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Nietzsche, F.-Beyond Good and Evil, prelude to a philosophy of

the future. Tr. by H. Zimmern. Edinb. & Lond., 1909. (The
Complete Works of F. Nietzsche, 5.)

The Genealogy of Morals, a polemic. Tr. by H. B. Samuel.
Edinb. & Lond., 1910. (The Complete Works of F. Nietzsche,

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A System of Ethics. Ed. & tr. with the author's sanction,
from the 4. rev. & enl. ed., by F. Thilly. N.Y., 1906.
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N.Y., 1902...
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Studies of Good and Evil, a series of essays upon problems
of philosophy and of life. N.Y., 1906......
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from writers principally of the Sth century. Oxf., 1897......... Seth, J.-A Study of Ethical Principles. 7. cd., rev. Edinb. &

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Self-Help; with illustrations of character, conduct, and perseverance, Rev. & enl. ed. N.Y., 1872.

The same. Tokyo, 1889.

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Smith, A.-The Theory of Moral Sentiments, to which is added a

dissertation on the origin of languages. (Bohn's Standard Libr.) Sneath, E. H.-The Ethics of Hobbes, as contained in selections

from his works. Boston, 1898. Spencer, H.-The Data of Ethics. (Spencer's Synthetic Philosophy, g.) N.Y., 1880.......

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9-10.) N.Y., 1896-98.......
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Lond., etc. 1898.
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sequuntur voluptates insaniae de amore scortatrio. N.Y., 1889.
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wisdom. N.Y., 1887. .....
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The Facts of the Moral Life.

Ethical Systems.

3. The Principles of Morality and the Departments of the Moral life. Ziegler, T.-Social Ethics, outlines of a doctrine of morals. Tr.

from the German. Lond. & Edinb., 1892.

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5. Logic.


Aristoteles.--Organon. Uebers. von H. Bender. Stuttg. (Aristoteles'
Werke, 5.).......

Topik (Disputierkunst). Uebers. von H. Bender. Stuttg.
(Aristoteles' Werke, 3.)......
Bain, A.-Logic. 2. ed. Lond., 1873.


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4. Aufl.

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Baldwin, J. M.—Thought and Things: a study of the develop

ment and meaning of thought, or genetic logic. Lond. & N.Y.,

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tions. Rev. ed. Phil., 1875....
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Ruf im Streite. Wien u. Lpzg., 1905.
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ductive. With copious questions and examples, and a voca-
bulary of logical terms. Lond. & N.Y., 1886.

The same : deductive and inductive. Tokyo, 1888.......

The Principles of Science; a treatise on logic and scientific
method. Lond. & N.Y., 1887.

Studies in Deductive Logic. Lond., 1880.
Lotze, H.-Logic, in three books of thought, of investigation and of

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knowledge. English tr., ed. by B. Bosanquet. 2. ed. Oxf..

1888. (Clarendon Press Ser.)... Macmillan, M.—The Promotion of General Happiness : a utilitarian

essay. Lond., 1890. (Social Sci. Ser., 8.) .... Mill, J. S.-A System of Logic, ratiocinative and inductive, being

connected view of the principles of evidence and methods of
sci. investigation. 7. ed. Lond., 1868.

The same. 8. ed. Lond., 1872...
The same.

9. ed. Lond., 1875...
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and other. Bombay 1904.
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view of philosophy in general and in a preliminary view of the

reason. N.Y., 1871....... Venn, J.-The Logic Chance, an essay on foundations and province

of the theory of probability, with especial reference to its logical
bearings and its application to moral and social science, and
statistics. 3. ed., rewritten & enl. Lond. & N.Y., 1888.

Symbolic Logic. Lond., 1881.
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ed., from the Sth London ed., rev. N. Y., 1874.......
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on pure and applied logic. Lond., 1872......... Wilson, W. D.-An Elementary Treatise on Logic.

N.Y., 1872.
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kenntniss und der methoden wissenschaftlicher Forschung. 2.
umgearb. Aufl. Stuitg., 1893-5.

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3. rev. ed.

F2... 89...1

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6. Aesthetics.

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Bosanquet, B.-A History of Aesthetic. Lond. & N.Y., 1892.

(Libr. of Philos.).......
Burke, E.-A Philosophical Inquiry into the Origin of our Ideas

of the Sublime and Beautiful ; with an introductory of discourse
concerning taste. 6. ed. Boston, 1889. (The Works of Ed-

mund Burke, I.) ..
Carriere, M.--Aesthetik, die Idee des Schenen und ihre Verwirk-

lichung in Leben und in der Kunst. 3. neu bearb. Aufl. Lpzg.,

1885. Clay, F.-The Origin of the Sense of Beauty, some suggestions upon

the source and development of the aeththetic feelings. Lond.,

Cohn, J.-Allgemeine Ästhetik. Lpzg. 1901.

The same...
Day, H. N.-The Science of Aesthetics, or the nature, kinds, laws,

and uses of beauty. 3. ed. N.Y. & Lond., 1893.
Dessor, M.-Ästhetik und Allgemeine Kunstwissenschaft. Stuttg.,

1906. Diez, M.-Allgemeine Ästhetik. Lpzg., 1906. (Sammlung Göschen,

300)..... Fechner, G. T.–Vorschule der Aesthetik. 2. Aufl.


Lpzg., 1897-98. Gaborit.-Le beau dans les arts. 2. éd. Paris, 1885. (Le beau la

nature et dans les arts, 2.) Groos, K.-Der aesthetische Genuss. Giessen, 1902....... Grunsky, K.-Musikästhetik. Lpzg., 1907. (Sammlung Göschen,

Guyau, M.-Les problèmes de l'esthétique contemporaine. 6. éd.

Paris, 1904. (Bibl. de philos. contemporaine).
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inquiry. Lond., 1900.
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(Univ. Extension Manuals)...

Vol. 1. Its History.

Vol. 2. Its Theory & its Relation to the Arts.
Köstlin, K.-Aesthetik. Tüb., 1869.
Lalo, C.-Les sentiments esthétiques. Paris, 1910. (Bibliothèque de

philosophy contemporaine)......

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