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R 1905

Copyrighted 1908
by Leonard Brown


Successful Farming Press

Des Moines, Iowa.

To the Memory of


By SEP 22 1909

The Fatherly and Christ-like Teacher, to whom the author is indebted for the sublime ideal of his life-work—"live to make the world the better, the wiser and the happier.

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. Deje Muhlenberg

"Questions like the tariff and the currency are of literally no consequence whatever, compared with the vital question of having the unit of our social life, the home, preserved."

President Roosevelt.

"Wealth is a trust given man by God to be used for the benefit of society. I believe that our country faces a crisis in its true life. The need and the demand of the hour is for truth in thought, truth in speech, truth in action, truth at all hazards. We claim the church to be the witness of Him who is the truth-the truth which the world needs. Can we witness for any truth if our church members or our ministers are to be prevented from speaking their honest thought of and from and for God?"

George Foster Peabody.

"It is to the immediate interest of every man that every other man should have something to give. In so far as every life becomes a producer and a contributor, every other life becomes a beneficiary. Thus the meaning of patriotism but the nerve and instinct of society. To bring others into our own believing, hoping and loving—this is religion; to share with others the power of acquiring, and thriving and rejoicing—this is wealth; to open to others the liberties of thinking and knowing and achieving—this is education; to enlarge for others the glory of living--this is life; to behold the great thronging masses of men alive and radiant with those capacities and efficiencies which redeem the waste and silence of the world-this is indeed the supreme efficiency, and this, I believe to be, the supreme patriotism."

Edgar Gardner Murphy.

“There are fifty men in New York City who can in twenty-four hours stop every wheel on all our railroads, close every door of all our manufactories, lock every switch on every telegraph line, and shut down every coal and iron mine in the United States. They can do so because they control the money which this country produces."

Chauncey M. Depew.

“Collectivism is the application of righteousness in industry."

Carroll D. Wright.



What will the reader say of ye old schoolmaster of ye olden time, his book? He will give it his unqualified approval. "Its lessons, he will say, "are timely and true. They are a common belief worldwide--unspoken hitherto." What is that common belief? It is that the Sun of Righteousness shines for all and upon all in the same degree, who are to an equal degree enlightened- -a veritable truism. But are all to an equal degree enlightened? Yes, all above the animal plané. To the degree that man is positively an animal, under the dominion of instinct, he is unenlightened. To the degree that he is under the dominion of the “Universal Reason"—the Logos of the Greeks, he is enlightened; for the Logos is the “Sun of Righteousness. The self-evident truth of “Ye Lessons" is that the Sun of Righteousness does shine the one and only Sun of the earth's moral, religious, economic and social enlightenment, called, it may be, and is, by different peoples of different languages, by different names.

All walls of division broken down and the prayer "that ye be one" answered finally (for if the prayer of the Master have never answer, according to his heartfelt desire, need we look ever for a benign answer to our prayers?) then will the human race be one as God is one, and Jesus will draw all men unto him. (“And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me."--John xii:32.) Unity is the order of humanity. All men are brothers of one Father, of one mother, “of one blood." They are all ruled by one king, and that king is public opinion, enlightened by the Logos, the Universal Reason, the Sun of Righteousness. Ours is a democratic world.

The true purpose of life cannot be, for man, barely subsistence. This purpose--an instinctive motive-is behind the efforts of all to "get rich"—the laying up for a “wet day.” But why does the millionaire reach and reach for more and more? Has he not acquired enough for all his natural needs to the end of his life? He was happy in pursuit of this sufficiency and the acquisitive habit stays with him and he needlessly keeps on getting more and more till death, of what he has, and can have no use for. Is there no work for civilized man to pursue above what animal instinct and habit compel? Yes, man has a work given him to do superior to this. What is it? Briefly, it is to "save the world." Save it from what? (1) From ignorance; (2) from want; and (3) from wrong-doing. But mainly from ignorance; for want and wrong-doing normally flow from ignorance. Intelligence has almost completely forced out want by means of inventions that have so greatly increased the production of the essentials of life; and, according to the Master's teaching, who prayed “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do," and according to Plato, ignorance is the cause of wrong-doing. “No man," Plato says, "can know the right and do the wrong." So it would appear that the great end of human effort should be to dispel ignorance, that is to say, to do missionary work.

But at present the divine and superior motive to human activitywhat is it? Patriotism is a mighty motive. How readily men yield up their lives in defense of their country!

"How sleep the brave who sink to rest
By all their country's wishes blest!”

But the time is now when the world is our country. Nothing more mightily moves man than the missionary spirit. It is Christ-like. How it pushed forward the work of the early Christian apostles to the evangelizing of the world! That is the altruistic spirit. Is it possible for all men to be controlled and moved by this motive solely? It is the only motive that will control and move men to action when the plane of true civilization has been reached by all. Any other motive of action is savagery, pure and simple. This truth should be stamped indelibly upon all minds. The chil on its mother's knee should be taught it. At school it should be the principal thesis of learningfrom kindergarten to college, viz: "Live solely to make the world the wiser, the happier and the better."

Education is preparation. For what? Just to “have a good time" in the indulgence of appetites and passions, natural and acquired? Not at all. What then? To look away from self; to “look up and not down and to lend a hand”—the words of a modern prophet as great as any prophet of old. That, too, is the religion of civilized man: "Look up to God and help thy fellowman on earth's plane”-i. e., altruism. It is the all of human life. The teacher and preacher of righteousness is an altruist. Jesus was the one “Great Example" of an altruist. He sought the common good—to build the common welfare-"to save the world." That is to say “to purify unto himself a peculiar people zealous of good works.” What was the immediate fruitage of his work? The Pentecostal Commonwealth!

The childhood of humaity has gone by; but we have not yet put aside our outgrown garments. This condition gives rise to unrest and violence. Hence there are anarchists,--they who would enforce as an universal law the motto placed by our Virginia ancestors upon the seal of the Old Dominion pictured and in letters: “Sic semper tyrannis”—“death to all tyrants.” But ye old schoolmaster of ye olden time holds the other extreme of belief-that is to say, non-resistance. And why so? Why overcome evil with good? Why, if smitten, turn the other cheek? It is the only way evil can be overcome. Like begets like. Love begets love. “All they that take the sword shall perish with the sword.”

In but one way alone can tyrants be dethroned, and that way is by public opinion, We have not reached the end of tyranny, while every lawmaker is a tyrant, and while no government accepts the gọlder rule as the law of its action. What say the states of Europe, Asia, Africa, America, and, too, the islands of the sea today? They say the same that Pagan Rome said, -that every city says in its dealings with the “submerged tenth;” “We prey upon the weak; might makes right"—that they say.

While this is the voice of all organized governments and corporations the world over, at this moment, it is not that of the people; and “by the people” is meant here the builders—the “Carpenter" and the “Carpenter's Son." What a sublime thought! The personification of toil under the figure of Joseph and his son Jesus! When organized labor has crystalized her voice in government and law universally, which ere long will be done, then shall we behold the United States of the World and all things common the world over. The toiling many have always stood only on the defensive and have never inaugurated any wars. They simply "strike,” that is to say, refuse longer to be slaves, refuse to go forward in bondage. And they are then, with the points of bayonets, the edge of the sword and the bul


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