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(No. 24.1-A RESOLUTION relative to errors and defective returns in certain

surveys, plats, and field notes.


Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Commissioner United States of America in Congress assembled, That the of General Land Commissioner of the General Land office be, and he is hereby, Office to ascer. tain damages authorized to employ some suitable person to ascertain and resustained

by port to the said Commissioner of the General Land Office the certain land in amount of damages sustained by the respective purchasers of Michigan.

public lands in township one south, range seven east, in the State of Michigan, (or by their respective assignces and legal representatives,) by, or in consequence of, the erroneous or fraudulent surveys of said township, or of the imperfect or false returns thereof; and it shall be the duty of such person so employed, to proceed to such township, and, upon view of the premises, and upon hearing the proofs of the parties in interest, to estimate and ascertain said damages, and to report his opinion and decision thereon, specifying in his said report each individual case, and the facts and reasons upon which his opin. ion may be founded.

Approved, August 10, 1846.

No. 25.1--A RESOLUTION declaratory of the act passed twenty third August, eighteen hundred and forty two, entitled “ An act for the relief of Charles F. Sibbald."


Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of His claim to be the United States of America in Congress assembled, That audited and bet- in carrying into effect the act entitled “an act for the relief of

Charles F.Sibbald," passed twenty-third August, eighteen hun. dred and forty two, the Secretary of the Treasury of the United States be, and he is hereby authorized and required to audit and liquidate the claims and demands of said Sibbald u pon principles of law and equity, and in such manner as to secure to said Sibbald an indemnification for the injuries and damages sustained by him, occasioned by the interference of the agents of the governinent with his property and rights, and on such proofs as are usually received in similar cases by the ac counting officers of the government.

Approved, August 10, 1846.






CONCLUDED March 26, 1844.

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By the President of the United States of America :


Whereas a Convention between the United States of America Convention and His Royal Highness the Grand Duke of Hesse was con- with the Grand

Duchy of Hesse cluded and signed by their Plenipotentiaries, at Berlin, on March 26, 1844. the twenty-sixth day of March, one thousand eight hundred and forty-four, which Convention, being in the French and English languages, is, word for word, as follows:

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Les Etats-Unis d'Amérique, The United States of Amer. Preamble. d'une part, et Son Altesse ica on the one part, and His Royale le Grand Duc de Royal Highness the Grand Hesse, de l'autre part, désirant Duke of Hesse, on the other également d'écarter les restric. part, being equally desirous of tions qui existent actuellement removing the restrictions which dans leurs territoires sur l'ac. exist in their territories upon quisitions et l'aliénation des the acquisition and transfer of biens, par leurs citoyens et su- property by their respective jets respectifs, sont convenu citizens and subjects, have dans ce bût d'entrer, en négo- agreed to enter inio negotiaciation. ,

tion for this purpose Pour atteindre ce but désir. For the attainment of this Negotiatiorsi able, le Président des Etats- desirable object, the President Unis d'Amérique a muni de of the United States of Amer

pleins pouvoirs le Sieur Hen- ica has conferred full powers ry Wheaton, leur Envoyé Ex- on Henry Wheaton, their En. traordinaire et Ministre Pléni. voy Extraordinary and Minispotentiare près la Cour de Sa ter Plenipotentiary at the Court Majesté le Roi de Prusse, et of His Majesty ihe King of Son Altesse Royale le Grand Prussia, and his Royal HighDuc de Hesse a muni de pleins ness the Grand Duke of Hesse pouvoirs Monsieur le Baron de upon Baron Shaeffer Bernstein Shaeffer- Bernstein, son Cham- his Chamberlain, Colonel, Aid. bellan, Colonel, et Aide-de. de camp, and Minister ResiCamp, et Son Ministre Rési. dent near His Majesty the dent près Sa Majesté le Roi King of Prussia, who, after de Prusse, lesquels, après avoir having exchanged their said échangé leurs pleins pouvoirs, full powers, found in due and trouvés en bonne et due forme, proper form, have agreed to ont arrêté les articles suivans: ihe following articles :

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Droit d'aubaine

Toute espèce de droit d'au- Every kind of droit d'au. abolished. baine, droit de retraite, et droit baine, droit de retraite, and

de détraction, ou impôt d'émi- droit de détraction, or tax on gration, est et demeurera aboli, emigration, is, hereby; and entre les deux parties contrac- shall remain abolished, be. tantes, leurs Etats, citoyens et tween the two contracting sujets respectifs.

parties, their States, citizens, and subjects, respectively.

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Heirs of real Si par la mort de quelque Where, on the death of any property allow

and the personne possédant des im- person holding real properly same and with. meubles ou bien-fonds sur le within the territories of one

the pro- territoire de l'une des parties party, such real property, coeds.

contractantes, ces immeubles would, by the laws of the ou bien-fonds venaient á passer, land, descend on a subject or selon les lois du pays, á un citizens of the other, were he citoyen ou sujet de l'autre par- not disqualified by alienage, tie, celui-ci, si par sa qualité such citizen or subject shall be d'étranger il est inhabile à les allowed a term of two years to posséder, obtiendru un délai de sell the same which term deux ans, qui, d'après les cir- may be reasonably prolonged constances, pourra être con- according to circumstances, venablement prolongé, pour and to withdraw the proceeds les vendre, et pour en retirer le thereof, without molestation, produit, sans obstacle et ex. and exempt from all duties of empt de tout droit de retenue detraction on the part of the de la part du Gouvernement Government of the respective des Etats respectifs.


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Les citoyens ou sujets de The citizens or subjects of Duties on dischacune des parties contrac- each of the contracting parties al property the tantes auront, dans les Etats shall have power to dispose of same as paid by

inhabitants. du l'autre, la liberté de disposer their personal property within de leurs biens inobiliers, soit the States of the other, by tespar testament, donation, ou au tament, donation or otherwise;

et leurs héritiers, and their heirs, being citizens étant citoyens ou sujets de or subjects of the other conl'autre partie contractante, suc- tracting party, shall succeed to céderont à leurs biens, soit en

their said personal property, vertu d'un testament ou ab in- whether by testament or ab intestito, et ils pourront en pren- testato, and may take possesdre posession, soit en personne, sion thereof, either by them. soit par d'autres agissant en selves or by others acting for leur place, et en disposeront á them, and dispose of the same leur volonté, en ne payant at their pleasure, paying such d'autres droits que ceux aux duties only as the inhabitants quels les habitans du pays où of the country where the said se trouvent les dits biens sont property lies shall be liable to assujettis en pareille occasion. pay in like cases.

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En cas d'absence des heri. In case of the absence of the Property of abtiers, on prendra provisoire. heirs, the same care shall be taken care of. ment des dits biens mobiliers taken, provisionally, of such ou 'immobiliers les mêmes real or personal property as soins qu'on aurait pris, en pa would be taken in a like case rielle occasion, des biens des of property belonging to the natifs du pays, jusqu'à ce que natives of the country, until le propriétaire légitime, ou la the lawful owner, or the perpersonne qui a le droit de les son who has a right to sell the vendre, d'après l'article deux, same, according to article secait agréé des arrangemens pour ond, may take measures to reTecueiller l'héritage ou en dis- ceive or dispose of the inheri. poser.


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S'il s'élève des contesta If any dispute should arise Disputed to be

decided by the tions entre différens préten- between different claimants to local laws. dans, ayant droit à la succes. the same inheritance, they sios, elles serront décidées, en shall be decided, in the last redernier ressort, selon les lois et sort, according to the laws and par les juges du pays où la by the judges of the country succession est vacante.

where the property is situated. 13

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Convention Cette Convention sera rati This Convention shall be subject to ratifi. cation, &c.


le Président des Etats ratified by the President of the Unis d'Amérique, par et avec United States of America, by l'avis et le consentment de leur and with the advice and conSenat, et par Son Altesse Ro sent of their Senate, and by yale le Grande Duc de Hesse, His Royal Highness the Grand et les ratifications en serront Duke of Hesse, and the ratifiéchangées à Berlin, dans l'es. cations shall be exchanged at pace

de six mois, à dater de ce Berlin, within the term of six jour, ou plutôt si fair se epeut. months from the date of the

signature hereuf, or sooner if

possible. Eu foi de quoi, les Plénipo In faith of which, the res. tentiaries respectifs ont signé pective Plenipotentiaries have les articles ci-dessus, tani en signed the above articles, both Français qu'en Anglaise, et y in French and English, and ont apposé leurs sceaux, décla- have thereto affixed their seals; rant toutefois que la signature declaring, nevertheless, that dans ces deux langues ne doit the signing in both languages pas, par la suite, être citée shall not hereafter be cited as a . commc exemple, ne en aucune precedent, nor in any way manière porter préjudice alix operate to the prejudice of the parties contractantes.

contracting parties. Fait par quadruplicata, en Done in quadruplicata, in Signed March la ville de Berlin, le vingt-six the city of Berlin, on the 26, 1844.

du mois de Mars, l'an de Grâce twenty-sixth day of March, in mille huit cent quarante-qua the year of our Lord one' thoutre, et le soixante-huitième de sand eight hundred and fortyl'Indépendance des Etats-Unis four, and the sixty-eighth of d'Amérique.

the Independence of the United States of America.


STEIN, [L. S.)

And whereas the said Convention has been duly ratified on Ratifications ex. both parts, and the respective ratifications of the same having changed Oct. been exchanged, to wit: at Berlin, on the sixteenth day of .

October, one thousand eight hundred and sorty four, by Theodore S. Fay, Chargé d'Affaires ad interim of the United States, and Baron de Schaeffer-Bernstein, Chamberlain, Colonel, Aid-de-Camp, and Minister Resident of His Royal Highness the Grand Duke of Hesse near the Court of his Majesty the King of Prussia, on the part of their respective Governments :

Now, THEREFORE, BE IT KNOWN, that I, JAMES K. Convention proclaimed 8th POLK, President of the United States of America, have caused May, 1845. the said Convention to be made public, to the end that the

same, and every clause and article thereof may be observed and

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