The Works of Henry Van Dyke, Volym 2

C. Scribner's Sons, 1920

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Sida 138 - It ceased ; yet still the sails made on A pleasant noise till noon, A noise like of a hidden brook In the leafy month of June, That to the sleeping woods all night Singeth a quiet tune.
Sida 106 - At last they discover that all which at first drew them together, — those once sacred features, that magical play of charms, was deciduous, had a prospective end, like the scaffolding by which the house was built ; and the purification of the intellect and the heart, from year to year, is the real marriage, foreseen and prepared from the first, and wholly above their consciousness.
Sida 136 - And angling, too, that solitary vice, Whatever Izaak Walton sings or says: The quaint, old, cruel coxcomb, in his gullet Should have a hook, and a small trout to pull it.
Sida 78 - Doubtless God could have made a better berry, but doubtless God never did ; " and so, if I might be judge, " God never did make a more calm, quiet, innocent recreation than angling.
Sida 74 - His story contains a moral, worthy the attention of all little birds and little boys ; warning them to keep to those refined and intellectual pursuits, which raised him to so high a pitch of popularity during the early part of his career ; but to eschew all tendency to that gross and dissipated indulgence, which brought this mistaken little bird to an untimely end.
Sida 95 - LANDSCAPE first day of spring is one thing, and the first spring day is another. The difference between them is sometimes as great as a month.
Sida 184 - The solemn groves of firs and spruces, the plumed sierras of lofty pines, the stately pillared forests of birch and beech, the wild ravines, the tremulous thickets of silvery poplar, the bare peaks with their wide outlooks, and the cool vales resounding with the ceaseless song of little rivers, — we knew and loved them all; they ministered peace and joy to us; they were all ours, though we held no title deeds and our ownership had never been recorded. What is property, after all? The law says there...
Sida 86 - God made a little Gentian It tried - to be a Rose And failed - and all the Summer laughed But just before the Snows There rose a Purple Creature That ravished all the Hill And Summer hid her Forehead And Mockery - was still The Frosts were her condition The Tyrian would not come Until the North - invoke it Creator - Shall I - bloom?
Sida 139 - Quincey's method) into two classes, — the literature of knowledge, and the literature of power. The first class contains the handbooks on rods and tackle, the directions how to angle for different kinds of fish, and the guides to various fishingresorts. The weakness of these books is that they soon fall out of date, as the manufacture of tackle is improved, the art of angling refined, and the fish in once-famous waters are educated or exterminated.
Sida 7 - Providence would never permit the race of man 6 to discover them. It would rob life of one of its principal attractions, and make fishing altogether too easy to be interesting. Fisherman's luck is so notorious that it has passed into a proverb. But the fault with that familiar saying is that it is too short and too narrow to cover half the variations of the angler's possible experience. For if his luck should be bad, there is no portion of his anatomy, from the crown of his head to the soles of his...

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