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BE IT REMEMBERED, That on the twenty-first day of Novem.
L. S. ber, in the forty-eighth year of the independence of the United

States of America, OLIVER D. COOKE & Sons, of the said dis-
trict, have deposited in this office the title of a Book, the right whereof
they claim as proprietors, in the words following, to wit :

"All Religions and Religious Ceremonies, in two parts. Part I.

Christianity, Mahometanism, and Judaism. To which is added a Tab-

ular Appendix, exhibiting the preseut state of the world as to religion,

population, religious toleration, government, &c. by Thomas Williams.

Part II.-A view of the history, religion, manners and customs of the

Hindoos, by William Ward. Together with the religion and ceremo-

nies of other Pagan Nations.”

In conformity to the act of the Congress of the United States, enti-

tled, "An act for the encouragement of learning, by securing the copies
of Maps, Charts and Books to the authors and proprietors of such cop-
ies, during the times therein mentioned.”


Clerk of the District of Connecticut.
A true copy of Record, examined, and sealed by me,

Clerk of the District of Connecticu.


1st. To exbibibit an impartial view of the Doctrines of each

Religious denomination of the present day, as they are professed by each sect, taken as far as is practicable from their own Creeds or Confessions of faith ; and when this could not be done, to use the words of their most respected and distin

guished divines. 2d. In order as far as possible, to exclude the spirit of contro

versy from the work, it has been the practice to present, simply, statements of facts without disputation. 3d. In compiling the work, it has been the aim to render it in. structive and interesting to treat of the numerous sects in such a manner as to avoid giving just cause of offence.


In the following Work, the compiler bas made his selections and obtained facts from the best sources with which he was acquainted. He has been most indebted to Dr. Hurd's “ Universal History of the Rites, Ceremonies, and Customs of the whole World :" to a learned work, entitled “ The Religious World displayed,” by the Rev. Robert Adam, of Edinburgh : and to a late laborious publication under the title of “ The

Religions and Religious Ceremonies of all Nations,” by the Rev. J. Nightingale.

In the present edition, the volume has been carefully revised, some things expunged, and considerable original matter has been added. The quick sale of the former edition, though large, bas induced the compiler to take much pains to make the present one useful to its readers. The more we know of the various religious sentiments of our fellow men, with their multiplied rites and ceremonies, the greater reason shall we perceive to approve of the doctrines and practices of most of the churches in this land, which partake so much of the simplicity that is in Christ. The first Planters of all the early Colonies, which now compose the United States, had a primary regard to the interests of religion in sitting down in the western wilderness. While we walk in their steps the blessings of our Fathers' God will not be withheld from us.

East-Windsor, July 6, 1824.


JUN 25 1301



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THE Religious World is divided into four grand Systems, viz. Christianity-Judaism-Mahometanism* and Paganism.

1. Christianity includes all those who believe that the promised Messiah is already come, that Jesus Cbrist is the Messiah, and the Saviour of the world.

2. Judaism, all those who still expect and look for a promised Messiah.

3. Mahometanism, all those who acknowledge Mabomet to have been a Prophet ; and

4. Paganism, all those who have not the knowledge of the true God, but worship idols.

The only people who may not be classed under one or other of these four divisions, are, the Deists and the Atheists ;-the latter differing from them all in owning no religion ; and the former, in owning no didine redelation as the foundation of their religion.

The inhabitants of the world may be supposed to amount, at the present time, to about 800,000,000, Of whom we may suppose

The Christians to be
The Jews,
The Mahometans,
The Pagans,


2,500,000 140,000,000 482,000,000


*The name of the Arabian impostor is written differently, by differ. ont authors, as Mahomet, Mahomed, Mohammid, &c. As the names Mahomet and Mahometanism, have been generally used in our language, and have the authority of the best writers, they are adopted in this summary:

Grand Divisions of the Religious World.


The grand Subdivisions among Christians are,

1. The Greek and Eastern Churches.

2. The Roman Catholics, who acknowledge the au

thority of the Pope; and, 3. The Protestant, or Reformed Churches and Sects,

who reject it.

Their numbers may be thus,

The Greek and Eastern Churches,
The Roman Catholics,
The Protestants,

30,000,000 80,000,000 65,500,000


Mr. Worcester in his Universal Gazetteer, has the following statement of Religious Denominations in the United States.

Congregations Baptists

3298 Presbyterians 1414)

2614 Congregationalists 1200 } Methodists

1875 German Lutherans

650 Friends or Quakers

525 Episcopalians

400 Dutch Reformed

150 Associate and other Presbyterians

210 German Calvinists

100 Moravians


The Roman Catholics have one Archbishop and four Bishops. There are also Universalists, Shakers, Tunkers, Mennonites, Swedenborgians, Jews, &c.

Dr. Morse has the following statement of Religious Congregations in the United States :

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*The congregations of some denominations, have far greater numbers attached to them, than those of other denominations, so that in estimating numbers, but little dependance can be placed on the number of Congregations or of nominal preachers. There are many persons in this country who, occasionally, preach, that do not profess to be devoted to the ministry of the Gospel.

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Besides numerous Methodists, and considerable num bers of German Lutherans, Universalists, Sabbath Day Baptists, &c.

In England, Ireland and Wales, the number of Religionists of various sects and denominations, (says Mr. Nightingale,) may be estimated nearly as follows: 1. Church of England*

5,000,000 2. Roman Catholics

3,400,000 3. Presbyterians, who are (in England) chiefly Unitaririans, Arians, and General Baptists

60,000 4. Quakers and Moravians

60,000 5. Wesleyan Methodists

500,000 6. Baptists of various kinds, exclusive of General Baptists 60,000 7. Independents, including the Whitfieldians, and other Calvinistic Methodists

110,000 8. Swedenborgians

20,000 9. Miscellaneous minor Sects

15,000 10. Resident Jews

1.5,000 11. Deists, Theophilanthropists, and other Free-Thinkers


*The number of Livings in England and Wales is above 10,500.

+In England and Wales there are about 300,000, of whom 5,000 are in London. There are 900 Catholic churches and chapels in England.

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