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Method, with maps and diagrams and an outline of commercial
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alpen und dem Balkan bis an den Kanal und das Kurische

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CI. No. Vol.
Gedenkschrift. Geplant als Festschrift zum 60 Geburtstage.
Lpzg., 1904.

G3... 11...1
Politische Georgraphie oder die Geographie der Staaten, des
Verkehres und des Krieges. 2. umgearb. Aufl. München u.
Berlin, 1903

G1... 40...1
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G1... 6...2
Ravenstein, E. G.–Philip's Handy-Volume Atlas of the World ; an
entirely new & enl. ed. Lond. & Liverpool, 1896...

G2... 28...1
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Paris, 1876-94.

G3... 1...19
1. L'Europe Méridionaire,

10-11. L'Afrique Septentrionale. 2. La France.

Occidentale. 3. L'Europe Centrale.


du Nord-Ouest.

14. Ocean et Terres Océaniques.

Scandinave et Russe. 15. Amérique Boréale,
6. L'Asie Russe.

16. Etats-Unis.

17. Indies Occidentales.
8. L'Inde et l'Indo-Chine.

18-19. Amérique du Sud. 9. L'Asie Antérieure. Regel, F.-Landeskunde der Iberischen Halbinsel. Lpzg., 1905. (Sammlung Göschen, 235.)

M5...193...1 Riehl, W. H.-Land und Leute, Schulausgabe mit einer Einleitung

und Anmerkungen von T. Matthias. 2. Aufl. Stuttg. u. Berlin,

G2... 57...1
Rocheleau, W. F.-The Geography of Commerce and Industry.
Boston, etc...

G2... 46...1
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from original Persian Mss. in the collection of Sir W. Ouseley. Lond., 1832.

G1... 28...1
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G3... 5...1
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u. Wien, 1902-01.....

G1... 5...5
Afrika, Von F. Hahn.

Australien, Ozeanien u, Polarländer. Von W. Sievers u. W. Kukenthal.
3. Süd- u. Mittelamerika. Von W. Sievers.
4. Nordamerika, Von E. Deckert.

5. Asien. Von W. Sievers.
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lung Göschen, 308.) ...

Stielers Hand-Atlas, hrsg. von J. Perthes' geographischer Anstalt in

Gotha. 9., von Grund aus neubearb. u. neugestochene Aufl.
Gotha, 1906.

4X... 18... 1



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geographie. 4., berichtigte Aufl. Gotha, 1906.....

Deutsche Schulgeographie. 9. Aufl. Gotha, 1908.
Swinton, W.-Elementary Course in Geography: designed for pri-

mary and intermediate grades, and as a complete shorter

course, N. Y., etc. Teikoku-Kyõiku-Kai. (ni 2th-A New Map of the World, (HER

FILA) Incorporating the latest geographical knowledge,
compiled in commemoration of the Russo-Japanese War.

Tokyo, 1907.........
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tion July 19, 1910. Lond.
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tants, industry, monuments, museums, social life, manners, &

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ein Nachschlagebuch über die Länder, Staaten, Kolonien,
Gebirge, Flüsse, Seen, Inseln, Städte, Marktflecken, Badeorte,
Post-, Telegraphen- und Fernsprechämter, Häfen, Eisenbahu-

stationen usw. der Erde. Wien u. Lpzg., 1908. ..... Williams, S. W.-The Middle Kingdom, a survey of the geography,

government, literature, social life, arts, and history of the Chinese

Empire and its inhabitants. Rev. ed. N. Y., 1901.
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and character. 2. ed. Lond., 1887...
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All Red Ser.)....
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& Lond., 1901.
Wright, H. S.— The Great White North, the story of polar explora-

tion from the earliest times to the discovery of the pole. N. Y., 1910.

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Zehden, C.-Commercial Geography : based on the latest researches

and statistical returns. Tr. by F. Mụirhead, from the 5. German ed., rev. for tr. by the author. With a map of the chief trade

routes. Lond., etc., 1889. Zemmrich, J.-Landeskunde des Königreichs Sachsen. Lpzg., 1905.

(Sammlung Göschen, 258.)

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2. Travels & Voyages.

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Alexander, B.-From the Niger to the Nile. Lond., 1907.
Andersson, C. J.-The Okavano River : a narrative of travel, explo-

ration, and adventure. Lond., 1861.......
Baedeker, K.-Austria-Hungary including Dalmatia and Bosnia,

handbook for travellers. 10. ed., rev. & augmented. Lpzg., etc., 1905

Egypt : handbook for travellers. 5. remodelled ed. Lpzg., 1902.

Great Britain, handbook for travellers. 6. ed., rev. & augmented. Lpzg., etc., 1906... Greece: handbook for travellers.

2. rev. ed. Lpzg. & Lond., 1894. The same.

3. rev. ed. Lpzg., etc., 1905. . ly: handbook for travellers. II. part. Central Italy and Rome. 14. rev. ed. Lpzg., etc., 1904. .... London and its Environs : handbook for travellers.

14. rev. ed. Lpzg., etc., 1905.....

Northern Germany, as far as the Bavarian and Austrian Trontiers : handbook for travellers. 14. rev. ed. Lpzg., etc.. 1904.

Southern Germany : handbook for travellers. 9. rev. ed. Lpzg., 1902.

Southern France including Corsica : handbook for travellers. 4. ed. Lpzg., etc., 1902.......

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the 16th and 17th centuries. Westminster, 1903. (An English

Buckingham, J. S.-America, historical, statistic, and descriptive.


G2... 42.., 1

G2 .. 36. .1

G2... 34...1

G2... 35...1

G2... 40...1

Gl... 35...2

GI... 16...3

CI. No. Vol. G2... 51...1

Gl... 44...1

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Gl... 21...1
G2... 24...1

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Gl... 19...1

GI... 14...1

G2... 12...1

Gl... 43...1

Gl... 17...1

Butler, A. J.-Court Life in Egypt. 2. ed. Lond., 1888.
Carey, W.- Travel and Adventure in Tibet. Including the diary of

Miss A. R. Taylor's remarkable journey from Tau-Chau to
Ta-Chien-Lu through the heart of the forbidden land. Lond.,

Colquhoun, A. R.-The Overland' to China. Lond. & N. Y.,

1900. Cornwallis, K.--Two Journeys to Japan, 1856-57. Lond., 1869...... Das, S. C.-Journey to Lhasa and Central Tibet. 2. ed., rev. Lond.,

1902. Deasy, H. H. P.-In Tibet and Chinese Turkestan, being the record

of three years' exploration. Lond., 1901. De Beauvoir.—The Conclusion of a Voyage round the World: Pekin,

Yedo, and San Francisco. Tr. from the French by Agnes &

H. Stephenson. Lond., 1872....
Forbes. L. F. E.--Five Years in China ; from 1842 to 1847. With

an account of the occupation of the Islands of Labuan and

Bornco by Her Majesty's forces. Lond., 1848.
Fortune, R.—Three Years' Wanderings in the Northern Provinces of

China, including a visit to the tea, silk, and cotton countries.
2. ed. Lond., 1847...

Yedo and Peking, a narrative of a journey to the capitals of

Japan & China. Lond., 1863.
Gordon,.E. A.-“Clear Round !" a story of world-travel. 3. ed., rev.

& enl. Lond., etc., 1903.
Gregory, J. W.-The Dead Heart of Australia, a journey around

Lake Eyre in the summer of 1901-02. Lond., 1906.
Gros, J.-L'homme fossile : aventures d'une expédition scientifique

dans les Mers Australes. Paris. (Collection des auteurs célè

bres, 210.) .. Gutzlaff, C.-Journal of Three Voyages along the Coast of China, in

1831, 1832, & 1833. Lond., 1834...... Hillard, G. S.--Six Months in Italy. 9. ed. Boston, 1866.......... Hitchcock, C. H., etc.-Mount Washington in Winter, or the expe

riences of a scientific expedition upon the highest mountain in

New England, 1870–71. Boston, 1871.
Huc, M.— Travels in Tartary, Thibet, and China, during the years

1844-46, tr. from the French by W. Hazlitt. Lond. (National

Illustrated Libr.)
Ingersoll, E.-The Crest of the Continent: a record of a summer's

ramble in the Rocky Mountains and beyond. 36. ed. Chicago,

Gl... 52...1

G2... 53...1

G1... 34.1

B11... 1...1

G2... 14...1
G2... 6...1

G2... 23...1

G2... 20...2

G2... 22...1

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