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but, to patronize her more anti ne Votarys at this time, is not more honourable to our Nation, than neceffary for them: Since fo much Prejudice has been ungratefully rais'd against them, by thofe, who have been most improv'd by their Writings.

When therefore I was moved by the BRITISH MUSE to recommend thefe Antients to a Patron moft eminent for Abilities and Inclination to protect them; one of fufficient Knowledge to plead their Merits, and Interest to promote their Caufe; I was prefently by her inspired, to make this Oblation to your LADY SHIP, fo nearly ally'd in Genius and Judgment to her, that I could not diftinguish


your Name, but as another for her


Whatever Improprieties the Witty or the Wife may find in other Parts of my Choice throughout this Collection, I dare ftand their Teft in this. And I am perfuaded, the Authors themselves, could not be better fatiffied with all the Juftice that might be paid them, in reviving their Performances; than with fo much Credit as they may receive from your LADYSHIP'S Approbation. I am but their Sollicitor, and could not have the Boldness to fue for your Favour; Hut under the Umbrage of their Deserts. Alexander faved Part of a City from Deftruction, for the Merits


only of one Poet: Here the Merits of many Poets fue for the Protection only of one Book.

I am,

With the most profound Respect,

Your Ladyship's most obedient,

Humble Servant,





Authors, Poems and Plays

Cited in this COLLECTION:



Bdicated Prince, or the Adventures of Four
Hours, a Tra. Com.

Lond. 4to, 1690 Alexander William, E. of Sterline. Four Monarchick Tragedies, viz. The Alexandrean

Tragedy, Croefus, Darius, and Julius Cæfar, with

Aleyn Charles. Battailes of Crefcey and Poitiers,

other Poems, laft Edit.

fol. 1637

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Armin Robert, Efq; Hiftory of the Two Maids of Moreclack, with The Life and Simple Manner of John in the Hofpital.


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4to, 1609

4to, 1611

Aldevin William, In The Mirrour for Magiftrates. Baron Robert, Efq; Mirza, a Trag. 8vo, no Date. His Poems, entitled Pocula Caftalia 8v0, 1650 Barrey Lodowick, Efq; Ram Alley, or Merry Tricks, a Com, Beaumont Francis, and Fletcher John, Efqs. Beggar's Bush, a Com. Bonduca, a Tra. Bloody Brother, or Rollo, Duke of Normandy, a Tra. Captain, a Com. Chances, a Com. Custom of the Country, a Tra. Com. Faithful Shepherdefs, a Paftoral. Fair Maid of the Inn, a Tra. Com. Falfe one, a Tra. Four Plays or Moral Reprefentations in one, viz. The Triumphs of Honour, Love, Death, and Time. Honest Man's Fortune, a Tra. Com. Humorous Lieutenant, a Tra. Com. Ifland Princess, a Tra. Com. King and no King, a Tra. Com. Knight of the Burning: Peftle, a Com, Knight of Malta, a Tra. Com Laws of Candy, a Tra, Com. Little French, Lawyer, a Com. Lover's Progress, a Tra ComLoyal Subject, a Tra. Com. Mad Lover, a Tra..Com Maid in the Mill, a Com. Maid's Tragedy. Monfieur Thomas, a Com. Nice Valour, or "The Paffionate Madman, a Com. Noble Gentlemen, a Com. Philafter, or Love lies a Bleeding, a Tra. Com. Prophetefs, a Tragical Hiftory. Queen of Corinth, a Tra. Com. Rule a Wife and Have a Wife, a Tra. Com Scornful Lady, a Com. Sea Voyage, a Com. Spanish Curate, a Com. Valentinian, a Trag. Wife for a Month, a Tra. Com. Wild Goofe Chafe, a Com. Wit at feveral Veapons, a Com. Wit without Money, a Com. Woman Hater, a Com. Women Pleafed, a Tra. Com. laft Edit.

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fol. 1679

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