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son county, Scottsville, Allen county, Tompkinsville, Monroe county, to Livingston, Tennessee.

From Hickman, via Feliciana'and Mayfield, to Paducah.

From Caseyville, via Cypress and 0. P. Griswold's, to Providence.

From Madisonville, via Ashbysburgh, to Owensboro'.

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From Kinsman, via Johnstonville, to Warren.

From Steubenville, via Browning's Mills, on Island Creek,
Knoxville, New Sommerset, Mitchell's Salt Works, Moore's
Salt Works, Croxton, Salineville, and Gaver's, to New

From Columbus, via New Albany, Johnstown, Utica, fartinsburg, Bladensburg, East Union, and West Bedford, to Roscoe, Coshocton county. .

From Columbus Grove, Putnam county, to Waterville,
Lucas county.
· From New Philadelphia, Tuscarawas county, via Joseph
Murphey's and Rogersville, to Chili, Coshocton county.

Froin Locust Grove, Adams county, via Marble Furnace,
Tranquillity, Youngsville, to Eckmansville.

From Cleveland, via Royalton, Hinkley, Granger, and Sharon, to Wadsworth.

From Sidney, via Palestine, to Urbana.

From Cleveland, via Gates's Mill, Munson, Claridon, Huntsburg, Windsor, to Meadville, in Pennsylvania.

From Ithaca, Darke county, through New Baltimore and Philipsburg, to Union, in Montgomery county.

From Lowell, Washington county, via Reigner's mills, Jackson and Olive townships, in Morgan county, to Sharon.

From Ashland, Ashland county, via Jeromeville, Mobe. canville, to Loudenville, in Richland county.

From Canal Fulton, in Stark county, to Ashland, in Ashland county. .

From St. John's, in Allen county, via Frysburg, to Dinsmoore, in Shelby county.

From Marion, in the county of Marion, via Kenton, in Hardin county, Huntersville, and Lima, in Allen county, to section ten, on the Miami canal.

From Xenia, in Green county, through Paintersville, in the same county, to Port William, in Clinton county.

From Jackson, in Jackson county, by the way of Vinton, to Cheshire, in Gallia county.

From Nashport, in Licking county, via Elizabethtown, to Hanover.

From Woodville, in Sandusky county, via Hartford and Port Clinton, in Ottowa county, to Sandusky city.

From Bethel, Clermont county, via Brownsville, to Feesburg, in Brown county.

From Fayetteville, Brown county, via Westborough, to
Cuba, in Clinton county.

Michigan. From Grand Haven to Milwaukie, State of Wisconsin.

From Owosso, in the county of Shiewassee, to Lyons, in the county of Ionia. 10WA.

lowa. From Washington to the county seat of Jasper county.

From Tipton, via Pioneer Grove, to the county seat of Benton county.

From Oskaloosa, via Eddyville, to Clarksville, in Monroe county.

From Ottumwa to the county seat of Appenoose county.
From Burlington to Keosauqua.

From Jacksonville, via Mononah and McGregor's landing, to Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin Territory.

From Keokuk, via Fairfield, Ottumwa, and Oskaloosa, to the Barracks, at the Racoon Fork of the Des Moines river.

From Wapello, via Columbus city, to Iowa city.
From Oskaloosa to Newton city, in Jasper county.

From Canton, Jackson county, via Pioneer Grove, to?
Ivanhoe, in Linn county.

From Torlesboro, via Walling's Landing, to Bloomington.

From Iowa city, via the county seats of lowa, Powisheeck, and Jasper counties, to Fort Des Moines, the county seat of Polk county.

From Fairfield to Bloomfield.

From Iowa city, via Tipton and Dewitt, to Albany, Illinois.

From Dubuque to Fort Atkinson,

From Burlington, via Columbus city, Hillsboro, and Port Allen, to Iowa city.

From Keokuk, via Charleston, Winchester, Birmingham, Agency city, Delonega, Oscaloosa, to Fort Des Moines, county seat of Polk county.

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From Liberty to Beaumont.
From Buffalo (on Trinity river) to Springfield.

From Greenwood, Louisiana, via Mount Mourne, Grand
Bluffs, and Pine Hills, in Panola county, and Rhodes, to
Gaye's Post Office, Rusk county.

From Lagrange, via Scallon's, Hamlet, and Cedar creek, to San Marco.

From Galveston, via Virginia Point, Liverpool, Hinds, Brazoria, and Caney, to Matagorda.

From Mansfield, Louisiana, via Ezekiel Jones', A. G. Turneys, Edward Smiths', and John Grave's, to Marshall.



From Falls of St. Croix, to Lapointe, in St. Croix county.

From Rochester, in Racine county, to Sugar Creek, in Walworth county.

From Galena, State of Illinois, via New Diggings, to Mineral Point, in Iowa county. .

From Potosi, Grant county, via Platteville, Head of Platte, Blue River, and Muscoday, in Iowa county, to the county seat of Richland county.

From Racine, in Racine county, to Beloit, in Rock county,

From Southport, in Racine county, via Beloit, Rock county, to White Oak Springs, in Iowa county.

From Janesville, via Catfish, in Rock county, to Christiana, in Dane county.

From Racine, in Racine county, to Whitewater, in Walworth county.

From Prairieville, in Waukesha county, via Pemankie and Warren, to Rubicon, in Washington county.

From Janesville, in Rock county, via Exeter and Yellow Stone, in Green county, to Mineral Point, in Iowa county.

From Madison, Dane county, via Cross Plains, Groetsville, Reeveville, and Helena, to Dodgeville, in Iowa county.

From Monroe, Green county, via Greenville, to Blue Mounds, in Iowa county.

From Milton, Rock county, via Goodrich's Ferry, to Cottage Grove, in Dane county.

From Madison, Dane county, to Prairie du Chien, in Crawford county.

From Madison, Dane county, via Watertown, to Milwaukie, in Milwaukie county.

From Prairie du Chien to Cassville, in Grant county.

From Watertown, Jefferson county, to Waupan, Fond du. Lac county.

From Watertown to Fond-du-Lac, in Fond-du-Lac county.

From Janesville, Rock county, via Lima, to Whitewater, - in Walworth county.

From Janesville, via Indian ford, to Madison, Dane county.

From Beloit, via Monroe, in Green county, and Winslow, to Galena, Illinois,

From Beloit, Rock county, to Mineral Point, Iowa county.
From Plover Portage to Big Bull Falls, in Portage county.

From Manitowoc rapids, via Manitowoc, to twin rivers, in Manitowoc county.

From Milwaukie, via West Bend, in Washington county, to Fond-du-Lac, in Fond-du-Lac county. From Green Bay to Menomonie city, in Brown county.

From Green Lake, in Marquette county, via county seat of Winnebago county, to Green Bay, in Brown county.

From Sac Prairie, by Barahoo, to Fort Winnebago. · From Grafton, by Rubicon, in Washington county, and Hustis Rapids, to Oak Grove, Dodge county.

From Oak Grove, in Dodge county, via Burnett and Chester, to Wampum, in Fond-du-Lac county.

From Potosi to Lancaster, in Grant county. * From Dubuque, Iowa, via Wild's Ferry and Potosi, to Platteville.

From Green Bay, via Thompson's Mills, to Plover Portage.

Froin Fort Winnebago, via the county seat of Winnebago county, to Neenah.

From Summit, via Ocanemawac and Hustis Rapids, to the county seat of Dodge county.

From Prairieville, via Pewankie, Lisbon, Warren, Erie, Wright, to Addision, Washington county.

From Janesville, via Fulton and Cooksville, to Rutland, in Dade county.

From Big Foot, via Solon, Antioch, Angola, and Franklin, to Little Fort, Illinois.

From Oak Grove, via Laurel and Elhah, in Dodge county, to Columbus, in Columbia county.

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From Oregon City, via Fort Vancouver and Fort Nesqually, to the mouth of Admiralty inlet. .

From Oregon city, up the Willamette valley, to the Kalamet river, in the direction of San Frisco.

Sec, 2. And be it further enacted, That the above routes When said shall go into operation on the first day of July, eighteen routes shall go hundred and forty-seven, or sooner, should the funds of the department justify the same: Provided, That as soon as a Proviso. responsible contractor shall offer to transport the mails over any portion of the routes included in this bill, for the revenues arising therefrom respectively, the Postmaster General shall have the power forthwith to put them under contract.

Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That the Postmaster Mails from New General be, and he hereby is, authorized and directed to Orleans to Tam.. Cause a mail to be transported once a week, and oftener, if he shall think the public interest requires it, from New Or leans, via Galveston, Passo Callo, Brasos de St. Iago, to Tampico, with return mails, the service to be performed by contract, or by the use of the public steamers now in the ser


vice of the War Department in the Gulf of Mexico, with the consent of the head of that Department; and for this service

the sum of thirty thousand dollars is hereby appropriated. Letters, &c., to Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That all letters, news. persons belong, papers, and other packets, not exceeding in weight one ing to the army

Mexico to be ounce, directed to any officer, musician, or private of the free.

army of the United States in Mexico, or at any post or place on the frontier of the United States, bordering on Mexico,

shall be conveyed in the mail free of postage: Provided, Provise. That all letters or other packets directed to any person in the

army shall contain, as a part of their direction, the words,

“ belonging to the army." The two pre- Sec. 5. And be it further enacted, That the two preceding ceding sections sections shall continue in force during the present war, and to continue in force during the for three months after the same may be terminated, and no present war. longer. Mail from Sec. 6. And be it further enacted, That the Postmaster

nd General be, and he is hereby, authorized to contract for Chagres, and from Panama to transporting a mail from Charleston, South Carolina, to Astoria.

Chagres, touching at St. Augustine and Key West, and also at Havana, in the Island of Čuba, if deemed expedient, and across the isthmus to Panama, and from thence to Astoria, or the mouth of the Columbia river, touching at Monterey, St. Francisco, and such other places on the coast as the Postmaster General may direct; the mail to be conveyed from Charleston to Chagres, and from Panama to Astoria, in steamships, and to be transported each way once every

two months, or oftener, as the public interest may require : Proviso. Provided, That the expenditure for said service shall not

exceed one hundred thousand dollars per annum..

Sec. 7. And be it further enacted, That the Postmaster

General be, and he is hereby, authorized to establish a post Post Office to be office and appoint a deputy postmaster at Astoria, and such established at other places on the coast of the Pacific, within the territory Astoria... of the United States, as the public interest may require :

that all letters conveyed to or from Chagres shall be charged Rate of postage. with twenty cents postage; and all letters conveyed to or

from Havana shall be subject to twelve and a half cents postage; and letters carried to or from Panama shall pay a postage of thirty cents, and letters to or from Astoria, or any other place on the Pacific coast, within the territory of the

United States, shall pay forty cents postage. Contracts to Sec. 8. And be it further enacted, That any contract provide for the made in pursuance of this act shall provide for the pur

ins em. chase, by the United States, of the steamchips to be employployed in con- ed in conveying the mail, at its option, agreeably to the veying mails. provisions of an act, entitled “An act to provide for the

transportation of the mail between the United States and foreign countries, and for other purposes," approved the



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