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Clergy; the anxiety he displayed to rectify all that was wrong, to encourage all that was good; the dignified solemnity, with which he performed the rite of Confirmation, and the deep impression, which was uniformly made by his animated, simple, and affectionate address to the congregation, when that service was concluded. This address, 1 doubt not, is still fixed, in substance at least, on the recollection of thousands: but as a correct copy of it has never been before the public, and as those, Avho heard it, cannot but feel an interest in reading, what so much touched and affected them at the time of its delivery, I shall here insert it at length.

"The office of Confirmation is now over: but before you leave this place, I have a few words to say to you, to which I desire you will all pay the most serious

attention. attention. Remember, I beseech you, every one of you, as long as you live, what has passed here this day. Think not that it is a mere formal, unmeaning ceremony, which extends not beyond the moment; which may be forgotten as soon as it is over, and which can have no influence on your future condition either here or hereafter. On the contrary, it is one of the most awful, one of the most important, and, if it is not your own fault, one of the most useful acts of your whole lives. It is a solemn dedication of yourselves in this sacred place to God and to religion. It is a voluntary oblation of yourselves, your souls and bodies, at your first entrance into the world, at the first commencement of your rational life, to the service of your Maker and Redeemer. You have, in short, chosen this day whom you will serve; you have M 4 chosen chosen Christ for your Lord and Master; you have, in the presence of God and of this congregation, professed yourselves his disciples; you have vowed fidelity and allegiance to him; you have promised to believe his doctrines and to obey his laws.


"Take care then, every one of you, that you punctually fulfil these sacred engagements; and be assured, that, upon your doing so, depend the whole comfort and happiness of your future lives, both in this world and the next. And that you may be enabled to do all this, you must frequently and fervently apply for the assistance of God's Holy Spirit; you must never let the morning rise nor the evening close upon you, without addressing God in private prayer; you must be constant in your attendance on the public service of the Church, on the Lord's

Day, Day, both morning and afternoon; you must remember that God claims that day as his own, and that he has stamped upon it a peculiar mark of sanctity, which you must never dare to violate by following your ordinary amusements, or ordinary occupations on that day, or by any act of levity, dissipation, profaneness and immorality. “And you must not only attend to the general duties of the Church, but must prepare yourselves as soon as possible, for that most solemn rite of our religion, the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper; that supper which Christ himself did almost with his dying breath command you to receive in remembrance of him. Above all things, let this consideration sink deep into your hearts, and be for ever present to your thoughts; that this world is not the only one you have to live in; but * that that after death you will pass into another, where you will be judged for every thing that you have thought, said, or done in this; and according as you are found innocent or guilty, by your Almighty Judge, you will, through the merits of your Redeemer, be rewarded Avith everlasting happiness, or, on the contrary, be doomed to never-ceasing misery.

"Eternity, in short, with all its awful train of consequences, is now before you, and whether it shall be a happy or a miserable one, will in a great degree depend on the course you now take at your first setting out in the world; for the habits you now form will determine war futurti character and conduct: the ^try* tvH» now take will probably decide vluoto for ever. Be resolved then Nki remember your Creator in


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