Productive Reflection at Work: Learning for Changing Organizations

David Boud, Peter Cressey, Peter Docherty
Taylor & Francis, 14 nov. 2005 - 14 sidor

This book is an accessible entry point into the theory and practice of work reflection for students and practitioners. Taking a cross-disciplinary approach, it covers management, education, organizational psychology and sociology, drawing on examples from Europe, the Middle East, North America and Australia.

It traces reflection at work from an emphasis on training, through a focus on how organizations learn, to a concern with the necessary learning groups to operate effectively. It emphasizes productivity combined with satisfying lived experience of work life and points the way to a new collective focus on learning at work.

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Om författaren (2005)

David Boud is Professor of Adult Education in the Faculty of Education, University of Technology, Sydney. He is widely published in the areas of adult, higher and professional education.

Peter Cressey is a Reader in Sociology in the Department of Social and Policy science at the University of Bath. He has researched and published widely in the field of industrial relations, work organisation, workplace learning and European social dialogue.

Peter Docherty is Visiting Professor in Services Operations Management at the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm. His research is mainly in the fields of learning at the individual, group, organization and network levels and the organization and management of sustainable organizations.

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