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Cl. Vo. Vol. Campbell

, J.-A Political Survey of Britain : being a series of reflections on the situation, lands, inhabitants, revenues, colonies, and commerce of this island. Lond., 1774......

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M2... 2...1
The French Revolution : a history. Lond., 1888-89. (Thomas
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rev. English ed. N. Y., 1878....

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H6 ..

6...6 Cunningham, A.–The Ancieut Geography of India. I. The Budd

hist Period, including the campaigns of Alexander, and the
travels of Hwen-Thsang. With 13 maps. Lond., 1871.

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H4... 49...1

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H5... 70...1

H4... 6...6



Roman Society, in the last century of the Western Empire.
2. ed., rev. Lond.. 1906....
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Timour Bey ou Tamerlan. Amsterdam, 1834-52.
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Geschichte Alexanders des Grossen.

Geschichte der Diadochen,

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French ed. by Mrs. M. Carey, with a continuation to the year

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. century, by A. Hassall. Lond., 1901. Eames, J. B.-The English in China, being an account of the inter

course and relations between England and China from the year 1600 to the year 1843 and a summary of later developments.

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Lond., 1909.

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Emerton, E.-- An Introduction to the Study of the Middle Ages. 375-814. Boston, 1894.


Mediaeval Europe, 814-1300. Boston, etc.......
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Vol. II. Being a longer history of England, 1485-1603.

(The University Tutorial Ser.)
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im 4. Jahrh. Firth, C. H.- The Last Years of the Protectorate, 1656-68. Lond.,

H2... 34...1

H7... 6...1

Lond., 1909.

Pl... 45...5

HI... 9...1

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staufenzeit bis ins Reformationszeitalter. Gotha, 1884............. Fisher, S. G.--The Struggle for American Independence. Lond.,

1908. Fiske, J.—The Beginnings of New England, or the Puritan theocracy

in its relations to civil and religious liberty. Boston & N. Y., 1890.

H4.. 21....2

H2... 51...1

(1. No. Vol. P2...158...2

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II. Bd.

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B5... 1...5

Fiske, J.--The Dutch and Quaker Colonies in America. Boston & N. Y.

The War of Independence. Boston & N. Y., 1889. (The
Riverside Libr. for Young People, 1.).....
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growth of constitutional government in the colonies, imperial
federation, statistical tables, etymology of colonial names, bio-

graphies of empire builders, etc. Lond., 1906 Freeman, E. A.-General Sketch of European History. Tokyo,

1897. (Historical Course for Schools, 1.).....

The Historical Geography of Europe. 3. ed. Lond., etc.,

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Lpzg., 1907-08..........
I. Bd. Aus dem Mittelalter.

Vom Mittelalter zur Neuzeit. (1200-1505)

Aus dem Jahrhundert der Reformation. (1500-1600)
III. Bd. Aus dem Jahrhundert des grossen Krieges. (160C-1700)

Bd. Aus neuer Zeit. (1700-1848)
The same,

2. Aufl. Lpzg., 1897-98. (Gesammelte werke
von Gustav Freytag, 17-21.)
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The same. Lond., etc., 1895.
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tion, 1603-60. New impression. Lond., etc., 1908. (Epochs
of Modern I listory)

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History of the Great Civil, War, 1642-49. N. 1. & Bombay, 1904-05........

Outlines of English History, B. C. 55-A. 1). 1886. New cd. Lond. & XI., 1894.

H1... 12...2

H6... 5...12

2. Aufi.



H5... 21...1
H6... 15...1

H2... 9...1

H6... 4...10

H2... 7...4

H2... 60...4

H2... 50...1

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Gebhardt. -Handbuch der deutschen Geschichte, in Verbindung mit

R. Loerve, ete., neu hrsg. von F. Hirsh. 3. Aufl. Stuttg., etc. Gerber, L.-Englische Geschichte. Lpzg., 1910. (Sammlung Gös

chen, 375.) ......... Gibbins, H. de B.-The English People in the 19th Century, a short history. Lond., 1898...

. Gibbon, E.-History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, with a mcmoir of the author by W. Youngman. Lond., 1875....

The same. With notes by H. H. Milman. A new ed., to which is added a complete index of the whole work. Boston,

1888. Gilbert, G.-Handbuch der griechischen Staatsalterthümer. Lpzg.,

1885-93 Gilman, A.--The Saracens, from the earliest times to the fall of

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Nations, 9.)...
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Brook. N. Y. & Lond., 1898....
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times to the year 1860. Phil., etc., 1873..
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1878. (Goodrich's Pictorial Histories, 3.).

A Pictorial History of France, for the use of schools. Rev. & improved ed., brought down to the present time. Phil., 1867. (Goodrich's Pictorial Histories, 4.)

A Pictorial History of Greece. Enl. ed. Phil., 1871. (Goodrich's Pictorial Histories, 6.) ....

A Pictorial History of the United States, with notices of other portions of America north and south. A new ed., enl.

Phil., 1864. (Goodrich's Pictorial Histories, 2.)
Gordon, C. G.–Events in the Taeping Rebellion, being reprints of

MSS. copied by General Gordon in his own handwritings, with

monograph, introd., and notes by A. E. Hake. Lond., 1891.... Great Britain, (Historical Manuscripts Commission)--Calender. Part I-XI. Lond., 1883-1906........

Report of. 1-XV. Lond., 1870-99.....
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The Making of England ; with maps. Lond., 1900-04.

A Short History of the English People. N. Y., 1887. Gregorovius, F.--Geschichte der Stadt Rom im Mittelalter. 4. u. 5.

Aufl. Stuttg. u. Berlin, 1892-1906.

H6... 12...1

H2... 45...1

H2... 32...1

Η2... 37...1

H14... 35...1

N6... 2...11
N6... 1...65
H6... S...2
H2... 5...2
Hi... 28...1

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H4... 7...8

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Griffis, W. F,-Corea, the Hermit Nation, ancient and mediaeval

history; political and social Corea ; and modern and recent

history. Lond., 1882...
Guerard, B.- Essai sur le système des divisions territoriales de la

Gaule. Paris, 1832. ..
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Nations, 27.)
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N. Y., 1887. (Hallam's Works. I, 2.)
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accession of George III. to the death of George IV. Lond. ....
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(Source-Readers in American History, 4.)

Source-Book of American History, edited for schools and
readers, with practical introductions. N. Y., 1906.
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gically arranged. Lond. & N. Y., 1906.

The History of France. Lond., 1903. (The Temple Pri-
mers, 16.)
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A Manual of Ancient History, particularly with regard to the Constitutions, the commerce, and the colonies, of the states

of antiquity, tr. from the German. 6. ed. Lond., 1854. Henderson, E. F.-A Short History of Germany. N. Y. & Lond.,


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