God, in adoring him, in giving him thanks, and in calling upon him. Hence it is indispensable that divine service should be so performed as to be most worthy of that infinite Being, and best adapted to raise men to him, and to fill them with reverence and love for his Supreme Majesty.

The attainment, however, of this end is difficult, unless there be an established form of public worship. When the order of divine service is settled, it is celebrated as well by the Minister as by the People, in a manner more edifying, grave and decorous,

* 1 Epis. Cor., ch. xiv., v. 40.

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