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Sidan 290 - It is related that a white man and an Indian went hunting; and afterwards,, when they came to divide the spoils, the white man said, "You may take the buzzard and I will take the turkey, or, I will take the turkey and you may take the buzzard.
Sidan 28 - ... intolerable thirst. When we asked for water, we were, most commonly, instead of obtaining it, insulted and derided ; and, to add to all the horrors of the place, it was so dark that we could not see each other, and were overspread with body lice.
Sidan 276 - ... neutralized canal. Long before the Suez Canal was constructed or even planned, the Clayton-Bulwer treaty signed by the United States and England in 1850 adopted the general policy of neutralization for any canal that might be built across the isthmus. Article I, provided that neither party would ever erect or maintain any fortifications commanding the canal or in the vicinity thereof, and Article II provided that "Vessels of the United States or Great Britain, traversing the said canal, shall,...
Sidan 264 - Castillon for a protectorate and transit favorable to British interests. * * The welfare of my country, and the desire of its obtaining the control of so desirable a spot in the commercial world, and free it from the competition of so adventurous a race as the North Americans, induces me to address your lordship with such freedom.
Sidan 153 - Tschudi makes a similar observation concerning this caste in Peru. He says : " they are the most miserable class of half-castes ; with them every vice seems to have attained its utmost development; and it may confidently be said that not one in a thousand of them is a useful member of society, or a good subject of the State. Four-fifths of the criminals in the city jail of Lima are Sambos. Their figures are athletic, and their color black, sometimes tinged with olive-brown. Their noses are not as...
Sidan 261 - ... undertake to open a communication between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans by the construction of a ship canal across the isthmus which connects North and South America, and of securing forever, by such stipulations, the free and equal right of navigating such canal to all such nations, on the payment of such reasonable tolls as may be established, to compensate the capitalists who may engage in such undertaking and complete the work.
Sidan 319 - Nicaragua/ but also upon their general appearance, habits and modes of life. Their language does not appear to have any direct relationship with that of the Southern Caribs, but is, probably, the same, or a dialect of the same with that spoken around what is now called Chiriqui Lagoon, near the Isthmus of Panama, and which was originally called Chiribiri or Chraibici, from which comes Gomera's Caribici, or Carib.
Sidan 270 - State, subject to no other or higher duties, charges, or taxes than shall be imposed upon those of the United States; provided always, that such nations shall first enter into such Treaty stipulations and guarantees respecting said canal as may hereafter be entered into between the...
Sidan 284 - Britain is hardly a throat-latch ahead. Cut through the Isthmus, and the triumph will be complete. Instead, then, of meeting us in India, China, and even on our own Pacific coast, with the advantage of some ten day's sail or more, the scales will be turned, and we shall have the advantage of some twenty or thirty days, thus making a difference, under canvass, of thirty or forty days in our favor. Do you doubt, can any one doubt, the change which such a communication would produce in the commercial...
Sidan 272 - Company' shall fail to comply with the terms of their contract with the State of Nicaragua, all the rights and privileges which said contract confers shall accrue to any Company of citizens of the United States which shall, within one year after the official declaration of failure, undertake to comply with its provisions, so far as the same may at that time be applicable, provided the company thus assuming said contract shall first present to the President and Secretary of State of the United States...

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